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Recognizing what matters to me now. Dreaming of making my  inner world  real. Letting go, so that I can see the way.

A Gift , and a new venue for me.....

Ornaminty Fresh!
Well, my year here has come full circle. 2008 is almost over - just enough time left for giving! This ornament was given to my local CASA chapter to raise money. It is displayed along with 24 other artists' works in a giant  Advent Calendar in our local Historic district.  My day was the 13th, so I can let everyone peek now! A Swarovski jewelled hollow bauble with a curliqued hook. Think it will catch the light much????

On another note, I'm moving this blog. This venue doesn't offer some of the things I need, so I'm going to start fresh. Click this link to go to "No Detail Too Small " my new blog! There you will be able to see my current creations, my newest tutorial offerings, and other minute details. Hope to see you there!

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shaktipajHi, my name is Perri and I live in the "real" Northern California, amongst the redwoods - far north of S.F. I share my life with a beautiful Shiva man named Stephen and three pound puppies. We feed the birds and sit in the picture window  to work on our respective art. Life is good!
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