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Pictures from BC's beautiful south coast.

Turkey Vulture

There were three or four of these circling overhead. With them being top-lit by the sun the shots turned out awesome. But I needed help IDing them!
Thanks to Jerry for his help!

Ventral views.


Comments (4)

  • 8/2/16 - Kid (Kidmagnet)That's it! Thank you Jerry!
  • 8/2/16 - Jerry (coelacanth55)It is a Turkey Vulture. When they are flying they often fly with the wings in a v shape. If it is at all windy they will look a bit like kites in the wind. They don't flap their wings much at all.
  • 8/2/16 - Kid (Kidmagnet)That was my first thought as well but the colouring seems off to me. For starters no red lol It was super sunny and I always see RED on the tails. The shape is right but I've searched image after image, article after article and never see this cream colour without any markings at all. There is a neat guide here though https://www.aba.org/birding/v42n2p30.pdf
  • 8/1/16 - CJ (2165932)I think its a red tailed hawk
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