i'll never start a blog

they're so self-indulgent, and frivolous. wait, those are the only things i've ever been on delphi.... so maybe i SHOULD start one after all. i should come up with something profound to kick it off with....something like, "we are all droplets of ink in the daily blog of god" no, maybe a simple "hello" would be better.

the second brain belch....

....six and a half years after the first belch. the first one took five years, before the mental indigestion built UP enough, to produce that first blog belch. it's taken even longer this second time. look at what i've written on VICTOR'S PLACE, it's not like i'm afraid of writing. after a lengthy analysis [ten seconds] i've deduced that this unwritten blog represents all of my shortcomings to me, and that's why i approach writing here with such trepidation. so now it's not a mystery anymore...but where do i go from here? back to VICTOR'S PLACE i guess.

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the first brain belch....

instead of giving us BLOGS, which are little more than forums with a slightly different thread format, why not add a few folders to the PLUS forums, or maybe an "all posts by member" feature? for this and other reasons,  i'll never start a blog.

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