Life's Little Lessons

Don't drink your beer while riding your motorcycle after karate and blogging about your kids flushing various household items down the toilet.

What's funnier?  Riding your motorcycle?  Adventures in martial arts?  Raising kids?  Testing a beer?  Sharing life with a soul mate?  I dunno, but it's all blog material.....I notice things, and laugh a lot...especially at myself.


Anybody Got a U-Haul?

Cause this blog is a-movin'.

Recently, one of my friends on facebook asked me to resurrect Life's Little Lessons....and quite frankly, the urge has been hitting me more often than not.  No disrespect to Delphi; but I'm going to take up residence at; but not without keeping a link to this one (since it really started it all).

Honestly, life with the wife & kids is a lot more hilarious than my previous days as the single bohunk......I've hung up those shoes in favor of a robe, slippers and coffee.

See ya there!


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  • 1/8/11 - franki7775Where are you? a long time since I heard from you bro.

Mic Check

Is this thing on?

Someone recently requested that I make a return trip to the stage.  Just so you know, stories about my death have been greatly exaggerated.  I just got married, that's all.....

New stories on the horizon.  Anyone game?  I gotta dust this mic off.....


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Colonoscopy for .95 cents?

Jamie Lee Curtis says  that Activia is guaranteed to work or your money back. do you prove that it didn't work?

Never mind.....don't answer that......

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LittleBigDaddy (kyosashadow)

I like candlelight dinners and romantic sunsets, I have all my teeth and I keep my body odor down to a minimum......

Seriously folks, I'm just your average joe.  If I'm not in the office toiling away (or wasting time working on my blog) I'm taking care of my rapidly growing kids, riding my motorcycle, training in karate, entertaining my wife, or testing a new do otherwise gets me into trouble.  I have a history of it, trust me.  A guy's gotta get his priorities straight when he gets into his mid 30's y'know.

I'm from all over.  Born in California, raised in Louisiana and Houston, Texas.  I've spent time in Washington DC, the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Tokyo, Japan and recently visited South America, Germany and Italy.  The world's a lot bigger than you think, folks. 

Most recently, I moved back to my favorite place - Houston, Texas with my wife and her two kids.  I also have one of my own that lives in Mobile, AL with her mom. 

I was raised bilingual in the school system (Spanish), I've been training in marital arts for about 15 years now (just made master), and I karaoke very badly.  There really ain't that much more to me.  Friend, teacher, father figure, class clown, smartass.  That's me.

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