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Hello this is Devil Doll leaving a message on your machine re Walt & Edna Brown... Apparently that fool Krench is terrorizing the couple. They are important town assets. We need to protect them.
Mama Gooma: 'Thanks DD for the update... I am now using my Crystal Balls in an attempt to observe, influence, and manage this outrageous situation. Give me best to Mrs. DD.
Billy Barnsquabble: 'Thanks for the update... (Thinking): Hey, Brown's been nothing but a thorn in my axx... Mebbe I can help with his....fading into obscurity
Babb: 'That trouble-making old jerkwater!! Let that brain-reversed idiot Krench have his way with him... Now Edna, just because she is of the superior gender, I do wish her the best and will send her a box of my special rum and marijuana extract surprise cookies!'
Prophet: 'Never mind him. He is doomed. Save someone savable for Pete's sakey!!'
Giovanni: 'I promise... i will soar for them tonight,,, reaching new registers, new moments of aural bliss....!!'
'If you remind Edna & Walt about my new Quadruple Jaw-Buster Whopper Congo Burger, I'm sure that will snap them out of their bad state of affairs...or at least lighten the load as it heavies them instead with powerful BK nutrition....'
'Tell them their old pal Hayfield is prayin' for him and is comin' right now to be by their side!'

Concern for Walt and Edna grows, as the once feeble Krench has been seen standing on their roof, challenging the whole town to come and save the Browns from the fate he has planned for them and anyone else who gets in his way. 

The Skunkville Town Fathers have promised to address the emergency no later than late August... And if Walt and/or Edna pass before them, that the town will pay for a percentage of their funereal arrangements if the local Skunkville Budget Funeral Home is used for all services surrounding their long-overdue demise.  And the usually blithering Town Fathers actually asked an excellent question amidst all their usual nonsense:  'That is, where are mighty Fiddles & Piddles while all this is going on?  Have they abandoned their beloved owners in order to save themselves, or are they seeking allies like the battered, elderly NB2 Unit or the crew of Walt's still functioning old vessel, the Slimy Cock? 

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