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Piddles & Fiddles Back at Home edit10/10

While Walt & Edna have been away, the Browns' talkative pets Piddles and Fiddles have been fed by kindly pet-lover Matilda Fracas who has noted how her serving of food to them seemed to upset the dogfood cart no matter how she did it.  There were issues withe the Browns' canines  regarding who was fed first, who got the silver plate over the soup bowel, what vessel the water was served in , with a used food bowel nearly turning the two daschunds vicious with disappointment and disdain, also Ms. Fracas noting that  feeding sequence was a touchy area  (dogs like being '1st in line' if they're being 'sequenced; rather than both being fed up at once).  Say for whose plate of dog chow gets 'air-lifted' first by a tall human down to the foot-tall dogs (usually offset by a 6-foot-tall ego and confident view of themselves) to (hopefully not dirty or smelly!) floor level eating locale.  Pids, when gentemanly Walt is serving, receives her meal 1st...but Fids, when romantic, nostalgic  Edna serves,,,,  Probbaly because of Edna's long time crush on Fids, her many dreams about Edna herself magically becoming a demure female daschund -- a poifect match fer someone like handsome, intelligent ('MUCH more handsome/dashing than tubby human Walt, at least,' Edna's mind sometimes slips and thinks...)  considering despite their affectionate relationship with each other that 'a little amount of hysical affection goes a long way in strengthening their special love.  

Lovely female Piddles turning away and growling almost imperceptibly as she nods knowingly/condescendingly as a somewhat shxt-faced grinning Fiddles wags his hardy tail left & right, then diagonally, then up & down after taking his 1st big 'scoop & crunch & force-down-the-hatch food-devouring method' bowl of sustenance, the complex wag being Fiddles' signal that he feels  after reciting the Doggie Grace for the day, using semaphore tale and ear signals, in a low-key/non-growling/mungling way -- that Fiddles may also begin enjoying his platter of dry dog chow, or uneaten parts of hamnurglers usually with some water or milk or occasionally an O' Douls splashed on it by Edna or Walt.  Said two centenarians are really adult (adolt?) humanoids who technically speaking 'own' the animals (how primitive...owning a fambily memberain!!) and are 'respondisciples' looking for Universal forces to help guide their 'pets' behavior towards wholesomeness, as opposed to being feed-hand-biters or non-stoppo private-lxckers or constant butt-snifters .  For instance, if Fiddles bit their new neighbor, Arhugdlu Htescpovah from.... (both quickly, embarrassedly putting -- uh oh: headache city: Walt & Edna's heads really  banged as they simultaneously searched for Arhugdlu Htescpovah place of origin.,.

Now  the married couples' heads are together, as they are shaking & growling in their hot exchange about the background of two new families on Maple Avenue....  'El Pariso!!' I say, sez Walt....  Edna:'Non! Buffled, buffalo'd  Senjor citizeen Look-Like-Buffalo-Walt!!... Val Pariso!!   

Walt, laughing:  'There, you disagree and then PROVIDE THE EXACT SAME EXAMPLE AS pour moi I!!!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha hie!  hie!  Heeyaaaaaah!  Heeyahyaaaaah!!    Heeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaahyyyaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!'

Yes, as the two dogs lolligag on the front lawn under the shade of the maple, the lawn still retaining about half its weeds since Walt sprayed the entire tree with highly toxic to breathe Leaf-After-Dearth.... Yes, being treated (sprayed, what elset??) with Leaf-After-Dearth, the leaf appears to stay in its same location on the tree forever (at least the way humans, ne'er really being around lung enuff to see immortality at werk, would define 'forever' = 'the whole darn time I was on that planet earfth... I think thet waz its name-o...)  

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