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Week 4 of 5

This is the middle of week 4 of 5 weeks in a row traveling for work.  I am pooped but at least I am in a good place this week.  Santa Clara is amazing.  The California air is fabulous.  I even went hiking after work,  There is a great trail right outside the building. 

Mother's day was last weekend.  I have the BEST family.  I got nice gifts and I felt so loved.  I am a lucky woman.  I also got to fly that day.  I took the Cherokee to an airport I hadn't been to yet and had breakfast at their little diner.  It was just Scott and I.  Flying after getting your license is such a free feeling.  It is actually fun!  I can't wait to do it again. 




I have my wings! 

I finally took my check ride on Saturday the 21st.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and I totally rocked it!  I have come a very long way and I am really proud of myself.  I'd like to get something to commemorate the event - maybe a nice piece of jewelry or something.  Scott got me a nice frame engraved with the date and in it is a picture he took of me with my license right when I got it.  So sweet. 


Other Things

Psycho died on Friday the 13th of April.  She drank herself to death.  It has been quite the ordeal.  She was cremated and her family is having a memorial on the 5th of May.  I will be so glad when this is all over.  Youngest daughter hardly blinked an eye and the only time she gets sad at all is when her sisters bring it up.

Also, we are getting the house ready to sell.  We want to move to Phoenix in August or September.  Oldest son gets out of school July 22nd and we can move after that.  We got the outside painted and the ceilings painted as well as tile in the bathrooms.  A friend is going to make new bathroom counters and then we have a little more painting to do and get a new fence around the property.  I sure hope it sells for a good price.

I can't do much of the work since I am traveling all the time now.  DC... NYC...Atlanta...San Jose... I don't even know where I am anymore.  But I have to push for a little bit longer.  I have to get things paid off before the move and then get Hubby through flight school. 


The End

I have been strugling lately to find something to write about here.  I am not the same woman that started this blog.  She died back in the summer of '09 I think. 
I started this blog back when I could feel a major change coming.  My sister the astrologer would have some planetary explaination for the major shift, but all I knew was that I could feel it.  I just knew.  I knew my career was changing, I knew my marriage was ending, I knew I was in for big changes.  I also knew they wouldn't be easy and that I would need a place to write.  So my blog was born.

The changes came and I dealt with them the best I could at the time.  I made some good decisions and some bad ones and I rode the roller coaster where it took me.  I reached the bottom of the darkness in the spring and summer of '09 and I wasn't sure I even wanted to make it out of there alive.  But I did.  And I began to grow into a different person.  I like to think I grew into the person I should have been all along if it weren't for some of the events of my past. 

So here I am a stronger, more confident woman who is facing her fears and taking in life.  I have such abundance.  I have love and support and dreams for the future.  So I struggle as to what to write here.  How many times can you say that the career is blossoming nicely and the home life is fabulous without becomming monotonous? 

I will more than likely come back and write some milestones occasionally.  A Prolog if you will.  I will have one to write when I finally get my pilot's license, and maybe something about moving home to Phoenix eventually. 

It has been good to have this place when I needed it.  Thank you for sharing my journey.


Holidays and work

The holiday was so nice.  I had 3 weeks off.  It felt so good.  The boys went to see Grampa in Phoenix for a week and had a blast.  Grampa even gave the oldest son his motorcycle.  Wow. 

Youngest has had some trouble, but is ok now.  He broke his arm and had to have surgery and then someone smashed his car while it was parked in the lot of the apartments where he lives.  It was totalled. 

I managed to get my long cross country done during the break and I will be hopefully taking my check ride in February.  I just want it over.

I am at the end of my time off and I start a 5 week thing on Sunday.  I know - I shouldn't have taken this many in a row, but the money is hard to pass up.  I really want to get things paid off so I can move.  So I will be in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Idaho, Texas and back to Oklahoma for this bunch of classes. 

I took a week off in February and then I work for a month and I took a week off in March.  The kids have spring break that week and we are all going to Phoenix. 

Scott got me Rosetta Stone French for Christmas.  I am looking forward to learning it.  I just wish I didn't have to study for the check ride too.  Ah well. 

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