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Are Things Looking UP?

Slowly things are picking up.  I had posted the following and it is still true. 

"They say it takes 29 days to form a new habit.   This has been going on for all these months - old habits are gone and I do not know what kind of new habits we are forming.    We will never return to the way we were."

So, where are we now?   I did attend a conference - one of my organizations held their annual conference, the first when it should have been the third.  It was great to see friends and catch up on what our organization is doing and how are friends are faring. 

Easter is coming. I look forward to new life.  
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Angie (AGWILDERMAN)The joy of my life is my family - and the latest additions to my family are my grandsons. I'm an avid genealogist a "wanna be beader" and gardener. Always on the quest to learn about something, in online classes is where you will find me. At the present time, DNA is the hot topic. The past several years have been very hectic as I was regent a  DAR chapter. We are in the process of organizing a new chapter so busyness continues.  These positions have taken me far from the things that interest me most - genealogical research - except for my family but has introduced me to many new people and opportunities.
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