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Shoe Shopping

This kid is going to kill me.

I guess his sneakers are too small.

How do I know this?  Good question.  I am taking a guess based on the fact that he threw them off our balcony this morning before school.

So off to buy new shoes we went this evening.  I had help--his teachers prepared a social story for shoe shopping and sent it home yesterday.  It was great!

We read the story at home before we left, then headed into Stride Rite.  He started to balk at being there, so we read the first two pages of the social story again.  I had the salesgirl size him, and there was even a picture just for sizing in his book!  He did great, and every time he started to throw a fit I held up the book and re-read the pertinent sentence.

He finally picked out some shoes and we bought them and left.  He wore them home.

We got home and he got out of the car before me.  No shoes in sight.

"Where are your shoes?" I asked. 

"Shoes are lost!  Go find them!"

Repeat above exchange 5 times, with me getting a little more terse, louder, and with exponentially increasing frustration each time.

"YOU find them.  Where are your SHOES???"

<side note:  He always gets out of the car before me because he loves to put the garage door down.>

He opens the garage door.  He's thrown the new shoes into the bushes.

Cue my aneurysm.

Someone went to bed early.  Trust me.  It was for his own good.

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  • 12/20/07 - NissaI myself have an autistic son and trust me..... I understand exactly what you are going through....  Show Full Comment
  • 5/26/07 - McKenzieCool!

Another one bites the dust

Places we are welcome to be in public, that is.


We were at Kroger, the closest grocery store to our house, and he actually THREW a bottle of wine to the floor.  It did not bounce.

He wasn't angry or upset at all.  It was more like a science experiment.  I think he just wanted to see what would happen.

I was absolutely stunned.  It happened so fast I couldn't stop it, and I just stared at him slack-jawed because I did not believe what I was seeing.

Fortunately, the store did not ask me to pay for the wine.  And they didn't ask us not to return.  I was just so embarrassed I might not ever go back there.  Heh.

Just another day in the life of Braden.

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  • 5/23/07 - micheal waltersI am not, you know pushing any angle here, but to unravel understand autism and AS we have to...  Show Full Comment
  • 4/17/07 - Excelsior7Naw you have to go back - that's what it's all about, you hold your head up high and walk back...  Show Full Comment
  • 4/3/07 - BRDGNWILLiam used to do that with lightbulbs and Christmas ornaments (before I learned not to use glass)....  Show Full Comment
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