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Spring at last

Frolicking frog
Lovely old tree trunk
Colours of the Lake
Red-winged blackbird in full song
Spring has finally reached south-eastern Ontario and for the past few days we've basked in warm sunshine.  So warm, in fact, that it's felt more like early summer than spring.  One day we were bundled up in layers and warm jackets and the next we were out walking in T-shirts.  Where, oh where, have the four distinct seasons gone?

In this fine weather we've been walking down by the lake, which has now lost all its ice covering and is a deep blue under the cloudless sky.  Close to shore it's green and crystal clear. 

Today we went to a conservation area called Lemoine Point.  Collins Bay, an inlet from Lake Ontario, was to our left, and to our right a marshy area covered in bullrushes.  As we walked, we became aware of a cacophony of sound which filled the air and had no discernible source.  Frogs!  Hundreds and hundreds of frogs, ribett-ribetting their little hearts out in the rushes and frolicking in the marshy ponds.  We also saw a woodpecker, the lovely red-winged blackbirds (which are entirely new to me) and some wonderfully gnarled old tree trunks.

Once again, my apologies for large photos if you're on dial-up and choose to click on any of these thumbnails.


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  • 4/24/07 - Doris_66I delight in your delight of our spring! :) Yes, the red-winged blackbird would be new to you....  Show Full Comment
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