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Delphi Goes Hollywood

Jonesing from the Hollywood writer's strike, and feeling doomed to Rerun Limbo? Ranger's got you covered, with her off-the-cuff episodes of CSI: Can't Stop Itching, L&O: the Fizzling Franchise, Land, MD. and the occassional commercial break.

Home on the Range(r)


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The Shopping Trip

"So, there I wuz," sez the dry goods manager, "watching this lady and her kids running up and down aisle 7 from camera #2. At first I thought they wuz worried about the prices, or had lost a kid or something," sez he, "but then I realized they wuz laughing! Laughing at my cereal boxes!"

"Laughing! AND they were taking pictures," echoed the assistant manager, wondering if this would be his opportunity to supplant the dry goods manager in the store heirarchy, and finally get that 17 cent raise to pay for his mother's rhinoplasty operation...

What were they laughing at? They know over at Bling Blog....



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  • 10/27/07 - No Really, It's Ranger (fr4)*snork* "Money?" "Check." "Grocery list?" "Check." "Camera?" "Check." "Pith helmets and..escape route?" "Check,and check."
  • 10/27/07 - BlueFaeMoonROFL! This description is funnier than my blog post! Thanks for noticing me. :D

Time Has Come Today

Waxing philosophically about the nature and importance of time. Favorite lines: "My wrist hair has grown back where I used to wear a timepiece," and "...time is sneaky.  I saw him in the mirror this morning.  He is getting white-haired and gathering up wrinkles that used to not be there..."

In Becker's Bitz


A Bloggy Potpourri

Would you like to know about Seattle? Are you looking for electronic products reviews? A green VoIP provider? Are you looking for some family-friendly websites?

The Shifty Shallot has been presenting some interesting reviews and links lately - check it out!


Embrace Your Inner (rhymes 9/26 title)

Are you tired of being walked on, taken advantage of, taken for granted, and underappreciated? Embrace your inner (rhymes with our 9/26 title) and learn the power that you have within. It's the power of....

Ah, that would be telling, wouldn't it? You'll have to visit RaziWorld to find out how to find your power.


Paint By Click

Want to learn to create your own computer art?  Try out an online tool that allows you to create abstract masterpieces with a mouse click. 

Fortuna's Favor Rites


Picture Hog to Photog

What happens to all those photographs that get taken every day? Are they stuck in your camera? Do they all look the same, with no pizazz? Does your camera just plain intimidate you? There is an answer!

Her Majesty's Blog


Becoming a Witch

Have you ever looked into what must be learned when studying to become a witch?  So many Christian holidays are based on Pagan traditions.  For some interesting facts, visit

The Randomness That Is Me


Victim or Recoveree?

Having a stroke isn't a life sentence.  One can either become a victim or recover.  For more information on strokes and recovery, visit the accompanying forum.

Suvata's Blog


The worst parents may be the best ones

We've all seen children acting like complete terrors in a restaurant.  It's refreshing when parents do the right thing, even if it's the most difficult choice.  Cheer these "mean parents" on.

The Steel Clawed Parent Trap

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