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The moon eludes me, somewhat

An almost full moon tonight (it won't be fully full ... fullyful, I like that ... until Saturday) so I decided to see what my new toy would make of it.  I'm not too impressed with my attempt.  For a start, I really should have used a tripod instead of relying on my notoriously shaky hands and resting my elbow on a railing; but I think I would also need a longer lens to get a good shot.  This was taken with a 200mm, but a 300mm or more would be awesome.  It will be interesting to try the experiment again in the autumn, though, with the huge harvest moon.

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  • 3/17/07 - Liz (vixengrins)Hello, and thank you - fellow Virgo!
  • 3/16/07 - Carryonallhi fellow Canadian found here while surfing around like your photos sends you a lil angel ^i^...  Show Full Comment
  • 3/1/07 - Doris_66that's not bad tho Liz. A tripod would help. Better put one on your gift list. :)
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I emigrated from the UK to Canada in July 2004 to live with my partner in Kingston, Ontario ... the biggest and bravest step this far from British Bulldog had ever taken.

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