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Aug 29, 2013 11:27 PM


on hospice.... updates on FB

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  • 9/7/13 - DEDA DAWN (dedadawn1977)Hi Cynde Sorry to hear you're on hospice. Wondering if you can friend me on Facebook. Linda Dawn Smith in Riverside, CA Thanks so much. I've read your blog forever and know you thru Bud Lorimer.
May 10, 2013 2:09 AM

hospital again

I'm fighting off a trip to the hospital. I'm on the 40x4, 30x5, 20x5, then 10 continuous prednisone. Still desaturation in spite of the high doses. But this week is All School Day and all the county schools show up with floats, celebrating the kids moving on to the next level. I plan to hand out candy for our Circles group, then meet the family down on the parade route.

Fireworks across the street from my apartment tomorrow night. I also have a nursing reception to attend in the afternoon.. 

Then Sunday is Mothers day. I just don't want to be in the hospital for that.

I'll call Monday and see what they want to do. I think we are just putting off the inevitable... I'll post more as I learn it.


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  • 6/12/13 - BILL10475Same here Cynde. Fellow 'puffer' gettin' very concerned now. (Essclaus)
  • 6/1/13 - DEDA DAWN (dedadawn1977)Are you okay? Haven't heard from you in a long, long, time. Linda from Riverside, CA. USA
Apr 26, 2013 1:42 PM

It's raining! Yay!!

Ian got his new business up and running. He has a class to take the end of May about taxes. He is positive and hopeful.

I was supposed to get some help with some cleaning. It would have been a one time thing, but would have gotten me on top of things. Now that it is going to warm up, I can ride to the senior center and apply for financial help (I already have someone that will do it). I would still have to pay a certain percent, but they would help me pay for so many hours a month. I would have to special qualify because I am not old enough to simply apply.

I'm moving slow... just easily short of breath. Just have to work with it.

I was up early today to get to the bank. I needed cash for a chenille bedspread I bought on a swap and shop site. It's very pretty. I have a small glass or crystal lamp coming this afternoon. Now I need a bed back there!

Apr 20, 2013 3:22 AM

Bow to the Master!

Karina's funeral was yesterday. It was too cold and wet to try to go by wheel chair to the church. I wasn't breathing well, so I gave up trying to go. I think she would understand.

Jennifer didn't get back from Texas until Thursday afternoon, so she didn't give Ian any real chance to study for his HVAC masters test. But I prayed he'd pass it anyway.

So this afternoon, Ian called, and I don't know what he rattled off in the beginning, but I did understand HE PASSED!!!!

I'm so happy and so proud! He's wanted this for a long time! Now he can start his own business. I wish Jennifer had the drive to finish her GED that she has been trying to get for 7 years now. Then she could take a business and accounting class and learn to run the office end of it.

Good grief...it's 2:30am already... later!


Apr 12, 2013 4:06 AM

RIP Karina

At the end of my Thursday night Getting  Ahead Circles class, I learned one of our beautiful young classmates died this afternoon. I knew she was often sick and they have been unable to diagnose her. The last time she was in class she sat with me, and at the end, we do appreciations. She told me at that time, she had asked to be my ally. I held back the tears of pride at that time. Why me I wondered? Didn't really seem like we had that much in common.

Her story is pretty tragic. She pulled a 14x65 trailer about 200 miles to get away from a terrible ex, and raise her kids closer to her family who own and operate a successful Mexican restaurant in town. Not long after she moved here, she was in a car accident and fractured her pelvis. She was not expected to walk again. She had an infant at the time and was dependent on her family to help her. She makes beautiful jewelry and sold it in the restaurant for income.

My son told me when he first met her, she had no money and her a/c was not working well at all. He found an a/c in the neighborhood that some ppl gave him and he was able to rebuild hers enough to cool her trailer! She had nothing but good to say about him.

She was 33, the beautiful mother of 3. She wasn't feeling well and called her sister over. Soon 911 was dispatched. It's my understanding she was DOA but cause is not known.

Tonight I just can't hold back the tears. It was so strange that I was thinking about her this afternoon...must have been her reaching out to me one more time before she goes to take her final walk with the Lord. Rest in Peace my friend.


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  • 4/14/13 - Cynde (Talley) Hartley '73 (CYNDE6)I don't know yet about the kids. Hopefully one of the sisters will get them. I know she was close to at least one sister. I pray the ex does not get them. She is not back from the autopsy yet. Funeral is Thursday. I correct her age too. She was 38, not 33.
  • 4/14/13 - Bud (BLorimer)What's going to happen to the children?
Apr 8, 2013 2:48 AM

double the fun

The girls came to see me tonight after seeing their dad. They did some housework for me, quite a bit actually, and earned $4 each. That was all I had on me.

Later I went to WalMart and found them some really cute jeweled jeans, one with a glittery pink belt, and one with a glittery black belt, and 2 neon green/yellow Justin Bieber t-shirts....all for $2 per item!  I made sure they had them before they went home.

They want to come back next weekend and help in the back bedroom. They are really good at what they do.

Ian called me later and said he thought he might be getting strep throat. I hope not but I was hoping to get his help this week on moving some things...but it can wait. I don't want to be around him if he is positive for strep. He said he'd go to the doc if he still felt lousy.

I just hope nobody else comes up with it....

Apr 7, 2013 5:28 AM

Scooter Store...no mor...

Good grief! It's 0400! I got up at 1:00pm Saturday, and have been working on cleaning the apartment in 1-2 minute increments... took awhile but I got a lot done. If only every day could be that productive.

My friend told me tonight The Scooter Store was invaded by FBI agents and shut down for illegal sales of power chairs. I guess that's nation wide. I'll have to do some calling on Monday to see who shall service my unit.

ok...i'm tired now so see ya sometime later!

Apr 5, 2013 3:12 AM

What a way to start the day!

Oh! My WYSIWYG toolbar is back!!

Power went out this morning which woke me up! It cut off my oxygen, bipap, 2 fans, and TV! I had to get up and get on portable o2. Could not make any coffee though, and no breathing treatments... I hate it when my routine is messed up. It came on about 20-30 minutes later. I'm tired now!

Ian took his test again for HVAC masters....missed it by 3! He'll take it again in 2 weeks.

I had a chat with him about standing up for his son to Jennifer when it comes to her unfair treatment of the kids. He said he has seen it too but Jennifer does not see it at all. He said he was tempted to record her so she can see how she talks to him and treats him. I was telling Ian, Kyzer and I had similar backgrounds. A mother that walked out of our lives for the choice of alcohol (or drugs). Both of us had a caring, loving, supportive father, and both had step mothers that treated us like crap, but, like me, Kyzer constantly tries to win her approval. Ian agreed he had seen that with Kyzer.

Kyzer didn't have to win anything over with his dad, nor did I. But what I needed and didn't get until I was 30, was for my dad to stand up to my step mother when she was dead wrong. When he finally did, my bond with my dad was unbreakable. I think Ian got it.

Ian also gave me his version of how the money incident went down at Jacks:

Jack bought the kids some toys at WalMart but messed up a couple of them, so he needed to return the items. He didn't want to go at the time, so he told the kids he didn't have enough money.

The kids saw change laying around so one of them made a deal with Jack, that if they could find enough, would he take them. He said he would, so the 3 kids gathered up change and kept asking if it was enough (and it never was) so Kyzer found jeans on the floor and found money in the pocket. Some bills were with it too. By now, Jack was not even looking in the cup when he said no...

Kyzer and Gavin decided to split the bills between them (not sure if Jack said they could divide the change or not)...but by then, Jaden discovered the green stuff and wanted some too so she went whining to Jack. I guess it was about $400 according to Ian.

To me, they weren't really in the wrong deep enough for a 3 day lockdown which would have included Easter, and only Kyzer was being punished.

I guess he got in trouble a week ago for stealing crayons at school and leaving them in his pocket. I asked Ian if Jennifer ever cleaned out pants pockets before washing... he said she only checks his for money.

I guess I'll have to keep reminding Ian to let the punishment fit the crime.

I saw RM tonight. He was seeking directions to the college campus in a nearby town for some reason. Guess he was not paying attention when the lady took him to register and buy books. He has mail here for his student loan and for his SSDI hearing, but he has not asked for it. He said something tonight about hearing from some lady about a job....really? Same lady he has been blowing off for 2 months now? We'll see how that goes. How long has he been gone now, 3 weeks?

Well, the house is a mess but I don't feel stressed anymore. It'll get cleaned. I'm  s l o w l y working on the kitchen right now.

Guess I better wrap this up. NITE!

Apr 1, 2013 7:35 PM


I had a great day yesterday with about 15 grandkids...not all are mine directly, but they are cousins or whatevers to my bio-grand kids. They are no longer babies... upper elementary to middle school age. Nobody was fighting...it was great!

I was told something that still disturbs me though... concerning one of my other grandsons not there yesterday. Kyzer got in trouble around Christmas time, for stealing a few dollars to donate to a school cause. He was harshly punished by being forced to stay in his room for the entire weekend starting when he got home from school Friday and ending Monday morning. He was allowed out for bathroom and to eat.

More recently, Jaden stole about $400 cash from her parents bill money. She was supposed to get similar punishment, but a week later, Jenn admitted she keeps forgetting she is grounded. When I said something one day, they said "oh yeah, Jaden, go to your room"... so I'm reasonably sure that was the only time she was punished.

Now...within the last couple of weeks, somehow, Kyzer was at Gavin and Jadens Dads house with them, and Kyzer supposedly stole $900 from Jack, the dad.

First...why would he have that much cash laying around? Is it possible that since Jaden got away with her incident with barely more than a light tongue wagging, he felt he could do it too?

I really fear that knowing first hand how Kyzer is treated like the "red headed step child", that SERIOUS issues are in his future. His mother pretty much gave him and his sister up for drugs and a chomo boyfriend, but Jenn thinks her mothering has counter balanced that. It just makes my stomach crawl.

Think I'll go take an Ativan now...the thought of all this upsets me.

Mar 30, 2013 10:40 AM

don't like this

I hate this format....does not allow for block paragraphs. Runs it all together and you can't change the font. I have not been able to add a pic since I gave up membership, but they did leave this worthless feature available to me. I also cannot edit or remove anything in the header...
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