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Travel to Europe

We left on June 17th for 10 days in Europe.   We were in Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Germany.  The weather was beautiful but it was hot. Europe was in he throes of a heat wave.   The highlight of the trip was Oberammergau and the Passion Play.  This was the 43red cycle since the play went on a 10-year cycle.  So 430 years this play has been performed.  A pandemic brought the play to life and a pandemic almost took it out but they just postponed it two years.  It began this May and will run thru October. it is sold out and the theatre holds about 4000 people. 

Are Things Looking UP?

Slowly things are picking up.  I had posted the following and it is still true. 

"They say it takes 29 days to form a new habit.   This has been going on for all these months - old habits are gone and I do not know what kind of new habits we are forming.    We will never return to the way we were."

So, where are we now?   I did attend a conference - one of my organizations held their annual conference, the first when it should have been the third.  It was great to see friends and catch up on what our organization is doing and how are friends are faring. 

Easter is coming. I look forward to new life.  

Where am I?

It's been a long time since I have made a blog post here.  So much has happened - my mother in law passed away on March 13, 2020.   It is a day we won't forget - the lockdown began that day and it was my wedding anniversary.   We were not able to go to New York to the funeral because of the lockdown. 

The lockdown, this has been the strangest event in our lives.  The Covid, corona virus has been all we hear about.  The virus, mask mandates, travel restrictions and cancelations has ruled our lives.  Even while Helen was in the hospital January 2020 we would be asked by the guard if we had a cough or fever. We're still asked these questions and when you go into the doctors' offices, you have your temperature taken by standing in front of the temperature meter. Malls are disappearing; so many stores have closed.   So many events and trips have been canceled and postponed.  We had three trips planned through 2020 and 2021 and they are now all rescheduled for the second and third times until 2021.  And after tripping over the dog and wrecking my knees I have had two knee replacement surgeries, one in September 2020 and one in June 2021.  Today I walked over a mile in the neighborhood today. . 

We won't go into the political situation.  

A Dry Spell

I'm not talking about the weather with that title.  This has been a very wet spring.  I finally did get my garden planted but it is probably water logged.  

There was an article about decluttering and the one suggestion was rid yourself of 10 things a day.  After tackling my husband's mother's house, I know that I need to go through the weeds in my house.  I don't think I can discard 10 things a day but I decided to go through some cabinets and see what can be disposed of or donated.   My DAR chapter wants to hold a yard sale this summer so this is a good time to eliminate items that are ancient and not needed or loved. The church holds a clothing drive each year also around this time of year.  That's another resource.   Hopefully, I will make some progress. 

What do you do to declutter?  

December - How many days 'til Christmas?

Magnolia Grange Museum open house last week was very successful.  There were about 250 people visiting during the day and about 44 children.  The children were very excited about the little nutcracker craft.   The rest of the week was as busy - everyday there is something going on.  

It is snowing today - the first of the season.   It looks and feels like winter today.

More Busyness - Good Stuff

I'm so glad I attended the DAR District Regents Luncheon on Thursday.  Not only was it great to see friends, have a lovely lunch (seafood manicotti), but the memorial for deceased members of the club was held.  Although I am not a member of the chapter now, a memorial was held for my two dear friends one who was regent prior to me and one following me was held.   I am so glad that I was there for that.  Friday, Tyler was here.  He was so much fun and interested in toys, puzzles, how things worked, and a storybook.  Saturday the genealogy conference was held.  John Philip Colletta was the speaker and he was outstanding.  He is such a great story-teller and as a result he was so engaging.   He gave four talks and the conference was from 9 to 4. As always, I am a soft touch when it comes to buying books and there were a lot of book vendors there on Saturday.

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Angie (AGWILDERMAN)The joy of my life is my family - and the latest additions to my family are my grandsons. I'm an avid genealogist a "wanna be beader" and gardener. Always on the quest to learn about something, in online classes is where you will find me. At the present time, DNA is the hot topic. The past several years have been very hectic as I was regent a  DAR chapter. We are in the process of organizing a new chapter so busyness continues.  These positions have taken me far from the things that interest me most - genealogical research - except for my family but has introduced me to many new people and opportunities.
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