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3/13/07 1:21 AM

The Song Remains The Same

HEY guys :)  Been quite a while.  I read my blog and I decided to update my life (in your eyes anyway :P).

My fiance broke up with me on Feb 10 2007 for reasons unbeknownst to me (mainly unknown anyway).  I'll save both of us some time--don't even bother asking me why she dumped me, I don't really have an answer.  But I do have an apartment all to myself (and yes I got the ring back) and I'm having fun :)  I'm already ready to jump back out in the world and make some new friends, and if something happens it happens, but I'm not focused on that anymore.  Not now anyway...

Something cool happened to me today.  I filled out one of those online forms for a free webcam from CNBC to promote their show Fast Money (I think you can talk to the show hosts live on the air with a webcam) and anyway, it actually worked.  The website said only 2000 people would get a webcam, and I guess I got lucky because it arrived today.  Very quickly too, FedEX 2 day delivery.  Wow :)  Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX.  I think it's around 50 bucks, this is so cool :P
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CATCHER8022 year-old male, my hometown is Angleton, TX.  I currently reside in Clute!  I am working for the Texas Dept. of Transportation in the Engineering section.  We mainly deal with roadway construction.  Making sure your roads are safe FOR SURE!

I love life and take advantage of every opportunity I see to enjoy it. I belong to a wonderful family and even though I am not married, I am hopeful to start a family of my own...someday.

In the meanwhile, I enjoy computers and the internet, as well as learning guitar and singing. If you would like to get to know me, email me.  More than likely, I would enjoy that! ;)
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