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Rambling...that's my middle name. I would change it, but I don't like change...unless it's jingley change. That I like. That and donuts. But not the "fat-free" kind. Those are yucky. What was I saying?

12/15/09 11:06 AM

Tiger Wood Removed Susan's Boyle!!!

I had an affair with Tiger Woods, too. Well, not an affair, but I used to watch A Current Affair and he was on that show once, I think, so that's similar, right? I love Susan Boyle. And by "love", I mean that I wouldn't ever buy anything she ever recorded because I get it all free on Limewire! Not really. I don't believe in stealing. Unless you're playing baseball. Then it's okay.

The judge didn't think so, though. He said no matter what game I'm playing, pick-pocketing is never okay. Unless you're Oliver Twist. I just love that movie. "You have to pick a pocket or two!!"

That's what I was singing when I stole that guy's wallet. And I was good at it! Everybody said so. Not the guy, though. He did love the dancing, though. I could tell by the way he had me in that choke hold. He said I was a star! No he didn't, but I did see stars. After he hit me with that aluminum baseball bat. His aim was good!

I need more coffee.....*dashes away*

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  • 1/11/10 - nutellaI´ve never read so funny entries like these ones.
  • 1/10/10 - SGSidekickHoly crap! Your mind is toasted, isn't it!?! LOVE it!
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