Crafts I make for my familly

Or better yet, What I do to keep myself from being bored all day long.


Marcus's blue doilly

marcus's blue doilly

I think this was one of the last doillies I crocheted. I broke my  left index finger in two different places and as you know, I couldn't bend it for many months but after excersize and therapy I am able to knit. 

Now I knit socks sweaters and shawls. I occasionally will go back to a doilly but I feel it after I get done for sure!!

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Megan (megan92302)

My name is Paula Crandall. I just turned 53 last month. I have been married to Warren Crandall for 32 years Sept 25.

Together we have 4 grown children and 9 little grandchildren who are spread out all over the united states. Most of them have computers and this blog is to help me boast about them, and the things I make for them.

Warren is a Fire Captain for the San Bernardino County Fire Department. He has maybe 5 more years to retire.We are involved in building a firestation here. I also worked with him for 6 years before I finally gave it up for health reasons.

I now manage a mobil home park and do my arts and crafts that keep me from going crazy from boredom. And I love to come online to chat with my friends.

Tell me what you think I'd appreciate it.

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