God's Jewish And Noachide Covenants

It Is The Terms Of God's COVENANTS For Which Every Human Being Will Ultimately Be Judged, And NOT From His Choice Of Religion

       Do you think you understand God?  Don't be so sure.  Do you think you understand what God wants and expects from you?  Again, do not be so sure.  God has a message for you:  Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 55:8 - "For My thoughts are NOT your thoughts, and your ways are NOT My ways, says the Lord."  We present you with vital information and do so lucidly.  Pull up a chair and relax in the shade. 

God's Jewish & Noachide Covenants

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   O. Recent News Of Extreme Significance

   1. Covenant vs. Religion

   2. The Problems With Religions - Part 1

   3. The Problems With Religions - Part 2

   4. God's Jewish Covenant

   5. God's Noachide Covenant

   6. The Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach - Part 1

   7. The Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach - Part 2

   8. What Does "Mercy" Mean To God?

   9. How NOT To Interact With The Jews - Part 1 

 10. How NOT To Interact With The Jews - Part 2

 11. The Danger Of Proselytizing Jews

 12. A Perfect Torah & False Prophets

 13. God's Covenantal Truths - Part 1                                                                  (Where is it written?)

 14. God's Covenantal Truths - Part 2                                                               (Why should I believe what you are saying?) 



O. Recent News Of Extreme Significance



Sanhedrin Establishes Council to Teach Humanity ´Laws of Noah´

(Note:  This is one of the greatest happenings in the world today, going largely unnoticed...at this moment.  That will change.  Get involved NOW, while this pre-Moshiach worldwide undertaking is still on the ground floor.)



Is Iran already at war with U.S.?
Ahmadinejad called for more than
wiping Israel off the face of the Earth


(Note:  Look carefully at the photographs on this one.)



Iran hails Hamas election victory



Hamas Leader: Why Recognize Israel? Arab State Must Replace It



Now Fatah Demands a State from the Jordan to the Mediterranean



Bush: No new state
unless Hamas recants
Terrorist group must renounce
aim in charter to destroy Israel




Mother Sent Sons on Suicide Missions, Becomes Hamas Candidate

(Note: Um Nidal won her seat and is now a role model for the entire arab world.)


1. Covenant vs. Relgion


          What is your religion?  What does the question mean?  To understand the answer is to begin the process of finding out how much of your life is based on truth, and how much of your life is based on Godliness.

          I'll define "religion" for you.  A religion is what you believe.  Whatever you believe, that is your religion, and your religion can change as often as your beliefs change, which could happen every day.

           There are 6 billion religions in the world, one for every person.  Of these 6 billion religions, around 3,000 of them are "recognized religions," that is, they are generally accepted as major religions by the various governments of the world.  

           Of these 3,000, TWO of them are NOT religions.  You need to know what these are, and what this means to you.  Judaism is one of the two.  Judaism is a "bris," which is a Hebrew word meaning a "covenant."  Noachism is the other.  Noachism is also a bris, and NOT a religion.

           So what is a COVENANT?

           A covenant is a "contract," also known as a "treaty."

           In the cases of the Jewish bris and the Noachide bris, we are dealing with contracts DIRECTLY with God.  Now we will learn where God shows us that we are dealing with contracts and not with religions, and why it is vital for us to understand what this means. 


           Enter now into God's realm, into His Torah.  The first time we see the word "bris," is in Bereishis (Genesis), Chapter 6, Verse 18 - "...I will establish My bris (covenant) with you..."

           This Verse occurs BEFORE the Mabul (Flood), and God is giving Noach (Noah) advance notice that a covenant between them would be forthcoming .  AFTER the Mabul, after God orders Noach off the Teiva (Ark), God establishes this.  Bereishis, Chapter 9, Verse 9 - "BEHOLD,  I (God) establish My bris with you (Noach) AND WITH YOUR OFFSPRING AFTER YOU..." 

          QUESTION:  WHO are these OFFSPRING God is telling us about in Bereishis 9:9?  

           The answer to this question has a direct bearing on the spiritual success or failure of every human being on Earth, and affects what will be for them in the permanent realm which ultimately follows life in the here and now.

           The leadership of virtually every organized religion in existence, EITHER do not want you to understand the answer to this question, OR, do not understand the answer themselves, which is likely.  You see, understanding the answer to this question puts THEM out of work. 

           ANSWER:  Those offspring are YOU and ME.

         God has made a contract with YOU and ME.  We will discuss later what is in the contract, but for this writing, what needs to be understood is that a contract exists, that God has signed onto the contract, and so have YOU.


          To help you understand:

           Let's say you hire a builder to build you a new home.  You enter into a contract.  This contract states clearly who is obligated under the terms of the contract, and what the obligations are for each contractual party.  In this case, the builder must build to the specifications provided, in accordance with many details,  and the buyer must see that the builder is paid.

           The contract contains performance rewards (money) for successful completion of the contractual terms, and penalties for contractual breach.  The builder and the purchaser have a clausal relationship with each other.  Be sure to read the fine print.

           YOU and I also have a clausal relationship with God.  Belief is not relevant at this level.  It does not matter what we believe.  Judaism and Noachism are NOT religions.  All that matters are the terms of the contract...the small print.

           HEY, WAIT A MINUTE!!!  I didn't sign any contract!!!

           You think you have a valid point, but your argument is a loser.  In our example, neither the builder nor the purchaser can make a binding contract without the other's consent.  Such is NOT the case with God, and God makes the rules.  God can create unilateral contracts which are binding on us.  That is, if we don't want it, if we don't like it, that's too bad, because there is nothing we can do about it.  He is God, that's the way He wants it, and that's the way it is.  

          God made a contract with Noach and his offspring after him, and whether Noach entered into this contract willingly or otherwise, there is an enforcable contract, and YOU and I were signed onto it.

          Here is a slightly deeper understanding of why the religious leaders of every religion in the world would not want you to have a correct understanding of your REAL relationship with God:  your covenantal relationship.  

          What happens when there is a conflict between a religion and a direct covenant with God?  Which one takes precedence?

          A DIRECT COVENANT WITH GOD takes precedence over anyone's choice of religion EVERY TIME.  There is nothing to even think about.  

          This is very bad news for the religions of the world.  In later writings I will be more specific about why organized religions are problematic, but for the this writing it is enough to know that EVERYONE is a Noachide, that the Noachide bris has many details, all of which need to be thoroughly learned, and totally assimilated into the way you live your lives.


          So what about the Jews?

          As I said, TWO of those 3,000 recognized religions are NOT religions.  Noachism is one and Judaism is the other.  God made another bris with the Jewish forefathers, Avraham (Abraham), Yitzchak (Isaac), and Yaacov (Jacob).

          THEN, 3,318 years ago, God took the Jewish people out of Mitzrayim (Egypt), brought them to Har Sinai (Mt. Sinai), and delivered the intricate details of what would then be THEIR covenant with HIM, the Jewish covenant.

          When each person is ultimately judged, he will not be judged via any person's religion.  God will judge us per the terms of the contract.  God will judge the Jews in strict accordance with the amazingly intricate and complex Jewish bris.  God will judge the rest of the world per the details of the Noachide bris.  And God will judge everything...for nothing is hidden to God, and He will judge to within a hair's breadth...as only HE can do.

          Koheles (Ecclisiastes) 12:13-14 - "The sum of the matter, when all has been considered:  Fear God and keep His commandments, for that is man's whole duty.  For God will judge every deed - even everything hidden - whether good or evil."

          If you find this worrisome, that is a step in the right direction.  We are only just beginning.   


2. The Problems With Religions - Part 1


         We have thus far learned that God does NOT deal in RELIGIONS.  God deals in COVENANTS.  We now take a closer at religions and why they are problematic.  We will break down religions into categories and say a few poignant words about each.

        First however, a QUESTION:  What is God's religion?

       ANSWER:  God doesn't have a religion, BUT, if you WERE to say that God had a religion, that religion would be called, TRUTH, since for God, that is all there is.  Anything that isn't truth resides in us, never in God.

        Anybody who insists on having a religion, would be very wise to choose TRUTH, and nothing else, and that would mean OBSERVANT JUDAISM for Jews, and NOACHISM for everyone else.  There are no other options in the realm of truth.

1)  Observant (Orthodox) Judaism and Noachism -

      Although called religions, they are not.  They are contracts between us and God.  It is via the terms of these vital contracts that we will ultimately be judged, and not by our choice of religion. 

2)  Conservative, Reform, and Burger King (Have it your own way) Judaism -

      Orthodox Judiasm is NOT a religion, but THESE brands of Judaism ARE religions.  Any time Jews decide to arbitraily change their covenant with God, they have established their own riligion, and that is very bad news. 

       For example, when leaders of the conservative Jewish movement decided to allowing driving on Shabbos, so long as it was only to temple, they were attempting to change the terms of their covenant with God.  For example, when leaders of the reform movement decided to allow varieties of patrilineal descent to determine who is Jewish, they were attempting to change the terms of their covenant with God.  For example, when leaders of the Burger King Judaism movements decided to perform gay and interfaith marriages, they were attempting to change the terms of their covenant with God.

       As they deny their covenant, replacing it with their choice of religion, at the same time they are on a downhill slope as they lose piece by piece whatever attachment to their covenant remained with them.  Extremely bad news. 

3)  Kabbalah -

     What Kabbalah is, is very advanced Judaism.  Jews study for decades before they consider themselves ready to take on Kabbalah, TRUE Kabbalah, and most Jews never delve into this area of study no matter how learned they are.   

      The problem with trying to study Kabbalah, is that you think you are learning something wonderful and meaningful.  What you are really doing is diverting your attention AWAY from what you should be focusing on:  Jewish law for Jews, and Noachide law for everyone else.

      I know Kabbalah sounds hip and exotic, but that is not where your ultimate judgment will be coming from.  Take care of your real business, because judgment WILL arrive, and forever is a very long time.

4) Islam -

      The big positive for Islam is that they have only one God, no trinity or other polytheism.  The big negative is that they do not accept God's Torah as God gave it.  They deny that Yitzchak (Isaac) was the one chosen by God for Avraham to sacrifice, and that it was Ishmael instead.  The Torah was given around 2,000 years before there was a Mohammed, and their claims are baseless.  Islam also has issues with God's Noachide prohibitions of Murder, blasphemy, theft, and more.  

5) Christianity -

      There is a divided opinion among the Jewish sages as to whether a non-Jew is allowed the CONCEPT of a trinity (a partnership with God).  For Jews, who are judged by God's Jewish covenant, even this CONCEPT is forbidden.  There is no disagreement amongst the sages however that worshipping ANY MAN AS god IS IDOLATRY, which is a cardinal sin.

       Within Christianity, God's Hebrew Scriptures have been tampered with, and this is a HUGE sin.  I will be showing exactly what they did, and what is correct.


3. The Problems With Religions - Part 2


6)  Atheism -

      Atheism is flat out denial that God created all physicality, and is actively involved in what happens on Earth.  One of the big problems for atheists, is that God tends to act with us, as we act with Him.  That is, a person who denies God must worry that God will deny that person.

       Contrary to popular belief, true atheists are the most religious people on Earth.  They must believe that matter either always existed, or just popped into existence out of nowhere...POOF!  The possibility that matter was CREATED by any kind of a Higher Intellect must be rejected by the atheist out of hand.  I cannot think of any leap of faith greater than this.

       Of course there are atheists who say they want proof before they believe.  These people really should call themselves gnostic or agnostic tending toward atheism.  They haven't ruled out God as a possibility, even though they usually think they have.

       There are also simple non-believing atheists.  They don't believe and that's all there is to it.  End of story...a very sad story.       

7)  Satanism, Witchcraft, and Paganism -

      Satanism and witchcraft are not the same, although they come from the same route as Paganism, their worship comes from what is below their feet, rather than what is above their heads.  Worshipping nature and ground forces effectively cuts off one's umbilical connection to the true forces from above, as do all idolatrous thoughts or activities.

       Paganism is not witchcraft, and witchraft is not Satanism.  However, many pagans practice witchcraft, and the practice of witchcraft carries with it the danger of moving ever closer to Satanism.  Satanism is out and out idolatry.

       God breaks up witchcraft into many categories, and God's Jewish covenant has more stringencies against this than His Noachide covenant.  I will be writing about the various categories, and what they all mean.          

8)  All the rest...Buddhism, Hinduism, Totem Poles, and Whateverism -

        Any worship of anything physical is idolatry.  Giving cookies to a Buddah, worshipping a cow or a man or a multi-headed object are all idolatry.  Anything which takes one away from God's Jewish or Noachide covenants are entering the realm of idolatry.  WHY?  Because a new god is being created who is to be listened to ahead of the One True God.

9)  Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, Movie Stars, Sports Legends, Fancy Cars, and Money -

      Who are you trying to impress?  Movie stars and sports legends are not called idols for nothing.  It is all right to want things.  It is all right to have things.  SO LONG AS YOU WANT THEM AND USE THEM for the right reasons and in the right ways.  If you want the fancy car because you want people to look up to you, your head is in the wrong place.  If you want a high paying job so that you can have money to support a family in Godliness, and be able to do Godly activities...that's not such a bad dream.

10)  Moral Relativism -

       I saved this one for last.  This one is a great enemy of Godliness.  This is when we say that God doesn't make the rules, we do.  This is when we say that we know better than God what is right and what is wrong.  This is when our own opinion becomes God.

      This is when we decide that it's always the woman's right to choose.  This is when we decide it's all right to assist in a suicide.  This is when we decide that gays should be allowed to marry.  This is when we decide anything one way, when God tells us it's the other way.

       There is only one way:  God's.  That means His covenants.  Learn them, incorporate them, live them...for this is the road toward righteousness, and there is no other road.


4. God's Jewish Covenant

      To begin to understand God's Jewish covenant, we look at Shemos (Exodus), Chapter 2, Verse 24 - "...God remembered HIS COVENANT with Avraham, Yitzchak (Isaac), and Yaacov (Jacob)."

      When God enters into a covenant, He takes HIS covenantal role AND those He covenants with VERY seriously.  What God remembered in this Verse was that He had a date with the Jewish Nation at Sinai, and God would see to it personally that this date was kept.

      With a mighty hand, and an outstretched arm (metaphors meaning power, not an actual hand or arm), with signs and with wonders, God pulled the Jewish Nation out of Mizrayim (Egypt), out of the house of bondage.

      The Jews would now be trading in one form of bondage for a far superior form of bondage:  JUDAISM.  God took the Jews out of Mitzrayim so that they could serve Him.  At Sinai God would present the Jews with the many details of THEIR covenant, the Torah.  Part of the details would be given in Writing, and the rest Orally, with instructions on how to preserve God's Jewish laws intact throughout the generations. 

      The essence of the contract is the number 613.  There would be 613 basic arenas of commandments, but when one took hold of the immensity of the parts, there were vastly more than 613 rules which needed to be followed. 

      For a Jew already living a Torah life, the rules are not a hardship, but for a Jew who has not lived a Jewish life and is now contemplating returning to the fold, where he belongs, it can appear overwhelming.  It's not overwhelming.  It simply takes time to become acclimated to this different way of living.

      Here are some examples.  There are a myriad of rules for proper Shabbos observance, for kosher living, for taharas hamishpachah (family purity), for modesty, for proper speech, for davening (prayer), and for ever so much more.  Once a Jew is living as a Jew however, it's really not that hard.

      It needs to be clearly understood is that Judaism is a COVENANT with God stipulating how each Jew must live.  Judaism is not a religion, rather, it is A WAY OF LIFE.


5. God's Noachide Covenant

       The first thing to be aware of is that God's Noachide covenant IS NOT God's Jewish covenant.  Almost everyone thinks that God's Torah is a rule book for them.  It is not.  The Torah is the OUTLINE of God's rule book for the Jewish people.  God has a separate rule book for everyone else, and also a separate Book of DETAILS necessary to properly understand the outline.  I will speak more about the DETAILS later. 

       The essentials of the Noachide rule book CAN BE FOUND in the Torah if you know how to look, but the underlying details for Judaism ARE NOT the same as the underlying details for Noachism.  Jews need to learn the Jewish detail, and everyone else needs to learn the Noachide detail.  Do not mix them up, and know which covenant God is applying to YOU!

       For instance, almost everyone talks about the 10 Commandments.  To begin with, the Hebrew phrase, "Aseres HaDIBROS," means 10 STATEMENTS.  10 COMMANDMENTS would be, "Aseres HaMITZVOS."  Second, there are 14 Commandments in those 10 Statements.  Third, some of those Statements have no application to non-Jews whatsoever. 

       For example, Statement #1:  "I am God, who took you out of the land of Mitzrayim (Egypt), out of the house of bondage," applies to Jews and not to gentiles.  It was the Jews that God "took out" from Mitrayim.  "Observe Shabbos" is another example that pertains ONLY to Jews.  Shabbos IS NOT a requirement of God's Noachide covenant.  

       I have asked people many times, IF they think the Torah is for them, THEN why don't they observe Torah law?  Why don't they eat only kosher meat for example?  They give me all sorts of answers, such as, Torah law applied to ancient times, but doesn't apply today, or Jesus released us from having to follow Levitical law...you get the idea.

       WELL...if you have an understanding of what God means by "His Covenants," then you should be aware that the rules apply every bit as much today, as they did back then.  The times have changed, the amenities of life have changed, but the rules have not changed.   As to "Levitical law," the term is taken from the Book of Vayikra (Leviticus).  Jesus could NEVER have released non-Jews from laws that NEVER applied to them.  There isn't anything to release.

       The vitally important bottom line is as follows:  God's Torah laws apply to Jews, and God's Noachide laws apply to everyone else.  They are different and they are not interchangeable.  Now we need to discover just what God's Noachide commandments are, and how to properly apply them.  We will begin that discussion next.     


6. The Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach - Part 1

       God's Noachide laws are called the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach, which means, The Seven Laws Of Noah.  This is really a misnomer.  God's system is complex, and that number seven gives a very false impression.  The seven are categories, and are very detailed.

       Many times I have heard people say, the Jews have 613 laws, and the gentiles only seven.  Both ideas are incorrect because all these laws are very detailed.  There are also additional factors at play which move us beyond the 613 and the seven. 

       You may be surprised to learn that when looking at the breadth of the seven Noachide laws, one finds in the detail that they more or less overlap with almost 70 of the Jewish 613 laws.

       Now I will give you a quick and basic look at the seven laws.  To begin to learn with some more depth, click on any Noachide links we may have provided on the right.

The Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach

1.  Idolatry

       Any worship outside of the One True God is idolatry.  It is a demonstration of one's desire NOT to observe his direct covenant with God.  The practice of idolatry crimps or severs one's spiritual umbilical link with the life force which could carry him eternally into the next realm.

        Most of the world is idolatrous, yet very few idolators see themselves this way.  They think they are good people acting Godly.  Perhaps they do have good hearts, but acting Godly they are NOT.  Look deep into the mirror and try to see past whatever you have seen up until now.

        I will be writing more specifically on the subject of idolatry later.

2.  Blasphemy

        Blasphemy is anything which lessens the exalted status of God.  To speak disparagingly using a Name or representation of God would be an example, and is very serious.  This is common practice in today's world.  Anyone who watches television knows this. 


7. The Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach - Part 2

3.  Murder

        "Murder" is a subset of "kill."  Not all killing is murder.  Self defense is not murder, and righteous warfare is not murder.  Euthanasia IS murder, suicide IS murder, assisting in suicide IS murder, and abortion of a fetus over 40 days IS murder.  Under 40 days is willful destruction of man's seed, and is adjudicated by Heaven, and not by a human Noachide court.  If one uses another to commit a murder, both are guilty.  This would include euthanasia and assisted suicide.

        Later I will be writing more on abortion, particularly the differences on this subject between God's Jewish covenant and God's Noachide covenant.   

4.  Theft

        The prohibition of theft is very difficult to properly observe.  Stealing very minor items is still stealing.  Raping a woman is stealing.  Overcharging is stealing.  Using false weights and measures, and other forms of fraud are stealing.  Impairing a person physically or psychologically is stealing.

5.  Forbidden Sexual Practices

        Homosexuality, bestiality, adultery, and incest are forbidden.  What constitutes incest in the eyes of God, will not be identical to what modern society thinks of as incest.  

        I will be writing later about the prohibition of relationships between non-Jews and Jews, and about polygamy, polyandry, and polyamory. 

6.  The Limb Of An Animal  (Aiver Min Hachai)

        An animal must not be moving anymore before any part of the animal may be consumed.  I'll give you an example.  There are people who will castrate cows, and make soup out of the parts they remove.  This would be such a violation.

        The essence may be thought of as "consideration" for animals.  Aiver min hachai is the bare minimum God requires.  Over and above the minimum is a positive, vegetarianism however is not a positive.  Bear in mind, that if consideration for animals is a positive, it must be a vastly greater positive to show consideration for people.  That is how one begins to train oneself to think in a Godly manner.

        I will discuss the subject of eating blood, and the subject of vegetarianism later.

7.  Justice

        In God's Jewish law, there is a combination or prohibited actions and required actions.  In God's Noachide law, there are prohibited actions ONLY.  Thou shalt not do this, and thou shalt not do that.  

        Justice is also a prohibition.  Normally Justice is quoted as something like this, "Thou shall create a system of courts and laws to enforce God's other six Noachide laws."  This is not quite correct.

        The actual requirement of justice is to avoid living in any area which does NOT have such a system of courts and laws already in place.  Therefore, out of the prohibition, we derive a positive requirement, that is, requiring that such a system be created if it does not already exist. 

        In today's world we have corrupted governments everywhere, making this Godly commandment of GOD'S JUSTICE most difficult.  This will change in the future when Moshiach (the Messiah) is unveiled to the world...soon in my opinion.  I will write in a more detailed manner on Moshiach later.


8. What Does "Mercy" Mean To God?

       We hear all the time that God is merciful, but what does "mercy" mean to God?  I'm not going to pronounce the Tetragrammaton, which is the Name of God that stands for mercy, but I will spell it in Hebrew:  Yud-Hei----Vav-Hei.  The separation of the halves so as not to even spell the full Name is intentional.

       In Shemos (Exodus) 6:3, God tells Moshe (Moses) that the Jewish Forefathers Avraham (Abraham), Yitzchak (Isaac), and Yaacov (Jacob) DID NOT KNOW Yud-Hei----Vav-Hei.  How could this be?  Yud-Hei----Vav-Hei is found everywhere in God's Hebrew Scriptures, even when God is speaking with the Jewish Forefathers.

       "Did not know," does not mean they had no knowledge of the Name.  It means they did not understand the full significance of the Name.  In Shemos 15:3, we find out this significance.  God has just executed the entire Egyptian army, by drowning them in the Yam Suf (Reed Sea/Red Sea).  The Jewish Nation goes into song, and Verse 15:3 sings (reads):  "Yud-Hei----Vav-Hei is a Man (figurative not literal) of WAR, Yud-Hei----Vav-Hei is His Name."

       Is WAR merciful?  We are told here that it is...if it is the right kind of war.  

       What were the Jews doing at the Yam Suf?  They were being taken to affirm their commitment to God's bris/covenant with the Jewish Nation.  What were the Egyptians doing?  They were on a mission to stop this affirmation, by either killing the Jews or bringing them back.

       The result:  God killed the entire army of Egyptian pursuers...and this to God is MERCY.  What matters in this world is our relationship with God, and that relationship is COVENANTAL - NOT RELIGIOUS.  Heaven help all those who try to hurt or hinder this relationship.  

       You will see another example of the Merciful Yud-Hei----Vav-Hei in Shemos 17:14, where God says, "I, Yud-Hei----Vav-Hei, will blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under the Heavens."  God uses a Hebrew word for "blot out" twice:  1)  mahcho,  2) emhche.  This is God telling us ONE "blot out" for this temporary realm, and ONE "blot out" for the permanent realm which is coming...and this too is MERCY by God's standards.

       Who is Amalek to suffer this terrible curse?   Our sages teach us that Amalek has a dual meaning:  1) an actual people which attack the Jews, and,  2) ANY people which attack the Jews.

       In the next writing, I will discuss the ways in which Jews are attacked.      Preview:  Execution, Assimilation, Persecution, Intermarriage, and some comments concerning Proselytizing. 

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