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Sometimes I like to ramble on about things.  You might want to see, you might not.  It might scare you, it might interest you, it might excite you, or it might just plain bore you.


Better living through chemistry

November 6, 2007 - Tuesday

Better living through chemistry...
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So I went to this doctor about my weight, and the fact that it has constantly been going up since I quit smoking, and I can't get it down. He prescribed me some pills and gave me a diet plan and sent me on my way. The pills make me crazy, but they also make me not eat so that is good. But I like to eat so that makes me a little cranky. I chew gum like there is nothing else in the world better now, though. And drink water like a little fishie. I have lost six like three days. I hope I can continue to lose weight, but I don't know about this medicine. It's freaking me out.
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My Redneck Bio
KrysNyte (KRYSN)

I live and work in Northeast Alabama.  I have lived and worked here all my life.  The farthest I have traveled is...California, and that was a loooong time ago.  Yea, my view of the world is biased, but then again, whose isn't?

Anyway, I'm 33 years old, and, despite a very promising early academic life, I work in a Hosiery Mill, which for those of you that don't know that means I make socks.  Socks for the feet of the world!  You know you would all have cold tootsies without me. 

I used to be smart, optimistic, naive, and jovial.  For the most part now I'm disallusioned, mean, pessimistic, and jovial.  *laughs*  Can't lose that sense of humour.  Even if I seem down on things sometimes it's probably because that simply seems the kind of thing I want to write about.

A friend of mine asked me, not too long ago, "What happened to you?  You used to be so kind it was disgusting."  Well life happened.  So there you go.


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