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A citizenship challenge

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Today I can make my application for Canadian citizenship, having been a permanent resident for three years!  It appeared to be a very straightforward process requiring merely the completion of the application form, taking copies of relevant documents, paying the exorbitant fee and having two photographs taken. The photographs have to be signed on the bottom, in a very small white space that the photographer has left for you, adhering closely to the dimensions stipulated by  the Canadian government, in its infinite wisdom. No part of your signature may fall outside this white space, there has to be clear white space above, below and to each side of  it.

I have been practicing, practicing, practicing for three days now, trying desperately to get my large and unruly signature to become compact and neat while still remaining recognisably my own.

My fear is that I may be denied citizenship based solely upon my inability to achieve microscopic handwriting, despite having a clean record, a working knowledge of Canadian politics, history and geography, being morally upstanding and a regular all round nice gal.


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  • 1/5/08 - Bald Jim (Parmenter1)When your citizenship becomes Canadian, how will you feel about the new wall on Canada's southern...  Show Full Comment
  • 12/12/07 - Joanna BiddolphPracticing, practicing, practicing? Thought you were an editor in a previous life? As any fule...  Show Full Comment
  • 10/10/07 - Doris_6618 months! Bugger all indeed! I hereby grant you Canadian Citizenship. :)
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