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«April 2018»

Phat Pat ties the knot- Day 1

So Mrs OSJ and I have been lucky enough to attend a few weddings in the past which we were able to ride our motorcycle too.  With no kids invited and good weather its been a pretty easy choice to make.  We both love riding so much, and most of my good friends know this so they are never surprised to hear that we will arrive on two wheels.

The time it was our good friend Phat Pat

We met Pat maybe 6 or 7 years ago thru the New England Riders message board. It turned out Pat lived right down the street from us, and he rode a nice Honda VFR800.  The first ride we took him on was a 400 mile hooky day ride on good Friday.  After that ride we figured either we would never see him again..or we would ride together many times.

thankfully the latter happened and we shared many great rides over the years.

One thing we noticed right away about Pat was his loyalty to family and his friends. He was always missing rides because he was taking care of his elderly grand mother, or off visiting friends in FLA.  Pat is a stand up guy and we were so happy to hear that he found someone that made him happy.

Pat and Rachel were to get married in Washington NH, which was just a few minutes north of their summer house.  Mrs OSJ and I were honored to be invited and really looked forward to spending a few nights away from everyday life.  We decided to leave early Friday afternoon, however we needed to drop off one of our kids to our daughter at UNH. 

Grace and Mrs OSJ drove the car while I rode the bike to Durham NH.  We left Grace and the Mazda with our oldest daughter Victoria.  The weather was just perfect for spending the day on two wheels.  Michelle gave me a extra big hug from behind as we pulled out onto RT4 and headed west.  It was late afternoon on a Friday so traffic was pretty heavy.  HOwever id didn't plan on staying with rt 4 for very long, just after the rotary we took a right onto our first of many back roads.

We didn't stop for any photo's, because our gps said the arrival time to the Bed and Breakfast was gonna be around 7pm.  We needed to check in before 8 and I knew we would have to stop for food at some point.  Like all our trips we have a rule about fast food.  We dont do it!

Another rule that I like to follow is that I always try to put interesting things on the route to see.  Usually these are surprises to Michelle. I bring them up on the intercom while we are under way.  Todays first stop was in Boscaven NH at the Hannah Duston statue.

Now Hannah is the first women in the United States to have a statue erected in her honor.  Her story is tragic, it goes a little like this..

She along with her 6 week old baby was captured by Indians in Haverhill MA in 1697.  Shortly after her capture they killed her baby and put her with 13 other people that were being held captive.  Several days later while camped on that little island in Boscaven NH she lead a revolt against the Indians that held her.  She killed 10 of them with a tomahawk, and two escaped.  She scalped the dead Indians to prove what she did and escaped in a canoe paddling back down the Merrimac river back to Haverhill.

The statue stands on the island where this all happened


the statue is rather tall so its hard to see what she is holding on to. But in one hand is a tomahawk and the other is the 10 scalps of the dead Indians!

We crossed the river here and took a few back roads thru Concord up to route 103.  103 would take us all the way to the lake Sunapee area.  It was just getting dark as we pulled into the parking lot of  The Appleseed Restaurant in Bradford.  Both of our phones had dead batteries so we couldn't take any more photos for the night.

Well I should say I did get one more shot in...a dinner photo of course...

we both like the service and the atmosphere of Appleseeds.  Its in a old country inn and has a very rustic feel to it.  However the food was just okay...nothing special by any means.

After we ate we rode up to Goshen and checked into the "back side Inn"

We checked into the Mountain View room.  No TV, phone or internet to keep us up...we slept like the dead!

tomorrow we ride!



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