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From: Gary (GARY479)

Date: 3/28/17

This is a great article that CBS did on 'real' 'fake news,' not the worldly political climate type of use of that phrase. One mentioned here you may have seen was the airline requiring dresses on women. I read the article in question and it was mentioned in the article that these were special boarding passes for employees only, not the general public as the title leads one to believe.

This shows why the lies of scientists in twisting and misrepresenting evidence of evolution are so common and completely without merit because of the use of 'partial truth' along with a mix of outright lies. In other words, they 'find evidence' (real or faked) then put it forth on the airwaves as 'true' when in fact, it was never researched. Mostly that has to do with 'Man's history' and dates that seem to be plucked out of the air, not the real 'nuts and bolts' sciences of math or hard physical facts like that derived from recent space exploration or electronics advances. Certain 'sciences' are far more riddled with lies (like paleo history sciences) than the good solid type we can respect.

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