Crafts I make for my familly

Or better yet, What I do to keep myself from being bored all day long.


Not your "Normal" Grandma


I never did feel I lead a normal life, being a mother with 4 kids, married to a fire captain and working alongside him as a fire fighter for 6 years.  There were many times we spent hours and even days in the engine running one call after another and not slowing down.  We relied on our friends and neighbors to help watch our kids.

Marcus, in the first picture also ran calls with us for a few months. My daughter Lisa, in the last picture ran with us as an explorer. Sonya (in the middle) never wanted anything to do with the firedepartment (lol) but we respected her decision on that matter.

My kids and their famillies are all spread out now. Marcus lives 2 hours from me and I get to see him and my grandkids every 3 months or so. Sonya lives in El Passo, Texas. We manage to make a drive down there twice a year to visit with them on two week vacations.

Lisa and her kids live way up in the boonies in Oregon and we rarely get to visit them. So this is another reason I am not your typical grandma.  My grandkids live away from me and I don't get to visit them as I'd like to.

I compensate for this by knitting and crocheting socks, hats and gloves for them. To me, this is like sending them a hug and there truly is a whole lot of love going into the items I knit for them.





About Us
Megan (megan92302)

My name is Paula Crandall. I just turned 53 last month. I have been married to Warren Crandall for 32 years Sept 25.

Together we have 4 grown children and 9 little grandchildren who are spread out all over the united states. Most of them have computers and this blog is to help me boast about them, and the things I make for them.

Warren is a Fire Captain for the San Bernardino County Fire Department. He has maybe 5 more years to retire.We are involved in building a firestation here. I also worked with him for 6 years before I finally gave it up for health reasons.

I now manage a mobil home park and do my arts and crafts that keep me from going crazy from boredom. And I love to come online to chat with my friends.

Tell me what you think I'd appreciate it.

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