Skunkville Saga Rumination

Unusual adventures & awkward situations & miscommunications seem to plague and/or delight an elderly couple who seem to know how to roll with the punches

The later lives of iconic residents in a nondescript American town. This blog novel currently has 2 MILLION words served up as 2,000 nail-biting quick-reading hard-laffing episodes, its 2,000,000 words more than ANY OTHER easily-obtainable novel. KIRKUS REVIEWS (see review on Kirkus site) compares SKUNKVILLE to the works of literary geniuses James Joyce, Thomas Pynchon, and John Barth. SKV Has attracted ~110,000 reader visits to date just on Delphi, plus an equally large number of additional readers on a diversity of other sites now no longer relied on by Skunkville.


We are ever so hoppy & happy to report that many other universes & miniverses in our whirled-wide univer-sed closely fallow this blogfamous...eversohappy I Like-Cons,are still thriving  in several million Earfthf-like (such as the always timely Living Clock Universe for one  asswell as Random Horse Poo alternitiff whirleds that closely pa-ru--lulls our own cozy suburban unadverse...  mainly drawing the interest of the toinfinitale's one-time heroine & hero, Edna and Walt Brown are unchangeled....And drawing great interest among the hungry cannibal planuts who promise a friendly species complete examination invasion within the next few rotations of the entire universe whitch of course is as infanite as can be.ans as swell as the cans.bean festivall!    

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