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lifestyle choices, rpg, rants, raves, life
lifestyle choices, rpg, rants, raves, life
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Blooddraken (wolf51777)Who am I? Interesting question that. I suppose I could tell you stuff about me that you'll forget ten minutes from now, like the fact that I play rpg's. But that is just the surface. that isn't me. It is a part of me yes, but it won't make a difference in the long run. I could give you a physical description, but what does that matter? This isn't a personals ad. And you're not here to fantasize about me. Or are you? If you are, just look at my photo and imagine the body of your choice beneath the neck. Odds are the reality is better though. Not saying I'm a Greek god or anything, but I've always liked reality more than fantasy. Fantasies fade and get replaced over time. Reality sticks around. So who is the man behind the blog? I guess I could tell you some things about me. Things that never fade or are forgotten. I'm a man who follows the path of Honor. I believe that if one has no honor, then one has no life. I speak my mind and I don't pussy-foot around anything. People call me brash at times, but they always know where they stand around me. I am loyal to my friends and unmerciful to my enemies. I have been called outdated. A man of a dying breed. I'm the type to open the door for a woman. To stand up when the woman stands up. It isn't chauvinism, it's respect. I stand up for what I believe in and I never back down. If you want to learn more, Continue reading my blogs. I'll never lie in them.
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