Skunkville Saga

A quirky elderly Ohio couple & their two talking, married daschunds have many thrilling and bizarre but warm-hearted adventures.WITH HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF direct reader visits on Delphi. Networking + other sites have added CLOSE TO 200,000 readers simi

The later lives of iconic residents in a nondescript American town. This blog novel currently has 2 MILLION words served up as 2,000 nail-biting quick-reading hard-laffing episodes, its 2,000,000 words more than ANY OTHER easily-obtainable novel. KIRKUS REVIEWS (see review on Kirkus site) compares SKUNKVILLE to the works of literary geniuses James Joyce, Thomas Pynchon, and John Barth. SKV Has attracted ~110,000 reader visits to date just on Delphi, plus an equally large number of additional readers on a diversity of other sites now no longer relied on by Skunkville.


DON'T FERGET....THIS TEXT IS ALSO MON-U-MENTALLY EXSPANDEXED FUR YER ADDED READING ENJOINTMINT & ENTERTRAINMENT  ... SURE!! & YER READING GL*UMFORT (* most news being bad news accordian to moast pessimystic people  )  ASSWELL!!  SMART SKUNKVILL 'SUCKERS' (for the way they tend to suck up every piece of information, regardless of their ability to understand it and 'implement' it, usually frantiquely passing it on as if it was of grim importance ('Did you know that most of the population of Iowa Rats has compleatly disappeared from the state and are now lining up to  plague people in a higher visibility state like New York State, California, Washington D.C......  Maybe even Pennsyltucky or the florid state of Florida!!!  Helpful/healthful holistickle /hole-filling way   i.e. actual readers who willingly expose their eyes>brains>souls/soles/privates to at least passive content with  (e.g., semi-reading Skunkville while 'killing time' (HEY!  You jest moidered 4:13PM while just sitting on the 'throne' playing with yer soft-hair and yer soft-wear!...THANKS! Nooot...fer shrinking time with everything else within our reach in the Universe is also being destroyed or shrunken like a shrunKen, no longer fit for Barbie...all that's left is my right to enjoy explicit Skunkvile  content on the collapsing Web!  WHAT BRAVERY IN THIS AGE OF SUSPICION OF ANY PRINTED MATERIAL AND THE DELIBERATELY MIND-DESTROYING  KNOW THEY NEED TO CAREFREELY SLAVER & WaVE-RINGLY SLIP OVER... THEN EN-MOUTH-EN (I.E. BEGIN TO EAT WITH THE THROBB-LE-ING BEETs).... SAVORING & SLAVORING YET STILL COVVERING, NOT TOWERING  ON EVERY BITE ME!'S PRESS-CIOUS MOISTRO OF EVORY CHAPPED-TERD IN THE FOOD: NOVEL!! WITH BLUSTO & GUSTO  & DEVOSHUN  & SKUNKVILLELATION & EURO SLOBBERIAN GROANUTS 'O DELIGHT {source World Cooking Riff-Raff-Refurents re proper $100.00^ levalles ov-ah elegancesantini and elegant, baffling, surprising, wildly spinning, ceiling soiling, musickly bouncing, effartlessly cartwheeling delectables each landing perfectly in each dance revue bon vivants' wide open piehole...unless the bon vivant's wide opening causes a reflexive  bang-bang-bang jaw slamming while 15-20 tasty, super hot, sloppy double-bitesize roaring 'foodbombs' continually miss the reader piehole (e.g., 'look at the size of that towering pie'hole of periodickholes and daily readerreacherwanted begging, groveling ('Please pullease... just smell one word  or even just a few ledders of arr rag so we can count you as a long-time/bong-time/voracious/hardcopy mouf-stuffing, gagging/chokling  cannonbalistic internalizing, mind/body-melding/molting/Skunkville-only diet reader/worshipper and Skunvillepun stuffer//drooler and eyeball coverer....!     i.e., due to inept food-catcher, slamming....bare bozoomas Skunkville page-clamping.... meat foodbomb enters happy bon vivant's wide open mouth at such a violent speed that it knocks him over onto the hard simulated Western Mountain Path, cracking his head back against an authentic western U.S. boulder brought East by roving Skunkville bro/ handyman....but leaving recipient with cheap-printing ink rashes covering most of upper boody.... Skunkville readers seeming to have general higher than normal readers (at moast tableaus) for attention-grabbing, anger-stimulatoring Noisy, high-nasal/stomack impacked Raucous Poisonous-smelling Expensive Dinner Club FXRTs and side-dealing  boogey enchange and taste testes and gas-fueled firey bursts from 'down belowdecks' (usurully using thinedispozable glubs also used as rear-end (of meal) gas-'musique' gas-modifireiers!!        

Walt & Edna Brown, marching along a complex route among the odd & ancient 3-footed, 3-eyed, 3-nippled senttliers of the 3 Ancient cities of Skunkville....SKU-U!!, UNKY UNKSTER, and the hazardous EVERVILE...hazardous that is until more tranquilularity was added to make Skunkville....become the Tri-Cornwholed Hat...Tri of coarse for 3 connecktled twowns, cornwhole for the despicable dependence that residented people, who would cry at periodic highly orderly riots 'THREE FOR ONE!!! AND NARY A ONE of the scumholes ALL OF .EM GREAT FUR RAISING  FURY IN ONE'S GIZZARD...     Ohio Renaisance populations from thousands of hoary, crusty, likely jabbering, violent 4-foot-tall semi-men -- not to ever neglect and 5-foot-tall much more complete, 'hot',  and modern-like Skunkville Skunk-women -- who may or may not be the mates of the tri-nippled shrimp-men described above -- we Skunkville region historians hope NOT but that at some point we original Skunk-Men were overwhelmed by, say, Homo Sapiens... modern man -- more intelligent, agile, better-endowed with, say, intelligents or 'I tell you gents...(something actually pithy' according to the crude IQ tests conducted in Ancient Skunkville to determine which citizens might compete fairly and interestingly with each other in quizzing contests and whizzing trials to determine who would fill the empty sitting rocks for the local Sedate and Hose houses of the Vegistrature (yes, this culture figured out how to make them early...SPLASH!  SPLAZH!! KK-RR--ASZH!!!   
moe to come along soon with buddy menton...
And now we will return you to our usual low-key innoffensive stylings.  As we were saying last weak when we spoke at the New Pure Wave Blog Trend Workshop in New York City, OhiOregoNewYourgk .....  Recently, we authourios of houmouriouso blaaahhghhxzdkks.....

'Yes, we have been able to see and respond to most of the spontaneous reader preference trends in blahggrippe tastes and turn-ons (plus of course their oppyzit, crying-jag-outs)  over the years....  That's why it is generally accepted world wide that The Skunkville Saga (or perhaps he actually mentioned anuther, much inferior humor blahggerkis the epitome, as Mall Torme aka'Toupe' (known for wearing his hair pieces inside out, on his neck, or substituting sections of fur from various species of animules for a human hair toopee....)and even commingled with uther non-matching false hair toppers, of the perfect matching of blogge content and maximam!! blahogge reader jollies, squizm squirts,  gaggles & gingles, and giglettes.'    

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