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    End of year, again

    Wow.. my last post in here was about this time last year! amazing.. 

    So we hit the end of 2011 and venture into 2012 - the year the world ends ! LOL. oh that silly calendar I bet they just did not see a need to go further!

    2012. I remember the movie 2001 and it seemed so far into the future. Now we are way past that.

    Have a lovely year everyone!


    Ooh my not only is it a new year but we are one month gone nearly...
    Did you make resolutions?

    I read of one resolution I really liked - simply to make better choices. Isn't that easy? Well it sounds easy but we all know that working it out won't be easy all the time yet what a superb resolution. Better choices in spending money, spending time, to make our lives easier and improve our condition. Better choices in how we deal with situations, others actions or words, especially when the 'going gets rough' in our relationships with others.

    Since one of my pastimes is working with the Christian Women's Job Corps and giving talks once a week this fits perfectly. We discuss living consciously, being aware of our reactions and changing the bad ones. Making better choices sums it up. It is simply a matter of paying attention to feelings, relationships, our responses etc then looking to the Bible for guidance in what we should be doing or not in each situation.  It is amazing how resistant some are to doing this, even if you can hear they are not happy, they do not seem to grasp that their happiness is not controlled by others but by their chosen response. Our response if often controlled by our feelings of self worth, our sense of being loved and valued. Instead of just letting things happen, feeling whatever we feel, my choice is to look to God and His Word and work with Him to shape myself into what He wants me to be in this world. That is living consciously for me, and making better choices is just another angle to approach it from.

    Do you have the tools to make better choices? What areas do you need to make better choices in? Have you ever thought of this or had times when you deliberately stopped yourself and after reflection, changed your response? Made a better choice?

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    • 1/25/11 - franki7775Yes these hard times is really to test us according to Job 23:10 - This morning as part of my...  Show Full Comment
    • 1/24/11 - Myrahad an old cowboy tell me it is in the hard times that we grow. So franki7775 I think those pains...  Show Full Comment
    • 1/24/11 - franki7775My resolution is to give it all to The Potter , Jeremiah 18:1-6 and I might have had some ups and...  Show Full Comment

    who is Christmas for?

    Christmas is for those who hate it most

    Christmas is such a hard time for many - but here is one man saying we have the wrong idea about it.. it is not for happy people having happy times but for those who are unhappy and having a hard time. It's Christ, come to earth for us to live fully...

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    • 1/22/11 - franki7775That is true.
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