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YOJ Week 05 - Strange Attractor

I was at a total loss as to what this piece should be named. It is reminiscent of a lovely wrought iron gate, and also of the Queen's Lair in the movie "Aliens". LOL So I asked my Beloved man to help me name it. He came up with a suitable math nerd name, that somehow resonated with me - Strange Attractor. Don't ask me what that is in mathspeak - my eyes glaze over when it is explained!

I have issues with recurring pain in my hands, so when they feel good, I make hay while the sun shines!  I made a prototype for this bead that was just too messy and the design seemed unbalanced - the bottom 2 pics  are the top and side views of that. The top 2 are the finished bead. I added one more "facet" (don't know what else to call them! ) for a total of 6, flattened and embellished the top, and neatened up some of the connections using a totally different technique from the first. I like it better, but have another technique variation I want to try. I love the curves and folds that appear from the top - very floral.

OK, I'll answer the usual burning questions I get about these: How Long Did That Take You? and How Big Are They? First one: 10 hrs.,  3.2cm long.  Second one: 8 hrs., 3.3cm long.  Although it really doesn't matter to me, because each of these type of beads are a work of internal passion. There is a literal fire that burns to get them made.  While creating the basic frame, about 4 different beads suggested themselves. I want to make them all!
I started this as a gift, so although I think it would benefit from an LOS patina,  that must be saved for another time and bead. If the recipient wants that to happen, she can make it happen. This lady deserves all that I can give her.  (Yes, Dianne, this is yours if you want it, but  if another style speaks to you, just say so!)

I'm working on the best way to share how these are made with other folks - it is difficult, because they are made in stages, with different concepts and techniques in each step. I'm toying with a series of projects that introduce  the necessary skills, and culminate in something like this. Please bear with me on this.......

Meanwhile, find what lights your internal fire, and warm your world!


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  • 8/14/08 - FrancescaThese are so fantastic and I hope you come up with a tutorial on these. They are awesome as is the rest of your work.
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