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I'm taking the Kid/Bug challenge. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you're not reading the right posts in the right places.  I was challenged to write a blog about a dog, so this is it.  Anyone who reads my old blogs realizes I talk mainly about entertainment and news stories, sometimes a combination of both, which makes this a departure from the norm. 

If you own a dog, train it.  I saw a teenager yesterday with two dogs on Flexi-leads that she allowed not only onto someone's property, but within sight and smell of two very large, ferocious watchdogs that live in the home.  The watch dogs are actually sweeties, but to hear them bark, one wouldn't know it.  The little Alpha on the leash was a male Jack Russell, who was snarling and snapping at the big dogs through a gate.  The girl didn't appear to know what to do with her dogs or how to control them, so she stood there while both the male and the tiny Malti-mix lunged at the gate.  She finally started walking and the dogs, realizing the jig was up, pulled her on her way down the street.  How can anyone own and walk a dog and not use a modicum of common sense?  She's fortunate the big dogs didn't break free from the yard.  I've met their owner and she said they dogs are great with people, but she's not so sure about how they would react face-to-face with a little yappy, snappy dog.  Had the big dogs been loose, the little dogs may have been lunch.

If you own a dog, don't just train it, use common sense and be responsible dog owners when you walk your dogs in a public place.

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