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Will Viewers Find Time for Journeyman?

Some analysis of NBC's new time travel drama Journeyman has begun to filter out. Here's what The Futon Critic's Bryan Ford Sullivan has to say about the pilot:
"There's an underlying cleverness to the show that dulls the edges of its rockier parts… There's also a solid love rectangle at the center of the show… And while the show never explains who or what is behind Dan's [time travel] trips, a juicy - albeit predictable - tease thankfully provides the carrot for those wanting to know more about what's really going on. At the end of the day though, the show didn't quite make "the leap" to hook me. This all leads to the show's biggest flaw - we're told Dan used to be this big gambler/drinker/etc. and not to be trusted but we never really see him be anything but a clean cut, stand-up guy and good father to his son … which is kind of ironic considering it's a time travel show. In the end, all the pieces for an entertaining show are there - they just don't quite come together."

Sullivan gives Journeyman a rating of "On the fence" (2 stars out of 4). You can read his entire review of the pilot, which includes some minor spoilers, here:

Mediaweek's Marc Berman analyzes Journeyman's chances of being a hit:
"The good news, of course, is the potential compatibility out of Heroes. Journeyman certainly looks like a better fit than recent failed occupants Studio on the Sunset Strip, The Black Donnellys and non-scripted The Real Wedding Crashers. But since limited core favorite Quantum Leap never finished a season in the top 30 (despite the multiple time periods), is the strength of lead-in Heroes enough to ignite the similar appeal Journeyman? And does it have enough potential appeal to compete with CBS’ still potent CSI: Miami or ABC’s female driven The Bachelor? All in all, that’s questionable."

Berman rates Journeyman's chances of survival at 5-1 (based on a scale of 1-1 to 10-1). You can find his analysis here:

Journeyman premieres Monday, September 24th at 10pm Eastern on NBC. Will you be watching? Click the link below to discuss.


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