Kirkus reviewers compare Skunkville to work of James Joyce; total Skunkville visits at all Web placements ~ 200, a world of 172 million blogs from which to pick!

Fictional snapshots of the lives of iconic residents in a nondescript American town. This blog novel currently has close to 2 MILLION words served up as 1,500 nail-biting quick-reading hard-laffing episodes, the 2,000,000 words more than ANY OTHER easily-obtainable novel. KIRKUS REVIEWS (see review on Kirkus site) compares SKUNKVILLE to the works of literary giants James Joyce, Thomas Pynchon, and John Barth. SKV Has attracted close to 100,000 reader visits to date just on THIS site, plus a similar amount of readership on other sites.


Standing in the Plumes of Glroom!

Walt, excited: 'Hey, look Edna!! That cool man o' the world has on the same exact flannel shirt as c'est moi!!!'
Walt, scritching his head muscle...'You're right Edna... Maybe Brando steered away from flannel for some reason....say a skin sensitivity to rough stuff?'

As the Skunkville readership count plummets lower & lower daily (is this just a test, only a test, of the emergency broadchasing system??).... Reader...please...could you lend us a few honest min-nuts of yer timbe?

....Our Dear female lead, Edna realizes how the once-prowd, the few, the concscienceless that man-up to play these extraordinarily nuanced, subtle, tragic, career-defining & difficult Skunkville roles, like Walt Brown, Edna Brown, Farmer Brown, Sweet Georgia Brown,  H. Rap Brown, Godfather of the soul, screamin', shriekin' James Brown, or his bro, I believe (ed. NOT!) Les Brown and his self-proclaimed Band of Renown, heavenly singer Pearly Brown, all these fine Browns of every possible shade of Brownism (Brownism:  What makes all Browns bro's and sissies)  have been humbled & repetitively besmirched & riddiculed by exspurts and even easy readers; SKUNKVILLE SAGA after this post immediately  attacked by a huge constortion of diverse cultural forces led if only in spirit  by Barry White and Jack White an humbled,,,many of these worthies' names' being shrunken to  footnote-junior sized micro-print character size to slow the diffusion of True-Blooded Americans like all the Walts & Ednas and Piddles & Fiddles when we will surge like impatient banquet guests  as we approach entry into the 21st century (editor:  You lumox....that's 85 yars offshore, you disconnected rotten piece of mental driftwood)  ..............and how to convey the Brownian heresy as clearly and efficiently as possible to General well as to all civilion Weekly readers While knowing thaqt  2 and  2 and 1/2 star army braats-worth General Populalce himself is driving a wicked plot  to make this last stanchion of uncommon humor visible only to those who will hate it most! MicroMidget sparrows (just slightly larger than a large, drooling, hairy, dirty, unfortunately Giant  Housefl) according  to people who should know ...But just to make sure, given what they are expending to subscribe to this threat (or treat?),  catch every single high ruitine fly to CF of subtlety and devilish hidden code nuance  are also 'backing their play' with a dozen new budget blog comedy replacement shows (e.g., Harry's Hxrd-One, Hail or Hxll, Hale, Hale, the Gangs All Hung from their ropes until dead...Look at Their Dead-Hanging Tongues!)  since Walt has been raving and at times almost ranting about how Delphi's (very fair) medium-carrying charges are taking the food and even the Ovaltine off their dinner table, and  forcing them, to ferociously try to nibble  dry kibble rather than sumptuous horsemeat......

Perhaps leading to Fiddles, Piddles, and even their newly babbitt boy  puppy Snivels, to live like 'starving paperbark writhers'!', as 
mother Piddles frets: 'I hope our Skunkville Readers have a good magnifying glass at home if you want to keep reading our budget-font screeds which only one Skunkville reader finds not a sure engenderer, male or female, of splitting headaches,aka, due to their potency, 'headcomanchees~~!!....wherein the pain just keeps surging higher until the last sometimes coma-inducing  Comanchee has been disarmed and roughed up a little bit, but all this observed by a deliberately odd number of U.N. Phyzickle  Punyshment Evaluator Gators....

Hold it...Let's pick up live one of Walt's ingreasingly desparate tirades to Edna!   

'Dear, your insinuations about 'Lord Evil', i.e.,Delphi, asswell as your dizzying, complex   inspinuations and convenient but imagined, incredibly complex and laughable but hard-on-felt insubstantial conspiracy  theories regarding my utter inferiority as a male, right down to my embarrassing sub-metric tool sizing,  and my catatonic flop as a self-starting romance-stimulating go-getter....For instance, that I am of such an ancient genetic stock that I lack a modern spine with which to porktecktle you for better or werset, thus may be slack as a Slack's Hoagie Shack drooping 18-incher on the ability to 'center' things... like a football betwine my legats....or a hearty smile that isn't 70% more on one side of my face than th'other, therefore sharply affecting my incredibility or insincerity or fiscal austerity during times of double-DIG IT BABY!! - inflatiozone!!


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