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Pictures from BC's beautiful south coast.

Garden Spiders- in Winter?

Yup! Not the best pictures. They only come out at night and the large orb weaver is two stories directly over my head.

Cross Orb Weaver (female)

Above it is a dark mass under lots of webbing. Does it look like prey to you? There's also another tiny spider hanging around.

I captured this one (also at night) with my phone as it's much more accessible. It's highly skittish though and taking pics even without the flash annoyed it to the point she retreated back into the crevice she spends the daytime in.


If my husband saw these pictures and the mess all around our front door he'd sweep it away! So - no pictures for him!grinning


Happy New Year!


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  • 1/8/17 - CJ (2165932)it is pretty but you know I still don't like snow lol

The irresistible duck!

I never could get all my ducks in a row but I am having better luck with geese!


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  • 8/1/16 - Gary (GAREON1)They are cute little buggers aren't they? "never could get all my ducks in a row but I am having better luck with geese!" You funny. ;)

I'm a bit bee hind!

Some bumbles I've recently watched

Everyone needs a hug now and then, even a blackberry blossom


There is a lot going on in these photos and I need to study it more t find out what all there is!


Turkey Vulture

There were three or four of these circling overhead. With them being top-lit by the sun the shots turned out awesome. But I needed help IDing them!
Thanks to Jerry for his help!

Ventral views.


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  • 8/2/16 - Kid (Kidmagnet)That's it! Thank you Jerry!
  • 8/2/16 - Jerry (coelacanth55)It is a Turkey Vulture. When they are flying they often fly with the wings in a v shape. If it is at all windy they will look a bit like kites in the wind. They don't flap their wings much at all.
  • 8/2/16 - Kid (Kidmagnet)That was my first thought as well but the colouring seems off to me. For starters no red lol It was super sunny and I always see RED on the tails. The shape is right but I've searched image after image, article after article and never see this cream colour without any markings at all. There is a neat guide here though https://www.aba.org/birding/v42n2p30.pdf
  • 8/1/16 - CJ (2165932)I think its a red tailed hawk


Some pictures from a recent trip to BC's Sunshine Coast.

We watched this boat speeding towards the wharf we were on, my husband spotting the sanitation drum.

I did not notice the boat's name until I uploaded the pictures... lol



Painted Lady - Split Proboscis

When the butterflies emerge the proboscis is in two parts. They 'zip' it together by curling and uncurling the two pieces. This one could not manage to complete that and they remain in two parts. I did not release it today, I'll keep this one and the clear wing moth until they kick the bucket.

**update - I ended up release both. The butterfly was more active then any of the others and took off straight away.

Note also that this butterfly uses only 4 legs for standing on. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nymphalidae


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  • 6/21/16 - Kid (Kidmagnet)I ended up releasing both this one and the clear wing. This butterfly might not be able to feed but it deserved to fly and boy did it!
  • 6/20/16 - CJ (2165932)cool photo

Clearwing Moth

While I have not completely IDed this yet, it is a clearwing moth. We found it lying in the middle of the sidewalk and thought it dead. I wanted to take it to ID later so scooped it into a ziplock baggy. Right away it revived! So after taking it to school and finding a more appropriate container I showed it off to the kids and adults alike. It is currently residing in our butterfly house waiting for today's great release!

A couple of quick photos taken with and edited on my iPhone SE


Photo Study - Blackberries

Blackberries in abundance!

Everywhere I've been the last week or so this is what I see. Crazy amounts of blackberry bushes and they are loaded up with blooms!

We went out for lunch today and I brought my camera - I saw no birds or wildlife AT ALL. So this is my photo study of blackberries. If you see white fluffy stuff it is not mildew, just cottonwood crap.

I noticed this bud and thought it was pretty, but what is it....? OH! Morning glory :)

Once I saw the morning glory flower I saw vines winding everywhere.

Even up this stalk of grass!

I started noticing how the morning glory leaves were quite chewed on but of course the blackberry ones were untouched. Still they had their share of critters on them.

I think these nymphs are katydids but it was so windy I could not keep them in focus.

This beetle was on the bloom a LONG time! I had the long lens on while I walked to the docks, then switched lens and when I walked back he was just finishing up!

And of course, the spittle bug!


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  • 5/30/16 - Linda (LRuthers)Way cool! ;-)
  • 5/30/16 - Kid (Kidmagnet)Basically it is the nymph stage of an insect called a frog hopper. They produce the spit from frothed up sap they suck from the plant. It keeps them moist until they mature.
  • 5/24/16 - Linda (LRuthers)You take the bestest nature photos. What's a spittle bug?

Same day, different device.

I used my phone for these, the first one because I had the telephoto lens on my camera and the other two because the camera battery died.

I love how these branches look ready to grab someone!


Great blue heron


I love photographing old barns.

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