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Kathi Needs.....

1: Kathi needs help now and then!
Kathi needs our prayers and faith now more than ever
Kathi needs long-term alimony resulted from her disability
Kathi needs to clone.
Kathi needs to raise $120000 this year
Kathi needs to compose a memo.
Kathi needs a reference.
Kathi needs company.
Kathi needs pedestrian refuge islands.
Kathi needs a good website to help arrange a home swap in Florida

Hmmmm I am rather partial to #5. sure would be nice. So, leave a quarter in the coffee can by the door when you leave. See? the money is for that home swap <g>

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  • 9/8/07 - ParymdkOr...just maybe your reliable vehicle is WHY I need the pedestrian refuge islands <g>
  • 9/8/07 - BlueFaeMoonhaha! Pedestrian refuge islands? I wonder if my reliable vehicle equipped with jungle survival kits could help you with that. :)

ahhhh Mentalpause

I just have one thing to say...ok maybe two. Not bleeding rocks. 24/7 hot flashes SUCK!!

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a one and a half pound weight loss

look ma, no tail!
way gone
all gone
yep, you read that right. the amount of hair they cut off weighed in at 1 1/2 pounds. no wonder my neck was so dang sore <g>

I will admit this is way cooler then the long stuff. it is fun to spike, and going in the pool does not mean I drown when I come up after diving in. I don't know if I will attempt another growing spurt in attempt to hit the 10" length for Locks of Love or not. It was 8" when they cut it off and that was just a years worth of growth....actually not even that long...more like 9 months. all depends on the mindset I have a few months down the road when it cools off again.

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  • 7/20/07 - BlueFaeMoonHey, you don't have any neck tattoos. ;) I think you look great with long AND short hair. Your head has a pleasing shape. Mine is too round or something. heh. I need to get my hair chopped off, too. When it gets to the point where all I do is keep it in a braid so I don't sweat to death, it's time to do something different. :P Hey, maybe I'll finally get it dyed blue and purple like I keep threatening. :D
  • 7/20/07 - STORMYGA1Wow Kathi, you look great!
  • 7/13/07 - ParymdkThanks Susan. It is so easy now to take care of. especially when I use the pool so much. The one thing I keep having to remind myself is that it's short now...no need to use three squirts of shampoo :)
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