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Antediluvian Pulchritude II

I have thought of the perfect example of antediluvian pulchritude.  Both of these quotes aren't word for word unless I am by accident remembering them correctly.  At Christmas I went to a service to hear the singing.  It was Christmas Eve and it was lessons and carols.  We got near the end and the words from the bible were:  you will find the child in the barn wrapped in baby clothes.  I nearly fell off the pew.  What!?!  (shows you how long its been since I went to church but anyway...)  I far prefer the old beautiful words from the King James Version:  You will find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.  Right on. 

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  • 4/13/06 - WordmonkI've been invited to attend services this Sunday; the granddaughter is an acolyte. I'll even do communion without guilt; the wine is real. Oh, what a vagabond I am.

Little Mats

What's with all these little mats that elderly people like to put everywhere!?  I'm visiting my APs and have been tripping over these things for a week!  Grrrrr!  I don't see why THEY don't trip over them!  Indeed it says on all those pamphlets about preventing falls to get rid of little mats!  These aren't the first elderly people I've encountered that have a passion for little mats, and furthermore, they were't like this until they got into their eighties.  Am I going to suddenly get a passion for these mats!? God, I hope not! 

APs = Aged Parents


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  • 4/11/06 - toc2me (LDanby)It was one of these little mats that caused my Mother to fall and break a bone in her shoulder a few years ago. She was in a sling for about six weeks - and the little mats are no longer on her floor - they're on mine :) Actually they weren't all that little - braided rugs about 3x5'. They are now under our coffee table and in front of the patio door - and because they are over carpet - they don't slip around.


Several years ago I watched a series on PBS called "All Passions Spent"  and I thought it was such a good production.  I also thought it was full of wisdom and thought the novel it was based on must be really good and the author must be worth looking into.  That started me off into a world whose connections have gone all the way to the reading list for the lecture series on foreign policy that I've been attending! 

The novel the series was based on was written by Vita Sackville-West.  So off I went to find her books.  This was before one could search the library on the internet.  Well, none of her books were in print or readily available!  However, I did find, at the bookstore, a book about her written by her son called Portrait of a Marriage.    So I bought that and read the absolutely fascinating story of part of her life as told by her son, and found that she was connected to Virginia Woolf. 

So off I went to look into Virginia Woolf and boy, that was a rich lot of reading!  All I had known about Virginia Woolf was that there was a play called Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf!  Virginia celebrated Vita in her book Orlando

Then one day in an airport bookstore I saw a biography of Vita by Victoria Glendinning which I bought and read avidly all through the 4.5 hour flight!  What a book!  What a life!  What an author! 

Finally, a book by Sir Harold Nicholson, a British diplomat, is on the reading list for my foreign policy lectures, and he was Vita's husband! 

I have purposefully left out details of all this so as not to spoil it for anyone who wants to look into these things.  It was a fascinating trail that opened many doors.


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  • 4/3/06 - Doris_66Ev, thank you for your kind offer. I saw that too and it was, as you say, fascinating; as fascinating as the book!
  • 4/3/06 - Evelyn (EDOGGETT)A number of years ago the BBC did a production titled Portrait of a Marriage based on the book by Nigel Nicholson. It was aired here on my local PBS station. It was a 4 part series and I found it fascinating. I taped it at the time and could probably find the tape with a bit of shuffling if you'd care to view it.


The blackflies are out!  Just got "buzzed" by them on my walk this morning.  Spring is indeed here!  I'm glad I'm not living in a tent...

What's on your MP3 player?

I just loaded and re-arranged my MP3 player for a trip I'm taking April 4-12.  On my MP3 player are:

Bach Suite #3
Bach's Magnificat
Vivaldi Gloria
Vivaldi's Four Seasons
Scarlatti's Sonatas for Guitar
Villa Lobos 5 Preludes for Guitar
Suzie Leblanc "La Mer Joli"
Kiran Ahluwalia "Beyond Boundaries"
Mercedes Sosa "De Mi"
Yanni  "Live at the Acropolis"
Copland, Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Fanfare for the Common Man
Beatles "Sgt Pepper"

What's on your MP3 player, OR, if you don't have one, if you did, what would you put on it?


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