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Photo Study - Blackberries

Blackberries in abundance!

Everywhere I've been the last week or so this is what I see. Crazy amounts of blackberry bushes and they are loaded up with blooms!

We went out for lunch today and I brought my camera - I saw no birds or wildlife AT ALL. So this is my photo study of blackberries. If you see white fluffy stuff it is not mildew, just cottonwood crap.

I noticed this bud and thought it was pretty, but what is it....? OH! Morning glory :)

Once I saw the morning glory flower I saw vines winding everywhere.

Even up this stalk of grass!

I started noticing how the morning glory leaves were quite chewed on but of course the blackberry ones were untouched. Still they had their share of critters on them.

I think these nymphs are katydids but it was so windy I could not keep them in focus.

This beetle was on the bloom a LONG time! I had the long lens on while I walked to the docks, then switched lens and when I walked back he was just finishing up!

And of course, the spittle bug!


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