Skunkville Saga Rumination

Unusual adventures & awkward situations & miscommunications seem to plague and/or delight an elderly couple who seem to know how to roll with the punches

The later lives of iconic residents in a nondescript American town. This blog novel currently has 2 MILLION words served up as 2,000 nail-biting quick-reading hard-laffing episodes, its 2,000,000 words more than ANY OTHER easily-obtainable novel. KIRKUS REVIEWS (see review on Kirkus site) compares SKUNKVILLE to the works of literary geniuses James Joyce, Thomas Pynchon, and John Barth. SKV Has attracted ~110,000 reader visits to date just on Delphi, plus an equally large number of additional readers on a diversity of other sites now no longer relied on by Skunkville.


As they try to re-store-k their fastly depleating NRG with shot after shock of icy Stork Juice, Walt & Edna find themselvesets bo-eth d/bizzy butt 
to their credhat (sized2fit) tangeserenely tired
-  by all their their long wires.....seemingly hundherds of them trying to enfeeble and baffle their minds bodies and bodies, like sn-achesn slithering around or two through the deepest lunchtimes recesses of thei branes....('I cannedtomateo beleaf we got so wired this hollyday thet we boothett ackackackaccued-up at the post hollyday breaker that we cooed smear-ed putty all over my unfortunut vibrating bra-Z-earer!!eeks||  And the chesty action wuz in perfect harmondy to Holiday favorites like Poor Rudolf the red-nosed alcohallick
de-reinged (i.e., freed in hopes he wood take his problems and get lossed and then mebbe even found by rehab scouters.....  

 Yes, as resposnable as we whir at the last sea cond that we whirr WHACKED -- like lowly billygoatee hard  balls -- whitch  are justi as dum as a locomotiveless inertile style unrolling rockette (small roundish rock or lowly pebbleian -- of fiddangling, puptentchully eclaptic strap-hohangling, st/bumbling Winter Holendaze Travillor sauced onprepaskulloration for what washt then....sooner-orc-later occurred, mon....Ye thet event-surely ukurred  up due to days of drenching CLAUWED RAINES.......... bBoth our FALSEY-ACCUSED (i'M TELLING U I WAS GRAZED lightly IN THE LEFT NIMPL..or waz it left pimple...itz been so long!,,  I mean theCRY ME AN river  WART! BY A  RUSHiN'-SHARPS HOOTER!! hero to those who belive in his side's causeway, also min the wing down many priceless & wirthlest werks of Art...  Arthur ShadoHam to be an ACURAT aboat it.... One of the leased prolific & ballyhooted  artistes in the Milkey Weigh Suction of the frigid Gallacity cloberating (with?) each uther to create the most unfathumbabble werk of random/mcnally noonscents (scents that blossom for a nanosecond before being  ...eekch! one of the endless werleds   and his heroin simultaniushlly shive-ring to their timberse wan thay hear a famiiaring....  Our beloved couple are confused at first...  tHEN Walt blubbers & flubbers: 'Is Yer fuse (speaking to Edna....NOT TO the perhaps dreadfull, sour visaged flag & rifle-waving (making his accuracy that more racy, hoot-stimulating) ....Edna whispering shakily to Walt:  'Don't forget that we can both bolt out the back doorer and jump over our overgroan (Edna groaning as she remembers the ex-tent of the evil') willowed tree....
But Walt shakes Edna, crying:  'This is no time for you to ap peer and begin givind ad vice....  Yer halfway back around the lumpy sphear knone as plantit earfth, probabubebibly looking out the window sints ye dont yit kno howl to reed or to NOT make poo on your shift!!
Walt Brown then re-steps out of the shadoes caused by a growing crowd of excitement seeking humans noting the reindeer maiden who was a sensation in her secantdary Canada apeerantses... 

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