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Ellen (elleng4044)I am a homemaker, mother, grandmother who loves to knit and to read! This blog is about the knitting hobby:-) 
 My husband and I have been married 52 years, have 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren. 
 My husband has served in the U.S.Army, was State Chaplain in the Indiana National Guard, and is a Preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
We are "full-timers" living in our 35 foot, Class A Motorhome. Nice being "at home" all the time!!!! 
Enjoy your visit to my blog:-) 



I can not use my Chrome Browser to update this blog, so I have to use IE....IE eats up bytes big time.....I am limited on I don't come often. Sorry.

Tonight  I am posting my new socks Simple it free off the web.....hope you like it!!!!

Try Ravelry for the pattern...just do a search.


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