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I don't come to Delphi often nowadays. I  might stop by on a more regular basisif nearly all my friends and family weren't meandering elsewhere on the Internet. Delphi would honestly be a better venue than several for my tutorials and mentoring.

These days my fingers are in a whole lot of pies. Of course, my "day" job and my family take precedence. Thankfully I work from home nowadays, and have for the past several years. Considering my mobility limitations, that's a godsend. Autoimmune issues dog my whole family: a grandson with CF, daughter (and possibly son) with MS, and me with a laundry list of issues. Sister had brain surgery related to uncontrolled tremors, and the list goes on. But we muddle through - because it's our only option, or at least the only acceptable one.

Over the years I've upped my design skills and now both design and teach how to create professional-quality book covers. I've got a couple in progress for a friend - sadly can't share those - but can post one for my own long and winding opus.

I still have my mobility wheels but also this weekend bought some new WHEELS. If a few years back someone would have told me I could buy a gorgeous SUV, brand new, I'd have thought they'd lost their marbles. I was able to buy it in part by trading in the first car I ever bought new.

I hope my friends are all doing well. Some have passed on. Some have simply taken different paths. Others... who knows?

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