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The Lake in the Mountain
Glenora Ferry
Looking out over Lake Ontario from Picton
A routine trip to a neighbouring town in a quest for cheaper cigarettes turned into an excursion this afternoon.  An excursion into the small, quiet town of Picton in Prince Edward County.  There I was introduced to the phenomenon of the "Lake in the Mountain".  Not exactly a mountain - southeastern Ontario doesn't go in for such peaks - but a phenomenon nonetheless.  At the top of a fair-sized hill we parked the car and gazed down, way down, at Lake Ontario to our left.  To our right, at the top of this fair-sized hill, nestled a lake.  It was a strange sensation to have water below you on one side and water above you on the other. Looking out over Lake Ontario we could see the inlets of Hay Bay, Adolphustown Reach and, I think, Long Reach.

We took the Glenora Ferry from Picton back to the mainland and drove through quiet agricultural land - farms, orchards (lots of orchards), crops and livestock - and all the while the clear, deep blue waters of the Lake shimmered at our side.  There was a serenity about the area and a real sense of community.


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  • 11/8/09 - wildbillnum1This is off topic, but, just like the other blog I just tried to email on, I was asked for an...  Show Full Comment
  • 11/8/09 - wildbillnum1The "Lake in the Mountain" sounds like an inactive volcano. Right?
  • 5/16/07 - MaryHelen (MaryHelenCha)What a beautiful place... thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics! :-)
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