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Moses Hadas

Malcolmia; A genus of plants usually found in coastal habitats; Mediterranean to Afghanistan.
Feb 19, 2016 6:06 PM

A group of Naked Ladies

Yes a group of Naked Ladies or Belladonna lilies - super tough bulbs that are virtually fool proof. The belladonna lily or 'naked lady' (Amaryllis belladonna), from South Africa, is one of the best known and easiest to grow of the late-summer-flowering bulbs of the Amaryllidaceae family. See it at The Picture Supplement. 906.1
Mar 29, 2015 6:29 AM

Curious and curiouser!

What on earth is going on over there?

Dec 10, 2014 3:41 PM

Its Tadpole time

A close-up view of a tadpole!

Nov 24, 2014 3:59 PM

Mountain Clematis

Some Mountain Clematis growing over a gate that hasn't been used for only a little while.

Dec 15, 2013 3:45 PM

King Parrot

Another beautiful King Parrot, one of many that are roaming free here.


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Oct 30, 2013 4:35 PM

Blue Peter!

Here is my lovely Blue Peter Rhododendron. Spring has sprung.
Sep 7, 2013 5:34 PM

Barney is amused.

Here is my friend Barney who I visited recently.

He is not always so serious, here he is laughing at my joke.


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Aug 22, 2013 3:00 AM

King parrots

Mr and Mrs King Parrot came looking for a handout.

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Feb 26, 2013 12:43 AM

The Hesitant Deer

Deer are not native to Australia however they have been roaming in this area for well over one hundred years. I have four that are regular visitors
and have seen this one grow over the last few years. He was very hesitant about leaving what he was eating but eventually walking slowly away.

Oct 7, 2012 5:25 PM

A fleeting glimpse

A fleeting glimpse of sky through the trees in my garden.
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 My name is Malcolm. 
I am now retired - its the best job I ever had.

    I emigrated to Australia from England in 1957, and since 1960 have been living in the Dandenong Ranges, a beautiful mountainous and forested area east of Melbourne, Victoria, rising to 633 metres [2077 feet] at Mount Dandenong.
    Can you, my dear reader, name one of your acquaintances who can view with indifference the sight of swelling mountains, clothed with majestic gum trees, towering aloft to the very heavens, or who can stand unresponsive to the appeal of rolling vistas spread out below him - sunlit plains, nestling hamlets, far off mountains, and, beyond all, the distant sea, merging into a smudge of vapour into the azure sky? I trow not. You, yourself, perchance, in search of the glories of nature, hie away into other parts of your Australian continent, or tour the world it may be, regardless of the fact that here, at your very door, is something indescribably restful and soul-satisfying - something which may be attained at a minimum of trouble and expense. Step with me on to the magic carpet of your childhood's imaginations, and fly with me to the nearby village of Sassafras, perched high in its eyrie's on the summit of the little blue smear across the eastern sky, which you may see any day from the higher elevations of the great city.

    Most of the area is a large [3215 hectares] National Park with little villages dotted amongst it, where you can disappear into spellbinding fern glades and forests, meander through lush gullies and misty mountain ash to magical places like Sherbrooke Forest.

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"Then the spirit drove me into the wilderness to my mountains and valleys,
by the side of the great sea and by the haunted forests. Once more, the vast dome of heaven became the roof of my house, and within the house was
rebuilded that which my soul called beautiful."
— Stephen Graham.


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