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A few morning poems...

Hey God

Hey God?
I have a question
It’s plaguing my mind
Why is it that this world’s
Full of war, hate and crime
I know that we know better
Than to tear up our lands
Hey God?
Could you lend us a hand?

Hey God?
Are you listening
I’ve got something to say
Do you think it’ll get better
Will we find a better way?
Or will stay in this damnation
Until our dying day
Hey God?
Can we do more than pray?

Hey God?
I’ve been asking
And yet I don’t hear
All I see all around me
Is pain, despair and fear
Did I miss it when you told us
That you would disappear
Hey God?
Could you lend me your ear?

I want  a world to live in
That’s peaceful and calm
I want an earth that's quiet
Where we all get along
I know with your help
It’s something we can do
But hey God?
We’re depending on you.

Tom Collins

Me an my old buddy Tom
We’re quite the pair, we always get along
He’s a little green around the gills
And in the morning gives me chills
Me and my old buddy Tom

Me and my old buddy Tom
Meet at the bar, dance to our favorite song
Just when I get to thinking
Tom boy get’s me to drinking
Me and my old buddy Tom

Me and my old buddy Tom
I sure do miss him when he’s gone
He leaves me rather weakened
But he’ll be back this weekend
Me and my old buddy Tom
Me and my old buddy Tom

She Won't Ever Love You

She won’t stand beside you in high waters
She won’t fight the burning fires of hell
She might dance and she might talk a good game
She might not be the type to go and kiss and tell

Just remember who was there throughout the rough times
Who had your back when your luck was down
Remember who it is that raised you up son
When you’re living wild and painting up the town

Remember who it was who cooked your dinner
And who listened when you just wanted to talk
She might shine just like the purest diamond
But remember who it is that was your rock

Darling I won’t try to stop your leaving
If you feel that it’s something you must do
Just remember when you get to feeling lonely
She won’t ever love you like I do

You know me I’m not one much for begging
I won’t stop you if it’s what your heart must do
Just remember once you’re gone to lose my number
Cuz she won’t ever love you like I do
No she won’t ever love you like I do…

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