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I often see ads about autism and
only see the face of a child-I know
the public is missing the other faces
in the autism family album-the spouses.

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Posted by Carolynn104
I am retiring this blog as I have not had the time to keep it updated in an appropriate manner. Many of you may have already learned how to contact me on facebook and join our AS wives group. If you wish you may friend me on fb, Carolynn Woods, and then request inclusion in the wives group. THis group is for the explicit purpose of allowing women who have left the relationship, or want to leave or are staying because it is fiscally or parentally impractical to leave at this time to vent and share in private and safety. You will have support and an opportunity to "tell it like it is", without judgement from autism's more militant members who believe once you're in an NT/AS relationship you must continue to try long after the body is cold and subject you to insults and injury in the name of unilateral compassion.

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  • 5/15/19 - Nettie1960Only found you today. Hope to find you on Facebook.
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"Confessions of a disturbed woman in North Carolina", would probably be a better title and far more accurate.

I am retired from just about everything that pays.  I have morphed into a free spirit who fantasizes about becoming fulfilled with extraordinarily simple, and mundane experiences in a "normal" world.

I have children and grandchildren who actually believe I am a terrific person endowed with boundless energy and prolific gifts. A characterization unsubstantiated by a spouse with AS who managed to negate every positive trait I brought with my dowry twenty-six years ago.

I learned that when life brings us lemons, often the resulting "lemonade" is tart. I have learned how to sweeten the quaff with a new attitude and the belief that a life can be reclaimed and celebrated after separation from Aspergers.

Hint: Once I tossed out the artificial sweeteners, the lemonade was much better when made with real sugar. 
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