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Several years on, this site has become irrelevant to my life.  Delphi was an amazing opportunity for me; it provided me the springboard to many, many wonderful experiences and literally introduced me to the Worldwide element in the World Wide Web.

Here on Delphi, I chatted and exchanged posts with folks from Indonesia, India, and Italy; from across the US; from portions of the former Soviet Union, from Germany and from Canada and more.  I learned that there were other ways of seeing and thinking than the narrow spectrum my parents taught me.  I discovered incredible diversity within this singular microcosm of humanity, yet learned that at the core we are all the same.  Something tells me that without that introduction, I wouldn't ever have encountered the man I married, who hails from the Netherlands.

I am still friends to many a folk I met here.  Others have fallen by the proverbial wayside, as is common with the online communities.  My technical skills, launched here, have literally become the focus of my job and an entrepreneurial venture.  With all those things, in addition to family and health issues, it was time to bid Delphi adieu.

I'm still married all these years on.  Time has mellowed the relationship; but like a fine wine, it grows better with age.

My children are ostensibly all adults now (by chronological terms anyway) and we have a growing collection of grandchildren.  So far the balance is tilted almost entirely to the male variety on the grandbabies.  (One granddaughter to five grandsons.)  I've given strict orders that we see changes in that proportion in the near future.

My daughter-in-law apparently didn't get the memo, however, since she's expecting another little boy.  Not, of course, that we'll be sending him back.

If anyone still wishes to contact me you may do so by email at miss.leilani@gmail.com.
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