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Ellen (elleng4044)I am a homemaker, mother, grandmother who loves to knit and to read! This blog is about the knitting hobby:-) My husband and I have been married 48 years, have 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren. My husband has served in the U.S.Army, was State Chaplain in the Indiana National Guard, and is a Preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are "full-timers" living in our 35 foot, Class A Motorhome. Nice being "at home" all the time!!!! Enjoy your visit to my blog:-)  


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Link to super knitting site

Is one of my fav. sites and this latest "set" of dishcloths is just super:-) Gotta love Sheldon though to appreciate it!!!!

Knitting Abbreviations

Knitting Abbreviations

First, I wanted to go over "Multiple of x stitches, plus x".  This isn't an abbreviation, however it is frequently seen with stitch patterns.

For example, Bee Stitch is worked over a Multiple of 2 stitches, Plus 1.  So how many stitches does this mean to cast on?  A multiple of 2 = 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc.  Let's say you cast on 30 stitches; you would then need to cast on 1 more stitch, making your total stich number 31.

If your stitch pattern calls for a Multiple of 9 Plus 3, you would cast on 9, 18, 27, 36, etc., Plus 3 more stitches. So, if you cast on 27 stitches, you would cast on 3 more for a total of 30 stitches.

These are standard abbreviations that you will see within most patterns.  However, sometimes you may see something out of the ordinary; your pattern should provide a key for what each abbreviation used stands for.  This is not a complete list by any means.  I will continue to add to this as I come across relevant information.

Beg = Beginning
Bet = Between
BO = Bind Off
CC = Contrast Color
CN = Cable Needle
CO = Cast On
Cont = Continue
Dec = Decrease
DPN = Double Pointed Needle(s)
Gr/Gm = gram
Inc = Increase
K = Knit
K2Tog = Knit two stitches together
Kwise = Knit wise (as if to knit)
LH = Left Hand
M1 = Make a stitch - (make a left or right slanting increase.  If your pattern doesn't indicate which to use, you can use whatever you prefer)
--M1 L = Make one left
--M1 R = Make one right
M1P - Make 1 Purl
MC = Main Color
Oz = Ounce
P = Purl
PFB = Purl front and back of same stitch
PM = Place marker (stitch marker)
P2Tog = Purl two stitches together
PSSO = Pass Slipped Stitch Over
Pwise = Purl wise (as if to purl)
Rem = Remaining
Rep = Repeat
RH = Right Hand
RND(S) = Round(s)
RS = Right Side
SK = Skip
SKP/SKPO = Slip 1, Knit 1, Pass the slipped stitch over the stitch just knit
SK2P/SK2PO = Slip 1, Knit 2 together, Pass the slipped stitch over
S2KPO = Slip 2tog knitwise, K1, Pass slipped sts over
SL = Slip
SLK = Slip Knit wise
SLP = Slip Purl wise
SSK = Slip, Slip, Knit
SSSK = Slip, Slip, Slip, Knit
SSP = Slip, Slip, Purl
SSSP = Slip, Slip, Slip, Purl
ST(S) = Stitch(es)
ST ST = Stocking Stitch (Stockinette)
TBL = Through the back loop
TOG = Together
WS = Wrong Side
WYIB = With Yarn In Back
WYIF = With Yarn In Front
(If a pattern tells you to slip wyib/wyif, HERE is a video showing how)
YD(S) = Yard(s)
YFWD = Yarn Forward
YO = Yarn Over
YRN = Yarn Round Needle
YON = Yarn Over Needle

March 2014 Sock

Sock for March 2014
same sock just another pic
This is new and unusual for me but lovin' this sock.....doing a pair just showing one here.....
Thanks for looking.

KAL Socks finished

Finished Kal Socks
Finished them last week, date is on the picture.....Good feeling to finish them!!!! Enjoy and thanks for looking.

My apologies

KAL socks
I realize I am not on here near enough but life is full.  Here is a set of socks I am doing in a KAL.  Will try to be on here more often:-)

Finished the Watermelon socks!

Finished Socks
Here they are, finished. I have them on right now and they feel good. I was asked if the beads would bother me, they are only on the top, and I don't even know they are there :-) Fun doing them. Now I am making baby hats and maybe socks to match each hat....more later on that. Stay warm and dry!!!!

My In-progess Socks

sock in progress
Thought I would share the socks I am working on. I will eventually finish them but not working that hard on them right now. I do try to knit some on them every night. Thanks for looking

January 2, 2013

Well, new year and little hope ahead. Wish I were more optimistic but this administration is anything but trustworthy and capable of giving "hope" ...funny huh! Happy Knitting...... I just added 3 more links off to the left.....check them out :-)


Actually- Merry CHRISTmas
Double-negatives are a no-no.

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