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4/30/11 10:27 PM

Intricate Plot; A Worthy Effort

Oracle's Legacy: Children Of Sun
R. B. Holbrook
IUniverse (2008)
Paperback, 316 pages
Rated 4 stars of 5 possible

They say if you dream, you should dream big... Oracle's Legacy: Children Of Sun is author R. B. Holbrook's debut novel. It is also the first novel of a trilogy. This volume serves to introduce the rather large cast of characters and provides some of their background. The Oracle's Legacy trilogy is set in an alternate reality based on our own world. The three books are each part of one massive tale, and best read consecutively, in sequence.

The majority of the characters are part of a secret society that teaches enlightenment. While the cast of characters here isn't small, it seems larger because the main character, Ollie, gives a nick name to everyone she likes... hence many characters have two names. One thing that helps with such a large cast of characters is a cheat sheet... such as some readers use with novels like Anna Karenina. If you have trouble keeping track of the many characters in this series, the cheat sheet method is highly recommended.

The reader will soon discover that most of the characters are related to one another, which makes for some interesting interaction.  The novel is carefully and intricately plotted and evenly paced. The descriptive and action parts of the book are well balanced.

There's a couple things that might make this book not for everyone; the above mentioned action includes lots of violence and a bit of foul language; however, despite those things, I recommend Oracle's Legacy: Children of Sun for adult readers interested in science fiction/fantasy type stories that explore alternate worlds.

Oracle's Legacy: Children of Sun was provided to me free by the author in exchange for this review.  This review is being simultaneously posted on Dragon Views Amazon.com, LibraryThing and wherever else I may deem appropriate.
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