Entirety of Baseball History Replayed!

Love baseball.... but sick of the 3+ hour games  and all the pampered $10+ MILLION/YEAR players...while you now have to skip lunch every other day plus have also completely stopped changing the oil in, or servicing,  your family car just so you can pay for your MLB cable package?!?  Then you may need to use a healthy supplement to reduce or even replace the current 25% of your waking hours watching draggy baseball games, plus the unhealthy brain-warping diet of erectile dysfunction, gout water, automobile, beer, and insurance ads that accompanies them: YES YOU NEED to experience  the efficient, , never-boring, digest-sized baseball world  of EOBHR (The "Entirety of Baseball History Replayed" project)....Wherein a unique possible but not actual history of baseball unfolds in an unpredictable but totally plausible,  entertaining, fascinating, relaxing, mind-blowing, time-efficient way.  EOBHR is now replaying the 1906 season.  Each season consists of a 16 game per team regular season, followed by an NCAA-like tournament among teams that finish in the top half of their organizational unit's standings.   The tournament games count in team win-loss and also in player statistics.   Really, would you rather spend a year plowing  through the HARD-COPY, HERNIA/SLEEP-INDUCING,  NO-HOT-PHOTOS, HARD-COPY 500,000 word  TOME of Tolstoy's War & Peace -- or see a 2-3 hour movie of the same story, loaded with plenty of hot , blouse-ripping actresses -- hunky, ripped actors -- and colorful, head-banging violence??  EOBHR began the project on July 11, 2006 and has now replayed 1903, 1911, 1912, 1914, 1917, 1918, 1923, 1928, 1933, 1937, 1941, 1944, 1949, 1954, 1955,  1958, 1959, 1960, 1964, 1966, 1969, 1970, 1976, 1977, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1993, 1995, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,  2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 MLB seasons.  EOBHR staff hands-on manage both sides and records game details real-time as each contest progresses.  You can relive each game by reading the entertaining, succinct, picture-assisted, irreverent game writeups...  A few hours of occasional reading will enable you to relive an entire season in a plausible way that actually ADDS to your appreciation of real baseball by its presentation of surprising what-ifs.... AND IF YOU ENJOY EOBHR, YOU'LL  LIKELY BE IN NIRVANA  WHEN YOU  CUDDLE UP WITH THE SKUNKVILLE SAGA!!! The world's longest (well over 1,500,000+ words), most pictorial (5,000+ photos), with more than 1,000 archived episodes to enjoy...  funniest novel ever written in English or any other language, including Swahilian!.. Kirkus Reviews compares The Skunkville Saga to the works of James Joyce, Thomas Pynchon, & John Barth.  FONT>

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1906 EOBHR REPLAY #38: DAY 13 OF 16

Do tell....Sentell sent expressly to win this game?
Clown Prince of Baseball not so Smiley

1906 EOBHR REPLAY #38: DAY 14 OF 16 A.L.

1906 CHICAGO WHITE SOX (7-7/4th) 1-10-0 

1906 CLEVELAND INDIANS (11-3/1st)  2-4-0

In a classic Deadball Era pitcher's duel, baseball comedian and undefeated P Nick 'Clown Prince of Baseball' Altrock (2-1/1.60) does NOT get the last laugh, pitching a 2-hitter entering the B12th, his own ChiSox squandering 10 hits in their struggle to score just one measley run...  The White Hose being gunned down 5 times (to a mere 2 successful thefts) by Indian 3-hole batter and Star-of-the-Game C Nig Clarke... Slow-footed Nig stealing a base himself in the game, showing the Sox speedsters how to go about it properly.

In the final analysis, Altrock's (2-1/1.60) unusual 4-hitter over 11 2/3 frames is flawed by 10 free passes, five of them strategic/intentional!  Winner Strawberry Bill Bernhard (2-0/2.57) fanned but 2 to Altrock's 6, but also walked a relatively low 5 (for this crazy game with apparently an ump with a postage stamp sized strike zone).   

Still, only half of Altrock's 10 free tickets to run the bases as the player saw fit were unintentional, so please channel most of your abuse on Sox manager Fielder Jones, aka moi, schizophrenic manager of both squads as always....so I was then also the managerial component of successful Tribe playing manager Nap Lajoie....

The winning two RBI were the net product of 4 singles and a double, plus the ten walks, with of course many of the 15 hits/walks not contributing anything score-wise.  There were no errors in the game.  By far, the game's critical hit was 'Firebrand' George Stovall's walkoff bases loaded single with one out B12th, scoring 1 for 6 2-hole batting SS Terry Turner.

The winning Indians left a stunning 13 men on base, but still overcame the White Sox, who stranded a more normal 8 men.




1906 EOBHR REPLAY #38: DAY 13 OF 16 N.L.

1906 Phila. Phillies (9-4/T1st w/Cubs)  6-10-1

1906 Boston Beaneaters (3-10/last in both leagues) 0-3-3

Yes, analysis would probably show that only rarely if ever does a team win that makes as many errors as it collects hits, the bucket in which workhorse and staff ace Irv Young (1-3/2.72) find themselves against the explosive Phillies: 3 errors made by their fielders, 3 hits -all singles - accumulated by these same folks, one of those by stalwart Beeneater P Irv Young (1-3 but a 2.72 ERA) in his two turns at the plate before being PH for in the B8th.

Winning Phillies P Tully Sparks 3-2/1.88 + .353 BA as of game's end) sparks the game's 1st and most necessary run ...doubling with 2 out T2nd to score rarely used leadoff batter/singler T2nd, occasional 3B Paul Sentell, who has a nice 3-5/T/2R afternoon, leads off the T5th with a triple the other way, into the RF corner, then scores on a C Jerry Donovan single, his 2nd RBI safety of the win to extend the Phillies' advantage to 4-0. 

The Essential Sentell


1906 PITTSBURGH PIRATES (8-5/3rd) 15-15-2

1906 ST. LOUIS CARDINALS (5-8/T6th) 1-5-2

The Buccos explode for 5 runs T1st and 6 runs T4th against, arguably, the Cardinals' best hurler of '06, Ed ('Cargo Carrier') Karger (now 1-3/3.86; actually 7-19/2.62 in '06).

Pirate workhorse Sam Leever just relaxes back and pulls the right levers in an easy 5-hit win, as he astutely pitches to contact (3 K's, just 1 BB) all the way.... given his team's breakaway lead.  Leever 'Brother' (i.e. Buc teammate of P Leever), real HOF SS Honus Wagner (.462), who lost five big games to injuries so far in this 16-game re-gag, leads the Bucs by doubling, tripling,and finally by walking the talk and taking a walk..... and is given an intentional pass as well in his six PAs, as he scores his 6th & 7th runs of the '06 rework.

Losing P Ed Karger (1-3/3.86), humbly:  'My job is to carry and proteck the cargo (our lead), but since we never had a lead, and insteed I had a vicious wreck of a 5-Bucco-run T1st.... there ne'er twas any lead to proteckt.... I'd feel like we really were Pirates of our own fans an' thar ticklet munny, but when I realized we wuz on the road, and at leas makin' sumbodies happy, I fellet a lot better... Not thet I just gave them baby pitches frim then on...I tried my darnedest, just lick when my wifen darns my socks....

Karger Kragged



1906 CINCINNATI REDLEGS (6-7/5th) 1-5-1

1906 NEW YORK GIANTS (5-8/7TH) 7-10-1

In an odd attack, Giants mount 3-run multiple-run rallies against seemingly faded Reds:  In the T3rd: NYG> 3 runs, T5th NYG> 2 runs), and in T7th (NYG> 2 runs).  Against this devastating, merciless deadball attack, there is no place for Brooklynites but to dive for cover....'Those deadballs hurt...like jagged rocks...when you're getting hit by them...It's inhuman!' complains/campaigns losing P Bob Wicker, a basket case after the game.

Giant 3-hole-batting CF Mike 'Turkey' Donlin convincingly talks turkey with a 2-run double in the B3rd and a 2-run dinger in the B5th, while Giant P Dummy Taylor pitches a smart 6-innings of 2-hit shutout baseball before being relieved by George Ferguson, while the red-faced Reds P Bob Wicker (0-2/5.79) has a wicked time of it on the mound.

Losing P Wicker: Basket Case after Game;

Batting star Donlin: I Jest Kept Pounding Away Until I Could See They Wuz Done -all- In....


1906 Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers (7-6/T3rd) 4-8-3

1906 Chicago Cubs (7-6/T3rd) 0-4-3

Yes, the actual 116-36 Cubs just seem to be dogging it in this EOBHR replay... Like it isn't worthy of the extreme effort they actually put out almost 110 years ago....Now, that doesn't mean it's just a factor of age here in the future.... Since the vim & vigor of the 1906 players is simulated at almost exactly the same as their joie de vivre and ability to punt, pass, and kick....wait, I mean to run, hit, field, throw, slide, and spit tobacky juicet just like their 1906 counterparts done did.

The charisma or effort or intangible factor should be built into the ratings (i.e., the official statistics) as well... although most SABRmetricians believe they have largely debunked the natural, emotional notion of 'clutch hitting' or 'clutch fielding/pitching/baserunning'... That the stats tell the truth just as is.   

In this upset, the actual 66-86 Brooklynites upset the actual record-setting116-36 Cubs in Chicago, to the charredgrin of their loyals, in a 4-0 Brooklyn whiteout. the intireable Harry McIntire (3-0/1.74) coasts through this game as if he has a full night's sleep between each inning, shutting out the 'overhyped?' greatest team of all time as they sock a healthier supply of 8 hits, although, with the pint-sized fielding gloves (truly more like the size of your Mom's gloves or change purse than the today's over-sized glove-like overnight-stay-style handbag that she may now carry, vintage 2015), each team makes three fielding bungles.

3B and leadoff batter Doc Casey leads the Trolley Dodger offense with a 3 for 5 effort, including a double, an RBI, and a swipe.  Obscure Bum SS Phil Lewis goes 2 for 4 with a run and an RBI to boost his BA to .116, while slightly better known speedy CF Billy Maloney drives his N.L. replay-leading 6th 2-bagger to make it 2-0 T9th, then scores the low-scoring game's 3rd run on a 5 for 30/one-ribbie C Lou Ritter ribbie groundout in the Dodge Boys' 3-run T9th!    

Trolley Dodgers Dodge mighty Cubs 


1906 EOBHR REPLAY #38: DAY 13 OF 16 A.L.

Game 100

1906 PHILADELPHIA A'S (5-8/6th) 7-10-0 

1906 BOSTON RED SOX (4-9/TLast) 0-3-1

With one out B8th, homeboy slugger Buck Freeman doubles to the CF wall to become the  1st and only BoSox baserunner of the game against great deadball HOFer Eddie 'Walk My' Plank (2-1/2.08) !!  The Sox collect 2 other hits in the 8th/9th but are summarily shut out in an effortless performance by Plank (2-1/2.08/15K:4BB).

Meanwhile, slugging but slumping 0 for 11 Socks Seybold is a bold (at least for the deadball era) 2-4/3RBI/R in this easy win as he begins to vigorously rehab his slash line...

Socks pummels an RBI single with 2 out T3rd to cap the A's decisive 3-run T3rd rally and plasters it on in the very next inning (T4th), by lining a 2-out 2-run bases loaded single following a seemingly rapidly aging  39-year-old Cy Young (0-4*/5.02 in this '06 regurge (and in real 1906, Cy sighs and reveals he wuz actually the real A.L. leader in losses -- 21)... whiff of A's normally bash-fulfilling 1B Harry Davis (17-49/3D/2T/6BBs/.908PRO).

Socks:  'Hey major leaguers of past present and futchure, yer futchere...Do you rilly think you kin match my socks in that deadballs era???


Game 99

1906 NEW YORK HIGHLANDERS (9-4/2nd/1GB) 1-3-2

1906 ST. LOUIS BROWNS (7-6/T3rd) 5-9-1  

N.Y. OF Willie Keeler does his darned-ist, with a 2-out bullet (single) to RF ('Hit 'em where they ain't!' Keeler's famous quote) to end winning P Barney Pelty's no-hit bid T6th. then great fielding 1B Hal Chase tries to chase Wee Willie home with his BTB infield hit... But as we know, infield hits by daffynition are not generally very good for scoring even a fast man from 2nd, even with two oot... so Keeler has to settle with let's go walking come and DO THE STRAND (as he is stranded on 3rd).

Meanwhile, the Browns had already cashed in a deadball offensive goldmine of 3 runs in the B3rd, leaving Yankee Pitcher 'Curveless Wonder' Al (a lifetime 200+ gamewinner, who led the A.L. in real 1906 with 27 W's) Orth and his Highlander mates wondering what on Orth happened to him and them in this important game for their now 9-4 Highlanders, who slip and fall, their lawyers getting busy, to 2nd place behind the replay's peak-topping 9-3 Cleveland Napsacks.

In the crucial St. Louis 4-run lead-reversing N.Y. Brownout  B8th, the home park seems to becoming browner and browner as the minutes pass....

The game is knotted 1-1 B3rd, when St. Louis homeboy and leadoff man CF Charlie Hemphill leads off with a single CF off Curveless loser Al Orth (3*-2/2.18), who remains tied for 1st in 1906 EOBHR A.L. pitching wins (3) despite the defeat that is now he is now suffering. 

Hemphill's safety is followed by two misfiring bunt attempts by bottom-of-zee-barrel sub (except for his fine outfield play) OF Ben Koehler, but then Koehler plays it kool, buckling + knucklng down and coming through with a perfect sacrifice bunt buckling, knuckling, chuckling past a fully-extended P Orth on Ben's final try... As new-attitude, cooler bunter Koehler beats out the throw to 1st, a man on fire after dropping such a nice sacrifice! 

Next, slugging, HOF-quality LF George Stone (19-51/.373/10R/4-1-0-5/5SB) slashes a go-back-ahead-this-time-for-good double down the RF line as St. Louis retakes the lead, 2-1 B3rd.... in a game where the future Yankees will not score again versus ace Brownie starting P Barney Pelty (3-0/2.00).   

Later, 7 for 39 fancy-fielding 1B Tom Jones shows what is new for this pussycat by doubling all the way to the base of the RCF wall! for an unneeded, as it turns out, unnecessary, but always nice to have anyhow. insurance run! 

What on Orth?  Curveless Al Pelted by Mere Brownies!! 


Game 98

1906 Detroit Tigers (4-9/T7th) 3-4-0

1906 Cleveland Naps (10-3/1st) 6-10-2 

Nap Lajoie opens the scoring early, by smashing a 2-out B1st go-ahead double, his replay-leading 8th 2-bagger of this 1906 recreation. Nap's smash into LCF scores 'Bunker Busting' Tribe OF Bunk Congalton (line one out single, Bunk's A.L. leading 20th safety, ratcheting up B.C.'s hitting streak to 9 games). 

But in this seesaw affair (certainly one to see, but which only I 'saw'), ace clubhouse prankster Germany Schaefer pranks Tiger C Nig Clarke with a one out T4th high pop straight up....that is........ nonetheless dropped by C Clarke ('Not to niggle, but Whut wuz on thet bawl??') for a well-deserved E2.  Next, Stonington CT's Matt McIntyre draws a free pass ('far out', exclaims Matt, a hip team player) off Cleveland hurler Bob Rhoads, and takes a walk down the 'road' to first base. Then  next Tiger up, Fred Payne rips a 'Band of Gold', a streaking double down the RF line to deadlock the game 1-1.

And Bill Coughlin's broken bat 2-run single (his 8th & 9th ribbies)  into shallow RF gives the Tigres an impressive 3-1 early lead.

And so, at 3-1 Detroit the game stands even unto the B6th.  But George Mullin, quietly sitting after the game, mulls: 'By George, I thought I had this game in me hippie pocket as a geft fer me stripe-ed mateys.., but alass, mebbe I became too busy admiring the handsome young lasses in the Naps' box seats....  The lead just kept 'dwendolyn' and 'gwendolyn' awhey'... 'Twas like a bad dream frum witch I cood nut breck free!!'

B6th: Cleveland leadoff batter (in game opening batting order) SS Terry Turner ties Congalton for the A.L. with his 20th hit of the redo by grounding one out RBI single.  3-2, Tigers

B8th:  George Mullin serves a slowbouncing RBI groundout to great hitter Nap Lajoie (20*-58/8**D/17**R/10RBI), scoring Nig Clarke with tying run.  3-3 tie

Then 1B Claude Rossman (20-57/5D/9R/15RBI/7BB) drills long go-ahead single LCF.  4-3 Detroit en route to a 6-3 cumfrumtherbehind win, with an Elmer Flick 2-out bases loaded single whacked (not simply 'flicked') into RF supplying the necessary walkoff winning score plus another for his mom and his RBI total.

George (1-3/5.03) after game... Leave me alone... I'm Mullin ye know!! 







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EOBHR 1906 REPLAY #38: DAY 12 N.L.

'When the great P Vic Gazaway Willis' will is set on Victory, it is said that he gazes away from the batter...even when THORing his BLAZING heater,,,causing batters to batters to evacuate (from? in?) the batters box even on what may prove to be belt-high supremely bashable for the non-bashful floater that barely makes it across home platelet!'
Jerry Donovan circles bases for 1st and almost certainly last time in EOBHR

EOBHR 1906 REPLAY #38: DAY 12 N.L.

Game 94  Philadelphia Phillies (8-4/2nd) 4-6-2

Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers (6-6/T4th) 1-3-0

All the scoring in this game is bunched in the Phils' 4-run B6th & the Dodgers 1/2comeback of 2 runs  1T7th. 

The surprising star of the game is 1 for 29 hitting backup C Jerry Donovan*, who caps the Phils' winning 4-run B6th by taking losing P Elmer Stricklett deep to LF, scoring SS Mickey Doolan (one-out walk, enraging Dodger manager Hugh Duffy, who is on the top step of the dugout....if it is one that had steps back in those great days of yore)... Thereby HOFer Duffy securing a great view of his hurler Stricklett's juicy offering to obscure role player C Jerry Donovan...His decisive 2-run fence-clearing LF blow with 2-out in the B6th. ...

1906 is Jerry's only MLB season, as he actually batted 33 for 166 (.199) with 4 doubles and a decent 15 RBI.

....A moment restaged and reappearing for weeks  in Duffy's nightmares....Some imaginative blowhards even saying it chased the HOFer for the rest of Mgr. Duffy's life, along with the look on poor culprit P Elmer Stricklett's pale horrified furtive face, as he quickly scans for quick escape routes from the ballfield.... And away from glowering, stunned Mgr. Duffy!   

Shocked Mgr. Duffy screams at his staff:  'Who even IS this Sunshine Superman, this C Donovan??'





Game 93  Pittsburgh Pirates (7-5/3rd) 4-9-1 

Struggling, 'seemingly shrinking both in height and girth lately', notes a writer of this era regarding  N.Y. Giants (4-8/7th) 1-5-1

5-hole batting LF Dutch Meier the leads Bucco offense with 2 doubles and a single as P Vic Gazaway Willis is photographed gazing off into the distance, connecting with his muse,  between each pitch, as he almost wills his Bucs to this important squeaker of win by stingily holding the 'mighty giants, men among boys' to 5 total bases on 5 hits, all in the later innings 6th-9th (i.e., a late-starting dud of a singles-only hardly Giganto offense as far as the N.L. New York franchise management, press, and followers are concerned).

Meanwhile the home, oceanic Blackbeards have scored all four of their runs by the time that the seemingly bent towering ones who once walked the earth finally tally..Albeit even this anomalous run scoring on an unimpressive one-hopper B7th back to winning P Vic Willis on the mound who makes a careless (E1) low throw to 1B Jim Nealon (Nealon 'I could have Nealoned or better nyloned that with those futuristic  nylon gloves they permit for some MLBers (or ManLy Baseballers) in the fur-fetch-ed fewtcher, yer fewtcher...)...This miscue one of Vic's few foibles as his Willis dominates the wills of the Giants in a fine effart (effort made with fine artistic flooritches).

The Buc offense? 


1.  LF Dutch Meier double Dutch over 3rd, RF Bob Ganley then gains the run by bruising a go-ahead single into LCF

2,  Vic Willis ('Whar thars a Willis, thars a wayus to a winnus') halps his own cawse with long insurance sac fly CF

3, HOFer Fred Clarke ropes RBI single LCF to make it a 3-0 roadshow lead T6th

Big? Buc comeback (B7th):

'Double Dutch' Meyer 2nd double in two frames (Honus Wagner HBP, Nealon single) 















CHICAGO WHITE SOX (6-6/4xT3rd/3 games out of 1st)  5-9-1

'The great HOFer Ed Walsh pitches a 5-hit shutout despite 3 errors by his fielders.  In addition, Walsh (.385) is 3-4 at the plate, scoring 2 of his team's 5 runs hisselfen.

Philadelphia A's (4-8/TLast) 0-5-3

For the losers, Topsy Hartsel triples, his A.L.-leading 3rd.  The A's at times overpowering Rube Waddell now is the only 0-4 pitcher in the 1906 rebake despite a respectable 3.00 ERA!  


CLEVELAND INDIANS (9-3/1st) 3-10-1

'He'ss Grrrrreat!'   

St. Louis Brownies (5-6/6th) 1-2-4

Baseball wisdom would suggest that when a team bungles their way to  twice as many errors (4) as it smacks successful hits (2), the prognosis for winning must be considered rather miniscule....  Especially if the opposing team, the mighty 1st place Indians (9-3) collect five times as many hits (10... vs. 2 Brownie Scout hits, the Browns facing the superb Tribal member and hurler Otto Hess, who posts his 2nd shutout of 1906 already, and Hess, well, he'ss now 3*-1/1.39 in 39+ innings of Ottomatic dominance in this 1906 remake). 

So clearly baseball wisdom in fact proves correct here even though ten Indian hits plus 4 Brownie errors only add up to 3 Indian runs and a much more squeakerly win than should have been....  But since Otto Hess fires his dashing 2-hitter, all eventually comes up roses for the Indians in this Otto-Manic victory!  

CF Elmer Flicks his Bic (glove) a little too dandily on B2nd Tubby Spencer Fly... But there the Brownbagger scoring abruptly ends 



Glossy Bossy!

Detroit Tigers (4-8/3 way tie for last) 6-11-2

Washington Nats (6-6/3 way fie for 3rd) 3-7-1

 3B 'Coughing?' Bill Coughlan (.295/ his team-leading 7th RBI) hiccups the go-ahead double (his 3rd 2-ply belt of the 1906 replay) down the RF line with one gone T4th.  Then it's case closed, with Casey Patten on the mound, as the Tigues have amassed a 4-0 advantage before the Nats begin to come back.  Motor City backstop 'Boss' Schmidt enters the T4th a woeful 2 for 32 for the replay, and the overdue Boss (who ends up 3-4/.143) scorches the single that brings in the game's decisive 4th run (since the Nats manage only 3 talleyrands)..

Tigers Cough and Boss their way to Nat-Swat 



1906 New York Highlanders 13-19-3 

1906 Boston Red Sox 4-9-5

Historic Hot Corner Meltdown

Just as the Highlanders > Yankees like it against their Beantown rivals... A blowout in front the rival Bostonian fans, as the Yanks score 9 more runs and have 10 more hits... and, two less (3) errors in this Deadball, small glove, beat-up/stained/worked-over baseballs hit & error hometown horrorathon.

And the Bosox actually hold a sizable, in Deadball terms, 3-0 lead after the 1st frame...  Then their starter, Fred (aka Ralph according to other references) 25-year-old Glaze's eye seem to slowly glaze over, perhaps the pressure more than this lifetime 15-21 (actual record) hurler can handle. 

In an omen of things to come, starting in earnest in the 1920's, the future Yankees pile up 10 runs in just the 6th & 7th innings against Sox reliever Joe Harris (no relation as far as we know to the wonderful Indians/Bosox.317 lifetime real-world BA (.404OB/.472SA) 1917-28 slugger Joe 'Moon' Harris from Plum Borough PA).

Highlander outfielders Danny Hoffman (2 singles, double, triple, walk, 2 runs, 4 RBI) and Wee Willie Keeler (also 4 hits, 2 runs, sac fly, 12 game hitting streak) lead the comeback...  Or was there some other, overlooked, unusual force driving the road Yankees revival?

Yep..one wonders if it all would have happened the way it did.... If the 'Bunny', Bosox occasional 3B John Godwin (0-4/.100)... If 3B John hadn't made 5 errors leading to 7 unearned runs...  Certainly one of the worst fielding days I have observed in my 57 years of APBA-playing!!

Hot corner far too hot for Godwin



DAY 11 EOBHR#38 1906 N.L.

Three Finger Brown's pitching hand
'I never saw Joe with THAT level of determination beforest! He pitch-ed lick a masheen -- fer goodly sakers!!'
Deadball Slugger Red Murray
BucPlayer: 'It makes me sick in the stomach just to even look at a PICKSHURE of Vinegar Bill Essick!"

DAY 11 EOBHR#38 1906 N.L.


Pittsburgh Pirates (6-5/3xT3rd) 0-6-1-10LOB

Cincinnati Reds (6-5/3xT3rd) 1-1-3-6

Cincy hurler 'Vinegar Bill' Essick certainly leaves a sour taste in the Pirates' batters' mouths with his six-hit shutout wherein he strands 10 Buccos...and also drives in the game's only run with a sac bunticle.   As the Buc's motley crew ever more bitterly and murderously stare at him, as the frustrating game continues in the Red Sea (Cincy)...

Terrific Pirate 2B Claude Ritchey seems to quickly atone for his decisive bungle B5th by immediately drilling a leadoff triple to open the T6th... But when next batter, Buc star RF Ginger Beaumont's, bunt is right back at winning P EssickRitchey's immediate break home on the purposeful dribble makes sure the sprinting then diving baserunner Ritchey is even Essicker,  firing home to slugging C Admiral Schlei, who blockades the home port, and emphatically sinks Claude, who was just recovering from his infamous error T5th!

Meanwhile,  Pitts' sure Lefty Leifield, who had been hurling a no-no until Ritchey's ripped triple, has the brainchild that to resume no-hit hurling is the only safe way to have a chance in this squeaker... 

Which Lefty in fact does (hurls a CG one-hitter).... And is still tagged with the loss due to Vinegar Bill Essick's  bitter pill of a relaxed, strand'em, 6-hit shutout...Seemingly in this outing Bill is miraculously able to pour on the vinegar when things get tight, thereby stranding 10 sour-faced Pirates in the bitter losing waters!!   

Would you believe that Vinegar can effectively repel a team of very dangerous Pirates (93-60 actual)?!?...And drive home the winning tally-ho?    




GAME 87 

St. Louis Cardinals (5-6/6th) 8-14-4

Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers  (6-5/3-team T3rd  2-5-1

26-year-old rookie hurler Fred Beebe, who post-MLB-career became the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers collegiate baseball squad, does it all in this key win for the Cardinals, i.e., keeping them within reach of a post-season single-elimination Tourney position (top 4 teams each league).  Fred fires a 5-hitter, walking only one Trolley Dodger and improving his season to 2-1/3.33...

Plus P Fred's refined contact-hitting skills result in a game-tying groundout T3nd.  And not be Beebe outdone, hurler Fred adds a line single...then comes around to score on slugging Red Murray's (.357) bases bloated 3-run double T4th... As the Cardinals' fly the score up fer above where a lowly Trolley Dodger might ever bern able to rutch!

26-year-old rookie hurler Fred Beebe, who post-MLB-career became the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers collegiate baseball squad, does it all in this key win for the Cardinals, i.e., keeping them within reach of a post-season single-elimination Tourney position (top 4 teams each league).  Fred fires a 5-hitter, walking only one Trolley Dodger and improving his season to 2-1/3.33...

Plus P Fred's refined contact-hitting skills result in a game-tying groundout T3nd.  And not be Beebe outdone, hurler Fred adds a line single...then comes around to score on slugging Red Murray's (.357) bases bloated 3-run double T4th... As the Cardinals' fly the score up fer above where a lowly Trolley Dodger might ever bern able to rutch!

Brooklyn players moan:  'How kin we ebber be 'spected to win when the pitcheller hez a B.B. gun  fer an arm... And then their sub Murray is knownelled to have het a 471 footed homer in hiz MLB deadball currear...and wend on to het as many donglers as Honust Wagnert '07-'08-'09??'

GAME 85 
Philadelphia Phillies (7-4/2nd) 0-3-0

Chicago Cubbies            (8-3/1st) 2-9-0

In real 1906, in the midst of the true deadball era, these '06 Cubbies had the greatest win-loss record ever, 116-36.  And Mordecai Brown, 26-6, with a league-leading actual 1.04 ERA, was the central figure on this all-time great/dominant team.  Batters actually hit .202 against him, helping 'Three-Finger' Brown to a league-leading-low .252 on-base pct

In this game, the Cub HOFer holds the Phillies, an average offensive team among the 1906 clubs, to 3 singles, no walks, with one Phillie baserunner caught stealing.  Whoops!  How can you produce a run with those pieces, especially since they may be scattered all throughout the game??  Answer:  You can't!!  The two Phillie singlers who DIDN'T get caught stealing were stranded 'far from home' (weep, weep).  Leadoff man John Titus (.100 in replay), Sherry Magee (.395), and C Jerry Donovan (a smokin' .034 BA! in replay) were the contributors of these three scattered, impotent safeties.

But the great actual 1106-36 Cubs collect a more modern 9 safeties, 3 by super-3B Harry ('Hap') Steinfeldt (.381 in replay) with Chitown racking up 4 walks, 2 doubles and a homer, 6 runs scored and only 2 whiffffffs.  

Phillies lost in Offensive Brownout


GAME 86  Boston Braves (2-9/8th) 0-4-0

New York Giants (4-7/7th) 6-1-3-1

It's hard to believe even with the shortness of a 16 game replay that a Giant (actual 96-56) loss in this one would have lowered the formidable club to the same pathetic record as, and thus a tie for last place with the horrible Braves (actual 49-102)...

Of course 'crazy' things can happen in 10% season replays + single-game-elimination among top half of teams in regular season via Tourney..... Versus a full 154 or 162 game season plus tiers of 3 to 7 game playoffs series.

A runs-scored analysis of the two combatants in this game shows that the Giants have been edged runwise  33-31 in their 11 games so far... McGraw's men's offensive average of just 2.8 runs a game the striking (stinking?)  factor.  In contrast, the Braves have actually scored one more run (32) than the Giants (31)...but have been nearly doubled up by their opponents, 59-32. 

This is a game where the great Iron Man Joe McGinnity (2-2/2.81 so far in '06) fires a 4-hit shutout at Boston in the Giants' Polo Grounds, and the struggling Giant offense manages to burst out of its shell for 4 runs in the B3rd, plus a singleton in the B4th against Boston's staggering ace Vive Lindamin (0-3/5.11).

Giant leadoff man, 3B Art Devlin has a devilish look in his eyes just before he lines a leadoff double into RCF B3rd....Then slumping 5 for 32 (but 7 free passes) HOF C Roger Bresnahan (Roger going an amazing .516/32-62/7-1-3-11/18R in the previously executed EOBHR 1903 replay) lines a long go-ahead single that Brave CF Johnny Bates has to chase down, scoring leadoff man and 3B fielding wizard Art Devlin (struggling at.178).. And then in an unparallelled event in this era, Giant 2B Sammy Strang (.389) and cleanup man Cy Seymour (.220) hit BTB homers, Strang's also bringing home Bresnahan.  

Braves Strang-led



DAY 11 EOBHR#38 1906 A.L.

Doc Newton: 'I love this game...Escpecially after a win like today's...But I have also developed a new snack using the unheralded fig...and'
Fred Glade... A rugged breath of fresh air, awakening Brownies to victory with his stingy offerings to Nats
Harry 'Slippery' Eells, who pitches 9 out of 10 innings but slips away without the Loss

DAY 11 EOBHR#38 1906 A.L.


Cleveland Indians (8-3/T1st) 9-17-1

Boston Red Sox (4-6/7th) 10-16-2 in 10 stanzas

A real blow for the Tribe, who were two games ahead of the N.Y. Highlanders two games ago, but are now merely tied for 1st with the team destined to become the mighty Yankees.

The Bosox surge ahead B1st as great deadball slugger, struggling tho' so far in this replay, Buck Freeman, smashes a 2-out 2-run double to the RCF wall to make it a 3-1 Bosox lead.  In the preceding realworld years of 1899-1901-02-03, Buck amassed unheard-of 25*HR/122RBI (1899), 12HR/114RBI (1901), 11*HR/121*RBI ('02), 13*HR/104*RBI ('03) ('03) Deadball Era slugging totals.  For the Pennsylvania coal country native; Buck born in Catasauqua, PA.  

However, the Red Sox rather quickly relinquish the Freeman-provided lead.... And by the T6th it is 6-3 Tribe, as Cleveland finds Boston starter Harry Eells' pitches not to be that electric, slippery, or evasive after a few innings of experience.  

Slumping Buck Freeman, with just 2 RBI entering this game,  smashes a 2-out 2-run go-ahead double B1st to put the Sox ahead 3-1. 

By 2-out T3rd, though, hot-hitting Tribe C Harry Bemis (.378) has beamed a go-ahead laser of a single into LF and it is 4-3 Indians.  The great Elmer Flick flicks a back to back double following Bunk Congalton's bunker-buster 2-run 2-bagger and Cleveland's lead expands it to a 6-3 double-up.

More scoring by both parties follows but it is still the Indians ahead 8-6 when the great Cleveland HOFer Nap Lajoie lines an insurance double with 2-out T8th. Plus C Harry Bemis hammers a leadoff HR T9th to make it 9-6, and things look mighty bleak for Boston and the home fans.

But the Red Sox continue to fight back, including a big bases loaded single by 2B Hobe Ferris B9th, set up by a hit batsman by the electric starting P Hairy Eels (whoops, make that Harry Eells) to make it a slender 9-8 road Indian advantage. 

Then with Sox on 1st and 3rd, one out B9th, Boston reliever Jesse Tannehill lines the game-tying single into LCF for the suddenly ecstatic home Bostonians.

The Bosox go on to win the game in the B10th against the great Tribe P Addie Joss, working in relief in this critical game... Recent Sox game entrant CF Kip Selbach finally lining the walkoff hit with 2 out B10th, just flicking off the tip of the glove of leaping Indian CF Elmer Flick...  Thus scoring Bosox SS Fred Parent with the walkoff plate-tag.

Game rated PG for Parental Game-deciding plate tag






GAME 83 

St.  Louis Browns (6-5/T3rd) 12-16-0

Washington Nats (6-5/T3rd) 6-12-1

In the B1st, lefty-batting Honest John Anderson socks a 3-run homer down the short RF line at Boundary Field, destroyed by fire in 1911... Then replaced on the same site by concrete and steel Griffth Stadium, which was demolished in 1965... Replaced by the Howard University Hospital.

This early 3-ply load gives the homeys an Honest John  3-1 lead and anonymously named starting pitcher Charlie Smith (actual 9-start pitcher 1-6/2.91 in real 1906)  a 2-run lead, normally a pretty comfortable feeling even early in the game in 1906, especially at home.

But take that expectation, tie it to a lit stick of Dyn-O-Mite and hurl it as far as you ken... Since the famously hard-hitting Browns (a mighty 659 actual runs in real 1906) tack up a lead-reversing seven spot on the board in the T2nd, adding to that tally with 1 or 2 runs each in the 5th, 6th, and 7th road frames. 

...A ever-increasingly nightmarish experience for the Nats and their loyal fans, as they score 6 runs but are doubled up 12-6 ('Dinner time!!...Juicy steak for Browns, hot-water-logged bloated ballpark weiners for Nats') by the hard-hitting Brownies.

In the B7th, Honest John Anderson  does the Deadball Impossible  for the otherwise hapless home Nationals and pokes his 2nd 3-run homer of the game.....    But by then the road Browns have accumulurateded  12 runs from their own diligentlemanly efforts!

Brownie starter Earl Smith, the only pitcher on their 6-man staff with a realworld ERA above a mere 2.50 (!!), allows Washington 3 runs in the B1st and is replaced by that breath of fresh air T3rd, reliever Fred Glade, a real hero in this unexpected carnival of runs. Glade allows just as much Nat offense (5 hits, 3 runs) as Smith whom he bailed out, but the Fresh Air Man works 7 innings in relief -- compared to the meek two frames hurled by the Browns' #4 starter.

After an error by Nat starter/loser Cy Falkenberg, now 1-3/3.94 in this '06 regag, on a Hartzell tapper,   2 for 14 5'10"/215lb Brownie C 'Tubby' Spencer bops a 2-out T2nd RBI single  into RF to reduce the early Nat lead to 3-2.   

And acrobatic Brown leadoff hitter Topsy Hartzell, who reached on the already noted Falkenberg error, later barrels into Nat C John 'Why didn't you warn me?) Warner, knocking the ball loose (no error ruled), tying the game 3-3 on Charlie Hemphill's routine grounder to second which led to the Topsy-Warner showdown at the platter.

The Browns go on to light up the non-electric scoreboard with 7 T2nd runs, and the Nats diligently keep at it on offense anyway with Anderson's amazing 2nd 3-run homer of the game B7th....

But by the time of that 3-ply blast#2 the Washingtonians find their run budget is far too skimpy to make them any better than a 3rd world baseball squad,  and  they are behind 12-3... 

At game's end, it is dinner time 12-6 after the 2nd 3-ply Anderson contribution, a man seemingly facing the enemy alone while the rest of the team plays politics in the dugout.... Anderson's 2nd  3-run Blast#2 coming with two out B7th, putting a wrap and seal on the game's scoring.

Honest John Anderson, 2HR/6RBI in a one-sided midnight 12:30, i.e.12-6, loss:  Has no comment, refusing even to say the words 'No Comment' or any others.


GAME 82 

1906 New York Highlanders (8-3/2nd) 13-15-1 

1906  Philadelphia A's (4-7/6th) 1-3-1

A Bronx Bomber style demolition of the actual 78-67 1906 Athleticos.  The Highlanders of '06 were a Yankee-like actual 90-61, finishing a close 2nd in the 8-team American League, 3 games behind Chicago's 'Hitless Wonder' White Sox.  Connie Mack's A's had won the real A.L. pennant in '05 and would again in '10, '11, and '14.  'Colby' (Coombs' college) Jack Coombs   would peak for the A's with an amazing 31-9/1.30 realworld 1909, and is the starter in this 1906 contest....  But here he falls a little short of his '09 standards, probably his '06 standards as well, being yanked after 3 stanzas for Andy Coakley, 'Colby Jack' having been riddled by 10 hits, 3 walks, a hut butsmun and 10 well earn-ed runs.

Jest befower his departure, as Jack steps behind the mound and repeatedly coombs his hair with his pitching hand (since his glov-ed hand wouldn't werk as well fer setch dooty) after Hal Chase's him with a line single to open the T4th, manager Connie Mack sticks his head out of the dugout, using his rolled up and apparently partially gnawled scorecard/lineup to signal the bullpen to coax young Coakley to stop throwing warm up pitches to one of the stadium vendors, as was the custom in those days, and to get him as fast as possible to the mound!

Coakley, however, is roughed up almost right away for three more Highlander tallies, and as a last resort, the valuable Chief Bender is called upon, or wasted just to protect the A's egos, to bend the minds of the Yankee hitters with his strange 'stuff' for the remainder of the game.

Frank LaPorte, winning Yankee 3rd sacker, comments, 'I almost felt myself somehow TransPorted out of myself by his Benders, making those halpless looking last two outs I made in the later frames.  Frankly... I became confused about which team I was on, what sport it was we were playing, and why there was that peanut-cracking, wize-asked, flask-hipping cross-section of Phiadelphians there watching whatever our work was suppose-ed to be on that severely defined 'playing field...  It didn't seem like no kinda play to me in that heet....with the fans kursing and threatening......throwing anything loose they could find that might sting us a bit....

But Frank (.231: 3-5/d/2r/3rbi) must be pulling our communal mental legs a bit with that exaggeration, based on his smart-looking batting line. 

New York Commands the High Ground in Phillydelphia









DAY 10 EOBHR#38 1906 N.L.

'Crack that W.H.I.P.!'
Heinie Batch
P Homer Hiller Henry Hillebrand's 2 hits as batter matches his 2 hits allowed as winning P!!

DAY 10 EOBHR#38 1906 N.L.

Game 80

Cincinnati Redlegs (4-5/5th) 4-9-2

Philadelphia Phillies (7-3/T1st) 6-12-1


Game 79

1906 Boston Braves (2-8/8th) 0-2-3

1906 Pittsburgh Pirates (6-4/T3rd) 5-14-0 

Homer Hiller Henry Hillebrand ('4-H') was a Princeton-educated lefty who pitched all but 1/3 of an inning in his real MLB career in 1905-06, then probably switching to a more lucrative career that took better advantage of his Princeton education.

Homer Hillebrand's realworld lifetime record was a solid 8-4/2.51.  In addition to the 18 games where Hillebrand pitched, the versatile Homer played in 29 games as a non-pitcher, most of those in the outfield.  His lifetime real MLB BA was .237 in 137 at bats.

In this contest, H.H.H.H. (4-H.) pitches a 2-hit shutout against the meek Bravos, though walking 4 in addition (but fanning 5 as well), over 8 innings before being lifted.  Bucco reliever Mike Lynch pitches the 9th for the save.

Meanwhile, opposing starter Brave hurler Roy Witherup withers up early, allowing 11 hits and 4 walks in his 6 innings of pitching...But scattering these bingles and free passes enough that he leaves trailing 'only' 4-0.

And despite the one-sided Bucco 5-0 victory, Pittsburgh management and players have to be at least concerned about the 15 Buccaneers who were stranded (on some desert island, never to be seen again??). 

The hardly-known winner Harry Hillebrand adds to his resume in this contest by also going an excellent 2-3/BB/R at the platter.

'Wither up!'*

*Reminds me of DEVO song 'Shrivel Up!'   



Game 78

1906 Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers (6-4/3rd) 5-10-0

1906 New York Giants (3-7/7th) 3-12-0

This game starts well for the struggling Giants as ace starting P Red Ames fans the maximum six Trolley Dodgers in the 1st 2 innings, quite a feat in this primitive contact-hitting era.  Yet, Ames' magic has its limits, and the stalwart Giant hurler, whose real '06 season was shortened by a knee injury, eventually tires in the B8th. 

At the moment of the beginning of his late-game unravelling, Ames and the Jints are leading 3-2... Red having tied the game himself by ripping a 2-out score-evening single B6th to knot the game 3-3...And not only that, but Ames having as of the B6th accumulated an eye-popping 11 strikeouts to 2 walks in his mound work.

But in the B8th, sub RF Heinie Batch reaches on a slow-rolling jam-job single towards short, then Dodger 3B 'Doc' Casey bounces a seeing-eye single into left, mediocre hitting 2B Whitey (our nickname: 'Alpo-Man') Alperman  taps a weak hopper towards charging Giant SS 'Bad' Bill Dahlen, who barehands the roller... but Bad Bill's throw to 1st is a split-second late and a half-penny short (this IS 1906 after all).  Tie game, 3-3.

The Dodgers continue to exploit Ames' pitch count in the T9th...  2-hole-batting CF Billy Maloney ropes a leadoff double into the RCF gap tying the game 3-3.... Then little-used LF Patsy Donovan, in his 1st start, lines what proves to be the decisive single through the left side, and Heinie Batch takes his rare playing opportunity to loop a 2-out insurance single into LF.

Sub Heinie entered the game 1 for 6.... But with his batch of offensive baubles from this game, Batch now has 3 steals (in 3 attempts) and 3 runs in just 10 at bats in the replay!

Breaker Breaker... We gotta Batch of trouble here in the Apple 




Game 77

1906 St. Louis Cardinals (4-6/6th) 4-3-1

1906 Chicago Cubs (7-3/T1st) 8-11-0

The Cards (4-6) make the most of their 3 hits, scoring 4 runs, while the Cubs use 11 hits to score 8 runs.  So, while we can give the St. Louisians' offense a nod for their efficacy, we must also shake our head at their pitchers for providing the Cubs too many easy-to-hit offerings.

Plus the final score is misleading, given that the Cubs led 5-0 by the B2nd and led a healthy 8-1 T9th, when the Cardinals threw in most (3) of their tallies in the baseball equivalent of 'garbage time' in basketball, or BAS*KET, if you ever played that fine high-scoring NBA live-action, skilled simulation, with an actual ping pong ball serving as the basketball -- swishing through the net if you pulled the proper lever just enough...but not too much:  elsewise you might have to run down the ball maybe even into another room if you're playing in an open area on a hardwood floor!!

Slumping 5 for 32 HOF 1B great Frank Chance rips the go-ahead single T1st, then next Cub batter, slugging Cub C Johnny Kling pulls a 2-run triple down the RF line.... as from the beginning a win just doesn't seem to be in the Cards. Losing P Buster Brown sure looks like he should have stayed in the shoe business after this dust-up!  Cub starting hurler and CG winner Jack Taylor 3-hits the low-flying Cardinals, who at least are efficient, totalling 4 runs on their three base hits -- while the winners have to amass 11 safeties to safely double-up St. Louis. 

Sabermetrically-oriented Cardinals player:  'But  Skip!!  I just have a feeling our staff is going to Crack that WHIP and give the mess a slip next time!!'   


EOBHR#38: DAY 10 OF 16 A.L.

Kitson the Nat's meow in victory over Bosox
The character (a fast-growing young black female slave) found in the epic and compassionate American novel, Uncle Sam's Cabin: Some linguists suggest the popular phrase 'Growin' or goin'' like Topsy!' originated with this character. So, the question is, what would Topsy Hartsel been nicknamed otherwise?

EOBHR#38: DAY 10 OF 16 A.L.




GAME 76:  Washington (6-4/3rd) 2-5-0-4-2

Boston Red Sox (3-7/7th) 0-6-1-4-1

A Frank Kitson 6-hit 31-batters-faced shutout of lowly Boston, A.L. version (3-7). 

The 'real' versions of these two bottom of the barrel role clubs were Nats (55-95), Sox (49-105)...  So, indeed, the better team did in fact win. 

Perhaps it was during this loss that 'Orator' Bill Dinneen (1-2/3.86: with fastball, sharp curve) had the bright idea....Mebbe that poor ump'd be better off facing the catcher's heinie than his mask... And he ended up umping a record 8 World Series...and also called balls & strikes for the first five innings of the Inaugural 1933 All-Star Game... And is the only player to both pitch a no-hitter and umpire one.

In the B2nd of this game, the Sox manager, CF Chick Stahl, a great fielding outfielder, leads off with a single but then Red Morgan smashes a GDP grounder back to unrelated Jake Stahl of the Nats to end the opportunity*. 

*Chick dies at age 34 before the start of the 1907 season. 


Piano Legs Hickman strokes a low line 2-run single with 2-out T6th to decide the game in Washington/Kitson's favor. 

If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the Kitson


GAME 75: Phila. A's (4-6/6th) 3-7-0

Detroit Tigers (2-8/8th:Last) 2-8-0

After A's slugging 1B Harry Davis (.389/3d/2t/5r/36ab) pokes a one out go-ahead double following an OF Harry Arnbruster similar two-ply slasher, it appears that the actual 78-67 Mackmen may be on their way to an easy victory.

But the toofless (in this replay so fur, but a decent 71-78 in actual '06) Tigers, working on a 7 game losing streak here in '06 EOBHR (all of the losses but one by only 1 or 2 tallies) immediately reply with 2 scores of their own B1st to revoise the lead, 2-1 Tigues. 

First, Tiger 2B Germany Schaefer smacks an infield  single deep into the hole --  (you know, the groundsleepers really should fill-in the rodent subway beneath the playing before the games) -- a play on which A's SS Monte Cross goes far to his right to nab the ball before it disappears into the hole popping up farther out in the OF....And taking advantage of the opportunity per usural, the fabulous Yahoo! Sam Crawford e-mails a game-tying triple far down the RF line.... making it to 3rd before reply (throw to 3rd) to tie the game 1-1.  And reliable Tiger 3B Bill Coughlin keeps the early mauling going by with a line Ribeye single LF: 2-1, Tigers B1st.

Yes, fans: it looks like a high-scoring game in the making! 

But dazzling A's starting P Jim Dygart, who held opposition batters to a depressed .227 BA across his six-year, 57-49, realworld career, and who shuts out the Tigers for the rest of this game, yes, this self-same superman Dygert drives a game-tying triple over speedy Tiger CF Davey Jones' (unhappy Tigers fan, as he follows the play:  'Yep, it's headed twards Davey Jones'....... locker!)....

And another momentous T7th triple, by the A's offensive mini-monster , 5'5" CF Topsy Hartsel (5 realworld A.L. RBI leaderships 1902-08), including 121** ribbies in the real, if in other ways inferior to EOBHR, 1905 season during the A's great early 1900's run) -- Topsy who is nonetheless somehow only 3 for 35 so far in this '06 replay!?! -- briefly breaks out of his slump with the game-winning 2-out triple T7th.... as talented A's starting P Dygert picks up the 3-2 win by going the distance...and driving in 2 runs!   




GAME 74:

Cleveland Naps (8-2/1st) 5-11-1 in 12

N.Y.Highlanders (7-3/2nd) 6-12-2 in12

In this important and hotly contested game,  a N.Y 3-spot is posted in the B1st thanks primarily to a long bases loaded single by cleanup-batting 2B Jimmy Williams.

But the Indians mount their own 3-spot T3rd, making it a a 3-3 tie with the Clevelanders.

Then low-calibre one-spots are fired back and forth between the teams until the 8th, as neither club can seem to achieve more than a one run cushion....  See details below

B4th:  Frank Delahanty, still another Delahanty MLB scion, puts his N.Y. Highlanders on slightly higher ground with his sac fly.  4-3, NY

T5th:  C Harry Bemis' 10th RBI of '06 evens the score 4-4.

B7th:  Willie Keeler long sac fly puts Yanks back ahead.  5-4

T8th:  Claude Rossman RBI single re-knots game 5-5.

B12th (the extra innings here hurting both contenders):  Jimmy Williams singles by reliever Otto Hess, Jimmy swipes 2nd base, slumping Yankee 3B 'Pot' LaPorte rips the walkoff single down the RF line!

Tribe offense takes too many naps, as a result ends up trapped inescapable, churning, evilly bubbling Pot of trouble.



GAME 73:  1906 St. Louis Browns (5-5/T4th) 3-6-0-6-0  (R-H-E-LOB-DP)

1906 Chicago White Sox (5-5/T4th) 0-3-1-2-1

Only four teams will make the Tourney in the A.L., thus only one of these two teams if the season closed after this game... But of course each team actually still has 6 or 7 regular season games yet to play.

The 1906 White Sox were the team 'famed' in their time as the pennant-winning Hitless Wonders had a .230 team BA, and were also last among all MLB teams in homer-hitting (just 7 dinglers in 154 games!). 

But these Inoffensive Wonder Sox confused their stereotypers back in '06  by upsetting  the all-time-great cross-town Cubs (116-36) in the Whirled Series, those Cubbies of the all-time best MLB season record ever of 116-36 in selfsame 1906 season... a W-L record that has never been matched since.....

Yet in the realworld Chicago vs Chicago Trolley World Series, the Hitless Ones reformed and teed off against the much more esteemed and respected Cubs and great Cubbie pitchers Ed Reulbach and Three-Finger Brown, blasting them  in 8-6 and 8-3 series-clinching Chisox wins!!!

In this EOBHR project featuring a 10% replay of the 1906 regular season, the Hitless Wonders show their worst side in their latest regular season game.... the meek-hitting White Sox losing 3-0 to the St. Louis Browns in this EOBHR AL regular season game.  St. Louis P Jack Powell faces only two Hitless Wonders more (29)  than the bare minimum 27 batters which would represent a complete squelch of the losing team's offense....i.e.,  27 up, 27 down, the  batsmen making 27 straight outs.

While the winning Browns' pitcher, the great Jack Powell, faces only 29 ChiSox in the 9 inning game (2 over the bare minimum), an error by the White Sox hard-hitting SS George Davis on a Brown slugger George Stone deep grounder produces the only run the Browns will need T3rd, and George Stone triples over Sox RF Ed Hahn after Charlie Hemphill draws a walk off losing P Frank Owen T8th for the game's 2nd score...

Then a Brownie great SS Bobby Wallace sac fly in the same B8th sets what becomes the final tally at 3-0 St. Louis: A.L. version.  

These two worthy teams are now each 5-5.... and in all likelihood, only one will make the Tourney.


Frankly, was Owen (by George) Stoned (big triple) in T8th?



1906 EOBHR REPLAY #38 DAY 9 N.L.

What a Lush performance!!
'Look... They didn't nickname me Sunny Jim, for nuthin?!!'
Handsome Giant pitcher, 'Dummy' Taylor, shuts out 116-game-winning 1906 Cubs!



GAME 71:  1906 ST. LOUIS CARDINALS (4-5/6th) 3-9-1-7

1906 PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES (6-3/T1st) 0-2-1-4

A low-scoring yet one-sided game, as the road Cardinals take advantage of 1B Jack 'Eagle Eye' Beckley (3-4/D/RBI in win), striking EARLY with a two out go-ahead single T1st, and slugging backstop Mike Grady slugging  a BEEEG 2-out 2-run triple (T7th) LATE to really shut the door and thereby 'pound' (well, maybe 3-0 WAS a pounding in this era, (like a 3-0 British Football outcome!!)  the previously undefeated Phillies 3-0. 

The Phils enter the game having outscored their opponents by 35-16 in their first eight games... But maybe this game is a wakeup call that the 2nd half of this EOBHR 1906 replay may be much more challenging than the 1st half for the suddenly quaking Quakers. 

The loss drops the Phils into a tie with the actual record-setting Cubs (116W-36L real '06; 6-3 in replay) for 1st place in the EOBHR NL.

The Phils' starter Johnny Lush indeed pitched like he had a hangover, while obscure opposing Cardinal starting P Carl 'Collie' Druhot, who pitched only 2 1/3 real innings in any season but this one, was nearly unhittable on this day.

Only Phillie cleanup man Kitty Bransfield and 7-hole batting 2B Kid Gleason collected as much as a single against Lush as far as hits; Silent John Titus and Bransfield receiving generous free passes from Lush for the remainder of the Phils' meagre offensive 'production'. which of course netted exactly 0 runs...  

A lush performance by Lush has the baseball critics of the day mesmerized and suddenly in awe




GAME 70:

1906 BROOKLYN TROLLEYDODGERS            (5-4/T3rd) 5-11-2 in 11

1906 PITTSBURGH PIRATES                 (5-4/T3rd)    4-10-1 in 11

With this important victory, the gritty underdog 66-86 actual '06 Dodgers move into the Tourney-eligible 1st division, a 1/2 game ahead of the 4-4 '06 Redlegs, a team with a very similar actual 1906 record (64-87) to the '06 Bums, while the actual 93-win Pirates stay barely above .500.

Buc starting P Sam Leever seems to want to even the odds early as he yields T2nd passes --  then weak-hitting Dodger C Lew Ritter loops a lucky little 2-out single over in the infield to give the road Dodgers an early 1-0 lead.  Then in the T3rd,  dangerous Dodger slugger 1B Tim Jordan, who drew the 1st of the prior innings' productive walks, smokes a 2-out triple over great HOF CF and leader Fred Clarke, who freezes at first, then has to chase the ball down after it soars over him.  2-0 Brooklyn...

And a similar scenario unfolds T5th, when athletic and dangerous, speedy 2-hole batting Dodger Billy Maloney follows Jordan's example and gets revenge by tripling over CF Clarke, who, as also the team's manager, rips a new xxxhole for the HOF CF both for his fielding and his mangey managerial strategy.

With Clarke's energy now pushing himself and the team, the Bucs actually have the tying run in scoring position in the B7th, but end up settling for half a comeback, as mediocre Dodger SS Phil Lewis makes an 'off'' throw to 1st after fielding a routine 2-out grounder, and 1B Jordan has an E added to his otherwise fine game stats, Lewis'  wide throw tipping of the first baseman's mitt (E3).  Dodger starting P Jim Pastorius adds to the mess by yielding a BB to Billy Hallman, then the great Tommy Leach lines a long bases loaded single, halving the Dodger lead to 4-2.   

But the unsatisfied Buc manager/CF/slugger Fred Clarke lines his 2nd hit of the game B8th, then cleanup man and 1B Jim Nealon lines a BTB hit to RCF, and when Clarke scores on a sac fly, the Dodger lead is slimmed down to  4-3, B8th...Then a Ritter passed ball and C Dutch Meier sac fly plus a 3B Tom Sheehan 2-out B8th ground single into the hole and......ahhhhhhh......Manager and player Clarke can breathe a bit, the game finally tied 4-4... The Pirates have caught up to their prey at last!

... Fast-forward to the B11th, Dodger starting P Jim Pastorius, impatient to put an end to his lengthy mound duty one way or 'nuther, drives the go-ahead and decisive blow, a long go-ahead double driven into LCF as Jim Nealon tallies easily with what proves to be the Dodger winning run in this saga-length  contest. 

Winner Jim Pastorius.:  This game had gone well Pastorius being fun or entertaining for me or anyone...  and with Neal-on, a strong blow by me could end everyone's -- the players, fans, sportswriters, stadium vendors, stall-cleaners, even the EOBHR followers who have been envisioned as part of baseball's rich and fabulous future.... Thank goodness I was able to get lucky and end everyone's  misery, and as far as baseball's fabulous future, I'll be watching if I get the chance ....





GAME 69: 

N.Y.GIANTS (3-6/7th) 4-5-0

CHICAGO CUBS (6-3/2nd) 0-6-0

The Giants, normally a dominant team during this pre-lively -ball era in fact did win 96 games in real 1906, while the Cubs, whom they manage to shutout in this upset, actually won 116 games to just 36 losses in real 1906!  But in this replay, the Giants, with this upset of Cub P Orvie Overall (1-1/3.94) in the lair of these all-time-great 116-36 Cubs in the Bruins home park...Although  McGraw's men find themselves still in 7th place in this replay , just a half-game ahead of the horrible (49-102 actual), flatulent Boston Beaneaters (2-6),

Due to his 6-hit shutout of the gaseous guys, Dummy Taylor (1-1/1.59) is honored as the game's MVP.  But for a long time in this game, the Giants looked as dead as ever. 

After 5 innings, the game was still scoreless, Orvie Overall (1-1/3.94) pitching for the actually mighty Cubs did not allow any Giant hits in the 1st five innings, as the humiliation of this normally great team continued in EOBHR '06...  But in the T6th, slumping Cub CF Spike Shannon (.103) pulls a hard leadoff single RF, then Giant SS Bill Dahlen checks what would have been strike 3 and ends up instead with a free pass from Orvie.  P Dummy Taylor does his job by dropping a sac bunt down the 3B line, moving the runners to 2nd & 3rd... And 4 for 36 Giant leadoff man 3B Art Devlin's sharp grounder to 3rd is enough to bring the game's 1st and only necessary run, Shannon, home as Cub 3B Hap Steinfeld takes the safe play at 1st. 

And McGraw's boys add an insurance run T7th, as catalyst Sammy Strang draws a leadoff walk, then picks up his N.L.-leading 5th SB when he swipes 2nd.  And then George Browne makes Sammy run when Browne ropes a 2-out single into RF, and the Giants are now ahead 2-0....Two runs on two hits by the 7th, but still ahead.

Strang, though, breaks thngs open more for the Jints in the T8th with a 2-run single out into right-center field,

Winning hurler Dummy Taylor proves he is as Dum as a Fox when, ahead 3-0 T8th, Dummy escapes a treacherous bases loaded one out Giant uprising -- without a run being scored into the original music about this Giant upset,

Taylor-Made Win by a real sharp Dummy



1906 EOBHR REPLAY#38: DAY 9 A.L.

Cy Young: 'Mebbe I'm jest gettin' too old to buffalo these White Sox any mo'..'
Al 'Curveless Wonder' How on Orth kin I step these guys??'
'Rilly,,, It's no big deal, kids.. It's Joss what I do for a livin'!'
Twilight Ed Killian

1906 EOBHR REPLAY#38: DAY 9 A.L.: So at this juncture, often known as Day 9, the regular season begins its second half of the standard 16-game (per team) game schedule, or 135 total games for 16-team 1906 counting the nine post-season Tourney games.


Game 68: 

St. Louis Browns (4-5/5th) 4-6-1  Detroit Tigers (2-7/8th) 3-6-0 

With seven games left in the 16-game regular season, the Tigers are edged in this game and drop an ultra-treacherous if not lethal five games below .500...  As their prospects for making the Tourney (which includes the 'better' half of the teams in each divisional unit) seem more and more remote.  With this tight 4-3 loss to the Brownies, Detroit has now been almost doubled-up (48opponents-26DT) in game scoring...

The Bengals' 1906 replay scoring so far a mere 26 runs in 9 games despite the likes of HOF sluggers Ty Cobb and Sam Crawford in their outfield, hard to understand... Plus the Motor (Buckboard?) City's 14-5 deficit in the often decisive final 3 innings of their games alarming if not an actual sign of a pathological  'Fear of Winning'..

In this game, trailing 4-2 B8th, Detroit's Ty Cobb does as expected, poking a 2-out RBI single RF as teammate Pinky Lindsay slides around the tag at home to cut the Brownie lead to a mere 4-3.

But there the Tiger offense loses its stripes, and 'Twilight' Ed Killian, the Tiger starter, fades into the dusk of another L...

With the most heartening Tiger shot of the day being a 2-out 2-run double by cleanup-batting Tigger 3B 'Coughing' Bill Coughlin (my nickname), who gags up a deep liner LF that speedy St. Louis LF George Stone has to chase down like a rolling stone (2-run double, cutting Brownie lead to 3-2). 

But it is none other than Brownie hurler Barney Pelty who pelts a one-out single LF T7th for the game's deciding blow against St. Louis reliever Ed SieverKillian having been lifted in the twilight of the B6th for PH C Fred 'Freda' Payne*.

* But (s)he'll get their Band of Gold next year when the Tigers win the 1907 realworld pennant...  C Fred Payne actual '06 Tiger backup player

The Twilight of Defeat




Detroit Tigers (2-7/8th:Last) 3-6-0




Philadelphia A's (3-6/T6th) 0-4-1  Cleveland Indians (8-1/1st) 4-8-1

In this easy win, the Indians, now an extraordinary 8-1, continue their drive to bury the rest of the A.L., as they roll to victory despite losing great starting P Bob 'Dusty' Rhoads to a shoulder injury 2-out T3rd... while at the same time having to 'walk the plank'...i.e., face A's HOF P Eddie Plank, who led the actual '06 A.L. pitchers by winning 76% of his starts (19-6).

But all that Dusty's shoulder woes meant to this outcome was things became even more horrifying for the A's... As they now had to face the amazing '78 HOFer Addie Joss as the reliever...... Addie the man with five of his eight post-rookie real-world seasons with ERAs ranging from 24-11/1.16* in 1908 to 27*-11/1.83 in '07... Joss finishing lifetime 160-97/1.89.  So, thanks to this unexpectorated werk, Addie improved to 3*-0*/0.47 in this '06 replay..... With 6 1/3 innings of no-run, 7K:0BB hurling... Addie even Addieing in a sac fly B1st to make it 2-0 Indians, and also Addieing an RBI single B6th to complete the 4-0 final score.

Yet, despite Addie's great work, the game is still tight enough that the A's Bris Lord pops out against Joss with Athletic-looking team members on 2nd & 3rd  and the A's tying run in the on-base circle and 2 out T9th to end this Deadball Era gem and complete game Joss' 4-hit shutouto. 

YANKS 'WALK' (RELY) ON PLANK, Foolishly josh about Joss

Following a double by Indian 3B 'Brigit' Barbeau, the Indians' in-game-sub 'Firebrand' George Stovall connects on a Plank pitch B3rd, driving it down the RF line for what proves to be the game's 1st and game-winning tally-ho! 



Game 66 

Washington Nats (5-4/T4th) 2-7-1 

NY Highlanders (6-3/2nd) 0-2-0

Well, the Highlanders may be playing jess likes the Yankees whoot they will someday be culled...  But in this aera whin scorring wuz rashunned by MLB 'n the whirld government, as it prepped up for World War 1, knowing that some of the raw and finished materials used in bats, hats, balls, gloves, bases, supporters, grass manure, foul-lines and -fare-poles, fan seating, popcorn, etc. might conceivably be of grave use in the war clause, tho scores might really be low if army surplus rather than official MLB game equipment was used for real MLB gamuts.  

This game is suspicious in pretzilticular since it a) invalved the team of materiel-straved Washington D.C. Comics... As well as the anti-war Highlander squad, peaceful monten fulks which suggested rather than buttle for the U.S. grounds if it comet to thit, toinsted jus 'fake the higher ground' both literally and ethically/. 

Well, so there's one possible explanation for the game's lowlying total of 2 runs and 2 extra base hits. 

But the fact that historical accounts have the Yankees' Harry 'Shoo Fly Pie' Schlafly's B1st hitting an Orth pitch '(Orth to Moon' d'ye read me??')  off the LCF ferns seam to raise dought, except iffen also considering the pitcher, 'the Curveless Wonder', Al Orth, whose repeated straight-down-the-pipe heaves added a somewhat batting-practice-like or almost arcade-like  aspect to his gamuses, as Al would hurl his next pitch as soon as he had a baseball in his hand, whither ketcher 'r bitter riddy 'r nut.  No moundscaping, stone-collectering, crutch adjusting antiques for Orfth!  Just bidness:  'Lick...I mick mir bughck$ onna pir ower basin awnd the quick'r I deal 'em up I deal 'em down dead.!  Pless, the bitters hiv no time fer that werthlas strittedgy stiff either!  Mosty, they needs replenitch thar alkyhol asap'

Only ficts y' kneads to kno'

T4th: Nat bckstp John Warner to Orth:   'Ye may hab the bist ERA 0.56 now, Irth, bit nit fir lung!!

Warner drills tripler over CF Wheelie Kiiler, thenext iz Jake Stall double....no...he stalls out goin' t' furst..juzmikitasingel.  

Than..Rabbit 'This Wirld Duz Nit Exust' Nihll hard insurance single over 2nd.


Yanks Ignore the Warner and the Nill Hypothesis








Game 65  Boston Red Sox (3-6/7th) 0-5-3  Chicago White Sox (5-4/T3rd) 3-9-0

Ed Hahn leads off the B1st for the Chicagoans with a long-bouncing single driven into LCF....and this bad start  by the Red Sox must have made Red Sox 3B Ray Morgan and SS Fred Parent want to throw up.... Because Bosox SS Fred Parent's throw after fielding a George Davis' bouncer to 3rd is out of reach (E6) of even a tall (for 1906) and grim 1B Moose Grimshaw...then, after fielding Frank isbell's high bouncer, Bosox 3B Ray Morgan's throw is way high to a leaping, but grimmer, scowling, muttering 1B Moose Grimshaw, who mumbles 'What the heck is wrong with these guys??  Must they always be high....On their throws....But maybe they also be high on their throws into the hopper between innings.... I'll keeps me eye on them and see what I can see ;er smill!!' 

Well, but 1B Moose has to realize that this is just the T1st and there's 8 1/2 more innings and outings to go!

A refreshing thought with the score just 1-0 White Sox.. I mean, with Cy Young on the mound for youse, then what's to werry so urrly in the gamet about a bitty run?

But well, mebbe even Cy can have an off day,,, Or was upsettled by those two glaring/costly  B1st E's... Because in the B4th, the great Cy (511 real life wins!) yields a leadoff triple to White Hoser great-fielding CF Fielder Jones, Fielder driving the ball right by Red Sox LF Kip Selbach

Kip, yelling back into tripler Jones, now at 3rd.  'Hey, I'll sell yer triple ball back to ye for a $1 <big money in '06> aftry the gamet!'

Jones at 3rd base shakes his head, thinking about scoring for his team and not about buying souvenirs. Next, red-hot-hitting Chisox C Billy Sullivan immediately rewards hard-working  Fielder Jones and hisselfet, with a ringing single over 2nd, Sully's 13th ribbie of this low scoring 1906 replay, and he adds his easily replay-leading 14th ribeye (Indian Flick 2nd at 10, no one in doubs yet in NL) by drilling a bases loaded sac fly B5th off an aggravated Cy Young (0-3), now hogtied with similarly great Rube Waddell (0-3) in this 1906 EOBHR replay.


Cy, 13-21/3.19 in actuarial 1906...  'Sigh...maybe I ain't so young any more...mebbe I hafta start thinkin' 'bout a nice retirement cottage in the woods!'  (But...Cy's realworld ERAs in surrounding years, 1904-05/1907-08:  1.97, 1.82, 1.99, 1.26)




1906 EOBHR REPLAY#38: DAY 8 N.L.

Hall of Famer Victor Gazaway Willis
Giants get cold shoulder, and are frosted in Philly by P Duggleby and crowd with warmth only for their Phillies!
Tornado Jake Weimer
Al Bridwell, flying high after Beeneater win

1906 EOBHR REPLAY#38: DAY 8 N.L.

Game 64

Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers (4-4/T4th) 1-5-3 

Boston Beaneaters (2-6/T7th) 6-7-1

The Trolley Dodgers finished 20 wins below .500 (66-86) in actual 1906... But their opponents, those Boston Beaneaters were a far more extraordinary 53 wins below breakeven (49-102) in '06.  No matter here. 

The home Beaneaters beltch the Dodgers 6-1 in a one-sided battle of losing teams.  However, from another perspective -- overall W-L -- the Jaywalkers, leaping at the last second out of the way of those Brooklyn trolleys --  are still 2 games ahead of the victorious Beanbelchers ini terms of EOBHR win loss.... Brooklyn at a promising 4-4, but the Beanies just 2-6, where they are tied for last with the surprisingly floppish New York Giants of John McGraw... Giants whom actually finished a mountainous 40 games above .500 in reality.

Yes, you never know what will happen when you try to repeat reality... Like going back in time and marrying your wife a 2nd time to see if any improvements can be made... in yourself, of courset...

C Lew Ritter went 3 for 3 for the Dodge Boys, accounting for most of the team's hits in their losing scenario... But, thru no fault of his own,  none of Lew's safeties  contributed to any bottom line payoff, i.e., tallies.... Since the Bums' one big break was on a game-opening Doc Casey chopper, that shortstop Al Bridwell bobbles, then makes a wide throw (E6) to fancy fielding 1B Fred Tenney.  Dodger CF Billy Maloney then draws a walk, taking a high fastball for Ball 4... On a pitch by starter and winner Big Jeff Pfeffer, who may have been momentarily rattled by the erratic SS Bridwell's early error. 

A Harry Lumley (9-31/3-0-2-8 so far in replay) groundout moves up the runners, then this most pedestrian of uprisings is consumated by a Tim Jordan sac fly.

1-0 Dodgers

But that's it for the road boys, who may have some supporters here in Boston who are brave enough to come into the enemy's lair. 

Guilty about his negative contribution so far, usually sure-handed SS Bridwell works a 2-out bases empty walk B2nd, in part trying to tire out Dodger P Mal 'Malfeasance' Eason.   Then, just when you need him to come thru, Beaneater C Tom Needham in fact smashes a long RBI double down the LF line, to restore the game's scoring equilibrium, 1-1.

But, at a 'safe' moment, 2 out B3rd, no one on, dastardly (?) Mal Eason drills 3-hole batting Beaneater offensive machine, CF Johnny Bates, with a fastball, knocking him right on out of this game and the next two as well... a long time in a 16 game season.

But the Boston boys reply 'We're not afraid of you Bums'.  In the B4th Dave Brain (the brains behind this offensive unit?) smashes a bullet (single) by Dodger SS Whitey 'Alpo' Alperman, Del Howard works an easy walk off P Eason, then Allie 'Strobelight' Strobel sets up more trouble with a sac hit: Beaneaters now on 2nd & 3rd... And Al Bridwell, 1st inning fielding goat, more than makes up for his T1st lapse with a 2-out 2-run go ahead single.... 3-1, Beanies, in a game where Boston will easily top Brooklyn by a convincing 6-1!!  

Al:  Yes, no thanks to me, but I was Brid Well, taught to always try to repay my debts to others as quickly and completely as possible




Game 63 

Cincinnati Reds (4-4/5th) 3-10-0      St. Louis Cardinals (3-5*/5th) 1-5-1

* Same record as AL St. Louie Brownies

The Cardinals see red T3rd when Cincy CF Fred Odwell knuckles an oddwelly zig-zagging drive over angry Bird CF 'Red' Murray ('Who snuck that illegal goophus ball into this regulation game??).   Then Jim Delahanty, thinking, 'I'll never be as good as my HOF brother Ed in these kind of ribby situations' nonetheless surprises himself with a sac fly strategically blooped off the end of his bat down the RF line.

1-0 Reds.

 Then, in the T4th, evasive hitting Cardinal 1B Snake Deal (.321) deals a writhing long-bounce RBI single into RF with one out to double the Deadball Era lead to a comfortable 2-0... 

But hold it there, any rabid 1906 Cincy Red fans in the reading audience... Because in the B5th, any 1906 Cardinal diehards actually watching the EOBHR game on EOBHRVision (consult yore local cabal operator for more information) rejoice  when cleanup batter 3B Shad Barry swims upstream (reverses the tide a bit) with a line triple past a charging Red-faced, straining  LF Joe Kelley, more of a hitter than a fielder.  And then the amazing bottom-of-the-order SS Art Hoelskoetter records his NL leader-list 7th RBI with an RBI groundout to short scoring wee 5'-6" Miller Huggins to at least put the Redbirds on the board with their only run ...  Art known as a batter who makes (or 'cuts') his own holes through the defense. 2-1, Reds: Anyone's game, B5th.

But 'To Make a Long Story Short' (an old Dovells do-wop song)...  Cincy starting P 'Tornado Jake' Weimer (1-2/4.21), out of Ittumwa Iowa (born 1873), slams the door on the Cardinal offense the rest of the way, finishing the game having allowed just 5 hits and 2 walks and one tally-ho.... While the unstoppable Red backstop Admiral Schlei bops a leadoff double B8th off loser Ed Karger to initiate the Reds' 3rd and final one-run rally of the game.

Cardinals stay grounded when facing Tornado



Game 62 N.Y. Giants (2-6/7th) 0-2-2  Philadelphia Phillies(6-2/T1st) 2-6-0

Well, actually the 1906 96-56 Giants won 18 more games than the 1906 78-67 Philadelphia Phillies.... But that's the reason we play these games... You can't assume that history, with all of its random house luck factors, would even come close to repeating itself.  Besides, isn't 'repeating yerself' a sloppy habit?   

The variant outcomes of these scientifically executed replays indicate what kinds of other outcomes could have easily or, as Pablo Picasso would say, could easelly have been that ellusive one-and-only reality

But the big break here for the Phillies, and the most obvious reason for this 'upset' is that the great Christy Mathewson was scheduled to pitch this game and likely whup these Phils real bad... But Christy's arm tightens up during warmups and he's a no-go as Manager McGraw smashes up the Visiting Manager Orffice upon learning the bad news. 

So Mr. McGraw has to replace HOFer Mathewson on the starting block with the solid but not legendary Hooks Wiltse, who claims:  'By Hooks or by Crooks I Wiltse win this gamer for Christy, Mister McGraw, sir, if you so wish it!!' 

....A brash claim that turns hollow when Phils starter 'Frosty Bill' Duggleby frosts a single over a frantically backskiddlling SS Bad Bill Dahlen for the 1st Phillie marker, then Phil SS Kid Gleason scorches a double that gets by LF George Browne,  allowing Duggleby to slowboat & showboat home with what actuarily proves to be the game-winner.

The Giants have Dugglebeed a deep hole for thmselves!  Mr. McGraw is going to go ballistic!!


Game 61 of 128 regular season games

 '06  Chicago Cubs (1st: 6-2) 0-4-0 

'06  Pittsburgh Pirates (3rd: 5-3) 6-10-0

So, herein, the actual record-setting 116-36 1st place Cubs are upset in a jarring 6-0 defeat by the actual/replay 3rd place Pirates (actual/replay: These two clubs at this EOBHR moment have the same places in the standings as they did in actual 1906, back when prububbly you the reader were jest a laddy, walking daily to yer local one-room school house, managing to drag along  all your text books with yer bookstrap.... or givin' 'em a deloox ride in yer squeakilly  wagon.  Really, now, your dad needs to oil those axels fer the good uv the cummewnitty!!

Not only are the Cubs stymied by the Bucs' Vic Willis (now 2-1/1.37), but the Bucs have their way with normally pfeistier and harder-to-hit Cub lefty Jack 'The Giant Killer' Pfiester, pounding Jack for 10 hits and 6 runs, plus drawing 4 walks against the 'Giant Flapper' (of course, just for this game, where Lady Luck or perhaps even Father Hangover may have played big roles.) 

Pfiester's lifetime realworld ERA of 2.02 is the 3rd lowest in MLB history.... And The Giant Killer set an N.L. record with 17 K's in a 15-inning game May 30, 1906....An N.L. record that held until HOF lefty Warren Spahn fanned 18 in a 9 inning game in 1952.  Pfiester's 1.15 ERA in 1907 is the 6th lowest ever in real MLB history. 

Jack once even pfiested a loss on the Giants with a 5-hitter...... when pitching the entire game with a dislocated arm...!!!  <SICK!>  Which made it excrusciating for him to throw his out-pitch, his curve ball...  So he won the game throwing fast balls on all but three offerings.

The Bucs start out slowly, as neither team score until RF Bill Hallman ropes a B4th RBI double by diving Cub 1B Frank Chance scoring winning P Vic Willis (doing at all since no one else is doing anything... with a leadoff single lashed RF, then leadoff man Tommy Leach reluctantly gets in the spirit too and  rips a BTB single up the middle).

7-hole-batting 3B Tommy Sheehan contributes a sac hit and smashes 2 doubles, produces 2 RBI in contest.  LF Dutch Meier is 2 for 4 with 2 runs and a ribby. 

P Willis finishes the game 2-4/R/RBI + 9IP/4H/0R to become the game's undisputed hero.

Vic:  Today I am going to near-binglehandedly Willus to victory



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