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ObamaCare will bankrupt our nation

I am 23 years old and then Obamacare got hold of me.

July 30, 2009

ObamaCare will reduce our nation to third world status.

By: Thomas Powell

Louisville Kentucky, The presidents’ version of healthcare is a nightmare for all waiting to happen. He ignores the disaster of Medicare that pays only on what it thinks is appropriate care, keeping the doctor and patient decision making to a minimum. Ex: Of this is Oregon where a state run healthcare system denies chemo therapy to older-citizens, but offers Euthanasia drugs that are a lot cheaper. I do not want my government deciding when I am no longer of value to society. However I would consider such if all the politicians including the president dropped their golden parachute plans and be subjected to the same scrutiny of life and death as the average person. No Government has a right to decide who is of value. Next it will be perhaps the mentally retarded, the disabled and so on. They did such a thing in Germany under Hitler. Any people who allow them the foothold to do this as is going on in Oregon under their state run health insurance is doomed to death at a prescribed age and if you want to live to 100 or older, you better not get sick.

I shall give you a classic example. Medicare patient goes into his Urologist and tells the doctor of symptoms he believes to be a kidney stone about to erupt a torrent of pain. He thinks this is so because several years back he had just such an event . . . The stone was the size of a green pea, well that sucker was not going to pass. It was only after his prescribed procedure, by his doctor, that he found out his kidney had swollen to twice its normal size due to blockage of his urinary tract . . . Fast forward to the near present and thus his reason for seeking out care from his aforementioned doctor. The doctor ordered the usual office test and advised that the patient walk over to the hospital and get a Cat Scan. ‘Oh-boy, that will be expensive’ thought the patient. He goes as prescribed has the cat scan, you can look and see it is expensive equipment. He was on the Cat Scan table for no more than one minute, seemed like about 30 seconds he related. He got his results a few days later. The pain this time was again in his left kidney thus his strong suspicion that it was another kidney stone. The results:

His left kidney did not have a stone, but a cyst about 6 centimeters in size. The right kidney which bore no symptoms has a one centimeter stone still in the kidney.

The nurse gave him the results the doctor I reckon to busy to be bothered with a medicare patient. (My reasoning will become apparent in a short time.) The nurse stated that the no contrast scan showed, as I stated the cyst, but it was not a cancer. The patient asks, "What do we do about it? The small kidney stone had taken a back seat to priorities. She said, the doctor said not to worry, nothing needs to be done. "Ok, but what about the dull pain, something is causing the pain." "Take some Bufferin that should take care of the pain." The patient asks, "What about the kidney stone? Well when it starts giving you trouble call the doctor. It should pass, being it is small." The patient: "The doctor years ago told me if I felt another stone coming on to contact him early and he could give me a prescription to dissolve the stone, thus avoiding the sonic wave therapy. "The doctor wants to wait and see," stated the nurse. The patient goes back to the cyst problem asking, "From what little I know about a cyst they tend to grow over time and can become cancerous. I do not understand, Why not do something about removing it before it possibly engulfs the kidney." The nurse responding in a bit of broken speech, she said, "Cyst on your kidney is not something you want to go through to remove." 'Well thanks a lot for nothing.' he is thinking while talking to her. He realized he had a very expensive scan done and the doctor according to him could take care of the early stone, and to his thinking wouldn't a small cyst be a lot easier to deal with. As he is telling me this story, I am thinking,'Doesn't a cyst as it grows tend to take deeper and deeper roots in its host, in this case the man's kidney?' One other thing, the doctor was reluctant to give him medicine for the stone because it only works on a specific kind of stone. The reason he would not or could not prescribe a medication was because the doctor did not have his original records. The bean counter I suppose decided the record being over ten years old was a waist of space. They had not computerized yet, so they had a large cache of hard copy files that were cumbersome. That was not helping the patient one bit, ... well I guess it was his fault for not having a kidney stone a lot sooner. On deciding to dispose of the mans records, they should have been forwarded to either the family doctor or to the patient himself. Because of this doctors lack of concern for the future possibilities of needing care, he trashed the file and set himself up for a nice fat hospital procedure and endangering the patient with anesthesia and the trauma of sonic wave blaster technology.

To sum up my friend still has the dull pain worse at times and goes away at other times mostly of the mornings after a night sleep. It seems up and about tends to aggravate the left kidney and the right kidney still has not displayed any symptoms. He is wishing it would go ahead and break loose and cause him whatever pain and get it over with. The sonic wave can have side effects like bruising the kidney. That doesn’t sound good in itself, but it seems the doctor rather than give the prescription that might dissolve the stone, would rather wait for a big surgery bill to remove the kidney. It seems in this case two kidneys are at risk and putting this patient at risk of death by dialyses. That is not a pleasant procedure I have read.

The patient finally gets a statement from the hospital that took the Cat Scan, he knew it was going to be a lot higher than ten years ago, (Around 800.00 dollars, but this was ridiculous.) Remember the scan took maybe a minute at most. the bill for the scan and to read was almost 4,700.00 dollars. "Holy Crumb Cakes" screams the patient. (His account of receiving the bill.) Figuring the bill would be maybe 1,500 bucks but almost four thousand and seven hundred dollars, is excessive he felt. 'Well Medicare will cut that down a bit,' he is thinking. It took several weeks for Medicare to take their valuable time and fire back a reduction.... First just before the Medicare decision, the hospital reduced the bill to around three thousand and five hundred dollars. Then comes Medicare in on its shiny Jackass and says they will pay only three hundred and seventeen dollars. Ok, I know that is just wrong. Given what the cost in the past had been and accounting for reasonable inflation I figured that this bill for the patient would be settled for around fifteen hundred dollars.

Endgame: Medicare the most corrupt government agency regarding loss of funds that nobody knows where it went. Plus a now apparent attempt by them to cut drastically what a doctor receives , (that was cut drastically from a reasonable bill I felt when I saw what he was asking,) plus the obscene cut for the Cat scan.

So what is their game, I think it is to set the stage for drastic cuts to doctors and supporting facilities, too in essence bankrupt or to cause to shut down. Doctors will be leaving at an accelerated pace. Many in our state already are leaving the profession all together because of all the red tape dealing with Medicare. "The Messiah" cannot let his people go without "Great Healthcare," so he will, in my opinion repeat the GM-Chrysler takeover and he will have part of his dream accomplished, that of a single payer Canadian style bumbling fool system of care for patients of all ages, but at first the seniors will be hurt most with rationed care to the extreme based on why spend the money, this person might last two or three years. The average life span will decline by years as it did in Russia when the Socialist regime fell. Declining into the 50's due to the collapse of the entire system.

I think anyone who can think can figure out where that is going.

Therefore we ask why is the U.S.A. moving towards "Socialism" while Europe is moving away from the failed systems that keeps their unemployment rate in the double digits.

This is my opinion, based on available data I have read about his life and his current actions. Based on comments in I believe it was "The Audacity of Hope," his ambivalence towards whites is so deep in his nature probably nurtured by Obama Sr. an activist in the Marxist Socialist movement. He is not wishing to bring back the economy and get it to thriving, his intent is to collapse the entire economy sinking us into third world status. Our debt is now 80% and climbing of our GDP, according to the GAO. He has just cut all funding for our top fighter aircraft the f-22 that the military had hoped would carry us forty years into the future maintaining air superiority. I have stated in other comments I felt that was a bit optimistic, but now that will never be recognized. We have China, the Arab states and upwards of 50 other nations losing faith in our ability to pay our debt and consideration is being taken on dropping the dollar as a basis point of their currency. A serious number of countries are launching trial balloons to consider switching to the Chinese currency. This a country barely out of third world status if it is not still there. However, they have a couple things we do not have. They are debt free, their economy is growing at double digit rates as they are moving to convert some of their exporting strength to domestic consumerism which will work. They have a huge budget surplus that gives them a lot of strength in the financial sector. They will bring up wages for the peasant workers and secure their place as a growing economy to move into supreme domination of the business world. They are not cutting their military, but they are building at a rapid pace, that will in approx. ten years, in my opinion place them in a position to challenge our global dominance. Given the pace of destruction of our economy, our twelve aircraft-carriers, that provides the means for our domination of strategic places around the world; they will not be able to afford the upkeep on these giant protectors of freedom on the planet. This is going to collapse and we will be dominated by people that will not be as nice as we have been as the world's one true superpower.

The purpose of this destruction of our economy is to destroy the strength of the true free market capitalist and destroy our ability to be the lone superpower. We are to merge into the one world government that George Soros and the rest of the Bilderburgs have dreamed of for so many years. Henry Kissenger has been working on this since before his time with Richard (I am not a crook,) Nixon, (Oh I happen to agree with that premise of his,) he committed no crimes, at least none that every other 20th Century president had committed, that of spying on his opposition, he did lie to a grand jury that was his downfall.) Bill and Hillary made Nixon appear to look like a saint and I would remind readers Bill was impeached, but the Democrats refused to vote to remove a perjurer from office. So the imaginative uses for a cigar continued and Hillary continued throwing lamps at ole "Slick Willy."

To sum up, as we lethargically as a nation look upon politics with disdain and retreat from reality into so-called reality shows that are trash. That in effect helps to reduce the cognitive skills of the addicted to these shows. The occasional watcher who checks it out and turns away in disgust is safe in my opinion. As we continue to allow the school system to teach our children that Sodomy is a normal sexual function and we declare God is dead by changing his law regarding marriage and the murder of over 54 million babies in 30 some odd years as long as we turn away because it is just too much trouble to think about or that because we just would rather be tailgating or languishing in the brain to mush observance of trash like the show, "The Cougar," then we are doomed to lose our lifestyle and move to African style poverty that will have us drinking water we just relieved ourselves in watching our children wander the streets naked for lack of clothing and ever increasing bloated bellies that will have our children dying of not obesity but starvation, Aids, Cholera and all the third world death diseases.

It is up to us America to stop this madness, beginning with peaceful protest to awaken the brain dead who would rather be at the ball game they soon will not be able to afford. Then in 2010, start voting out the madmen of the house and Senate and put in Citizen servants who are more in tune with the Constitution and bring us back to what our founders envisioned a government of the people, by the people for the people. Not government controlling the people, intruding in the people’s lives and denying their basic "GOD GIVEN RIGHTS" as human beings. Rights are not given out by governments, corrupt government takes away rights as a means of control. Freedom protecting governments will recognize it has no rights to give, or take-away rights as given by God.

Is this the change America and "Lip Lizard," (bogus names that did not exist but somehow did vote) voted for? If so then we have a big job ahead of us. We need some grassroots activity going lets form a strong viable third party for the two main parties have abandoned us and the constitution.

That's the way I see it.

Thomas Powell

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Obama will gut the military


American Flag trashed after Obama Speech

May old Glory forever Wave.

September 7,2008

Louisville: Obama has done it again.

Listen to what a man says but more importantly watch his behavior if you want to see the true person. Flags were trashed like a third trimester abortion. What is the essense of this man?

A week ago last Thursday was Hussein Obama’s night to accept his party’s nomination to run for president.

Flags were given out to members of the audience for the gala event. The unveiling of the "Obama Temple and the anointed ones ascension to his parties top position of Candidate for president of the United States.

After the evening was over and cleanup was underway, a vendor noticed that a lot of flags had been put in trash bags and left by a dumpster presumably to be sent out with the trash. These new flags had not been used. I guess not as many people showed up as they thought. Problem is he trashed the flag. US code on dispensing of an old flag is to be done in a dignified manner. In this case the code is dispense by respectful burning, the flag does not lay in the trash. The Obama team or one of its surrogates most likely a hardened socialist. Remember the Obama troops are a mish mash of Communist, Marxist, homosexuals, and a myriad of radical groups such as anarchists, Muslims for Obama, former weather underground terrorists etc. So hearing of the story of trashing the flag is not a surprise to me at least.

I wrote a post on flag burning and how the flag  never is really ours individually. We are stewards of the flag we have, for it is a symbol of our nation and our unity in freedom. Trashing the flag is symbolically trashing the country. US code clearly sets parameters for disposal of a worn out flag and apparently someone in Obama’s camp perhaps even Obama has no respect for the code and does as they see fit.

The Vendor done as he saw fit, he gathered up the flags and called McCain headquarters, told them of the trashing and offered them to the RNC which they immediately did take up for their upcoming rally and all were given out to the supporters of McCain Palin. McCain told the crowd to take their flag home with them, give it to a friend, and invite them to join the McCain –Palin team. Not one flag was trashed. 12,000 flags were saved from disrespect and an untimely demise in the trash heap.

Team Obama denies this story says it is a made up tale that is dirty pool at best. I paraphrase. You can get the full story at

The words of a man mean nothing if his actions tell a different tale of lies, misdirection and efforts to short circuit people’s thoughts to avoid having to deal with the issue of eligibility to run for president. His ties to terrorist, extremists. His loyalty to a racist and Afro Centric believer, who hates America and he listened to his hate speech for 20 years. He attempts to cover his past of anti-American behavior and tries to present himself as more centrist, yet there is nothing in his history to support that illusion.

Team Obama moves through the crowds mesmerizing people and they look at him as a messiah, I quote, "We are who we been waiting for." That is as close as one can get to a messiah complex without just coming out and saying it. He played to the German crowds as a citizen of the world, he has stated international law takes precedent over the constitution. His mesmerized followers, who just want to do him, for their leg is tingling, believe he is a messiah to save the world.

Muslims pray he wins and is pumping millions into his war-chest. Hamas is hoping he wins. Alqaeda, I am sure is hoping he will win based on his positions of how to deal with the Terrorists group. What he says now that the election is getting close means nothing. Look to what he has said in his books and his public speeches.

Myself I am afraid not for me, I can take care of myself, I fear for our children who will have to grow up in an Obama world , a man who it seems does not meet constitutional muster to be president of the United States.

God Bless America

Thomas Powell

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Thomas Powell (RisingTid1)

I can remember my first Democratic Convention, I was around 4 years old. Adlai Stevenson was receiving the nomination and again four years later. I never saw a Republican Convention until Nixon, since my parents were strong Roosevelt Democrats. This strongly influenced my thinking until I started to see the oncoming disaster from, "The Great Societies" fallout.

We have only to look about us today to see what we are reaping from the seeds sown then.

Have we ended poverty as Johnson thought he could do? Has peace and harmony among the various diversities of our population been realized?

We are more polarized today that at any time I can remember. Sure Black Americans have more liberties, but their poverty scale is still a matter of record.

Who is to blame? It has got to be those fat cat "Neo Cons" a new buzzword that the Left and Democrats have conjured from their spell book. Still blaming big business and rich people it is they who are rich. Dollar for dollar, I would be willing to bet that Democrats are worth a lot more money than Republicans. Is there any doubt about Pelosi's wealth? Is there any doubt about Kennedy's wealth earned from his daddy's bootlegging business. Is there any doubt about the wealth of Jay Rockefeller yet they say tax the rich. Ok, I ask why you rich democrats take your deductions. You do not have to, it is not law to take deductions. it is an illegal law that says we have to pay an income tax all started by Democrats.

I digress, upon my epiphany that the left wished to destroy the American dream and keep the wealth in the hands of but a few skinflints like David and Jay Rockefeller just for starters.

I see the fight getting increasingly bitter as the left tried to silence the right. Tries to raise taxes and stifle incentive in this great country all in the name of "The New World Order."

Join with all conservative voices and me in standing up for the Constitution. Do not let them steal our liberty.

Thomas Powell

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