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Ellen (elleng4044)I am a homemaker, mother, grandmother who loves to knit and to read! This blog is about the knitting hobby:-) My husband and I have been married 48 years, have 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren. My husband has served in the U.S.Army, was State Chaplain in the Indiana National Guard, and is a Preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are "full-timers" living in our 35 foot, Class A Motorhome. Nice being "at home" all the time!!!! Enjoy your visit to my blog:-) 


Good morning

Bernie Sanders Voter
This is so true!

Wonderful Site for patterns

This is so good for stitch patterns!!!!!!
Check it out!!!!!!!

Played and made this today

He's so cute:-)
Just think he's cute:-)

Happy Mothers Day


Well, it's time to be on the road

It is turning spring in Texas, we are now on the road, because spring in Texas means really bad weather.
We have been in some wet weather and so tired of water!! 
Right now we are in OK, still close to the Texas line, but on the move.
We have "plans" to see some parts we haven't seen.
Had some plans, all changed:-) !!!
Until another time.
Stay safe.

Two Color Woven Plait Stitch


For my PSP friends

Check this link out.

The Ultimate, 13,699-Mile American Road

What a trip this would be!!!


I do love Texas and this year ..........

Oh my the flowers in Texas are so awesome...
It's hard to explain the beauty here.....if you ever can, come to the hill country in Texas in April!

Braided-knitted headband

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