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Date: 6/11/18

I'm not talking about the weather with that title.  This has been a very wet spring.  I finally did get my garden planted but it is probably water logged.  

There was an article about decluttering and the one suggestion was rid yourself of 10 things a day.  After tackling my husband's mother's house, I know that I need to go through the weeds in my house.  I don't think I can discard 10 things a day but I decided to go through some cabinets and see what can be disposed of or donated.   My DAR chapter wants to hold a yard sale this summer so this is a good time to eliminate items that are ancient and not needed or loved. The church holds a clothing drive each year also around this time of year.  That's another resource.   Hopefully, I will make some progress. 

What do you do to declutter?  

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