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There are scarsely two good words put together here. But what is mine is yours to see.

I can see with my minds eye the divine smile of God as views this foolishness. Being a fool can be quite worthwhile if one is a fool for the right thing.


Change The Channel

You would think that after 6,000 years or so of watching
re-runs on the Military History Channel
We might switch over to a new episode on PAX.

I asked God about it.
He claims that He gave us the control.
Anyone know where it is?


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  • 3/12/08 - jewellybug (JAHammon1)no but i do know where Pax is. that's my DH Paul's handle. just discovered your blog. hope it's...  Show Full Comment
  • 2/24/08 - Montana DonYeah. We tossed it out with the trash when we found out we couldn't control other people with it,...  Show Full Comment




Do you feel the tingle?

I feel it so strong now

Starting in my spine and running down arms and legs

It comes when I say something in self talk

and He approves.


Once I held another person’s hand when it happened.

The tingle ran straight from me into her.

Powerful stuff

It is the sensation of closeness to God


I go years without it

Then have it almost every few minutes for hours

It is right here right now


I am on the edge of telling something

Who am I telling? You? Me? Does it matter? This tingle is that there is no difference between the thoughts of you and me and those here now and those in the past and those in the future and this tingle is burning me alive at this very instant It is as if all the intellect and dreams and happiness of the world coursed through me for this moment


And now it subsides


It was like a flash flood

Carving the river bank wildly as it gushes past

Leaving a dry canyon to view.

Wonder where the water went?

Not here now.


How does one hold water

When one is full?

Best to be an empty cup

An empty clay pot

To hold a bit of the flood

Even to be a thimble

Just to hold that much

Would be better than looking back

At the dryness surrounding what

Once was a flood

Eh Noah?


When God floods the world

It is not a feeling you quickly forget.

The water is his goodness.

Goodness floods the evil and the evil drowns

It is not death but a metamorphosis

The same molecules are left

The same atoms take new life

Yet they become better than before


Better, ever better

Even better if we realize

The Unit and Unity cannot exist

Without each other

From the One, many

Yet the many become one.


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  • 1/22/08 - Amy (9Harmony)Thank you! I can relate to this one very much. :)

Of Self and Spirit

The body wages war against the soul. Yet, the answer is not platonic monasticism. If the top of the plate is materialism, the bottom is self-deprivation.  Don't be fooled by looking at just one side or the other. Take a step back and realize it is a plate.

There is no hot without cold. There is no good without bad. The one thing defines the other. Flee from one and you will find yourself caught by the other in the same place.

Let me tell you a version of a Rumi story I updated to elucidate this further.

There was a nun who took a vow of poverty. One day she went into the most opulent part of town. There she ran into a very rich and powerful woman of questionable background and methods. The nun explained the true meaning of the search for God. The rich woman was much taken with her words. Together they agreed to meet at the convent the next day and ridding themselves of the trappings of the world they would set out in pursuit of nothing except God’s glory.

The next day, true to her words, the wealthy woman was there. She had nothing in her hands. No purse, no money, nothing except the clothes on her back and some sensible walking shoes. Foxes have dens and rabbits have holes but she had nothing.

The nun was there as well. They had just taken two steps when the nun said. Oh, I need to go back. I forgot my case with extra habits.

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