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Where has this year gone?   It is the end of September. Everyday has been jammed pack with something to do. I have worked on WikiTree; networked on family history; helped others with genealogy; worked on accessioning books into the genealogy library; taken care of family matters; enjoyed grandchildren; visited historical landmarks; read three books; and gardened (sort of).    

The books were historical or genealogical in nature, of course.   One was Country Divine, a book based on the diaries of ministers in the 1700s and 1800s in Britain. The second, Hiding the Past, was a fictional book based on genealogy.  The third, Murder in Matera, was a story about a genealogist's obsession to uncover a family mystery in Italy.  I usually read lots of articles but actually sitting down to read a book has been a novelty in my adult life.   As a kid I would bring a stack of books home from the library and then constantly had a book in my hand much to my mother's distress.  She would often say, read after you get your chores done.  It was hard to do that. 

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Angie (AGWILDERMAN)The joy of my life is my family - and the latest additions to my family are my grandsons. I'm an avid genealogist a "wanna be beader" and gardener. Always on the quest to learn about something, in online classes is where you will find me. At the present time, DNA is the hot topic. The past several years have been very hectic as I was regent a  DAR chapter. We are in the process of organizing a new chapter so busyness continues.  These positions have taken me far from the things that interest me most - genealogical research - except for my family but has introduced me to many new people and opportunities.
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