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Date: 9/27/21

It's been a long time since I have made a blog post here.  So much has happened - my mother in law passed away on March 13, 2020.   It is a day we won't forget - the lockdown began that day and it was my wedding anniversary.   We were not able to go to New York to the funeral because of the lockdown. 

The lockdown, this has been the strangest event in our lives.  The Covid, corona virus has been all we hear about.  The virus, mask mandates, travel restrictions and cancelations has ruled our lives.  Even while Helen was in the hospital January 2020 we would be asked by the guard if we had a cough or fever. We're still asked these questions and when you go into the doctors' offices, you have your temperature taken by standing in front of the temperature meter. Malls are disappearing; so many stores have closed.   So many events and trips have been canceled and postponed.  We had three trips planned through 2020 and 2021 and they are now all rescheduled for the second and third times until 2021.  And after tripping over the dog and wrecking my knees I have had two knee replacement surgeries, one in September 2020 and one in June 2021.  Today I walked over a mile in the neighborhood today. . 

We won't go into the political situation.  

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