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Fall Network SF TV Schedule Roundup

The boadcast networks cancelled five sci-fi and fantasy shows this season, but that hasn't dampened their enthusiasm for the genres. They ordered seven new SF shows for next season. That means the number of sci-fi and fantasy shows on the networks will hit a record high for the second year in a row. NBC picked up the most new SF shows, three. FOX ordered a pair, and CBS and ABC both picked up one each. Only the CW didn't order a new SF show.

Below is the lineup of network sci-fi and fantasy shows for next fall, as well as those currently scheduled for mid-season. All times are Eastern. Also listed are sci-fi and fantasy pilots that are still under consideration for mid-season or fall, 2009. At the bottom are the network sci-fi and fantasy shows that were cancelled.

08 PM Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX, Second season)
09 PM Heroes (NBC, Third season)

09 PM Fringe (FOX, New)

08 PM Pushing Daisies (ABC, second season)
08 PM Knight Rider (NBC, New)

08 PM Smallville (CW, Eighth season)
09 PM Supernatural (CW, Fourth season)
10 PM Life on Mars (ABC, New)
10 PM Eleventh Hour (CBS, New)

08 PM Ghost Whisperer (CBS, Fourth season)

--------MID-SEASON (Timeslots tentative)--------
08 PM Dollhouse (FOX, New)

08 PM Reaper (CW, Second season)

08 PM Merlin (NBC, New)
09 PM Medium (NBC, Fifth season)

Lost (ABC, Fifth season)
The Listener (NBC, New)

Pilots Still Under Consideration:
Section 8 (ABC)
Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas (ABC)
Virtuality (FOX)
Boldly Going Nowhere (FOX)

Jericho (CBS)
Moonlight (CBS)
Bionic Woman (NBC)
Journeyman (NBC)
New Amsterdam (FOX)

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