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Who knows if you can trust most of the news these days? I find it easier simply to make it up myself rather than leave the fiction to others. Warning: may contain a grain of truth.
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About the Author
Part of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy and danged proud of it, the author is a real live Texan who admits to a fondness for puns and a distaste for hypocrisy.

Born in a humble log hospital to a heavily drugged mother many, many years ago, she fooled everyone through high school graduation into believing she was largely harmless. College helped to change that perception, right up to the FBI wiretaps during the Viet Nam war. Notorious landmarks along the way included writing dreadful "true romance" stories for pennies a word with unindicted co-conspirators, harassing telephone psychics, and perpetrating a pratical joke on an entire university involving April Fool's Day. No ground hogs were harmed.

Along the way, she was a postal employee, so watch yourself. You know how they are. A small but thriving custom granola business also happened along the way to motherhood and escape from postal prison. Said child is now an university professor through no fault of the author. A second child has made threats of a medical career. The husband involved in the production of these children is now an "ex" although a friendly one, despite his insistence on writing novels and living among known Yankees.

Politically active since late childhood, the product of a liberal democrat father and a conservative republican mother, the author has been both a republican and a democratic convention delegate while easing into a grumpy socialism. Despite the seeming futility, she has never missed voting since first registering, and still holds out hope for free, valid elections in America.

Causes include the environment and the protection of endangered species, feminism and human rights issues, progressive postdenominational Christianity, and a woman's right to reproductive choices. The author also considers baseball a sacrament of American life.

Cats enter into the mix and may on occasion post on their own. Both are rather outspoken in their own way. One likes to sit on the keyboard which may produce some dadaesque entries, while the other is an ordained minister, which may produce almost anything.

The author has become extremely annoyed by writing in the third person so anything else you want to know you'll just have to ask.

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