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«August 2020»

The many adventures of Dunkin Duck

Hello.. My name is Dunkin Duck!

I like Motorcycles, and going for long rides!  My owner is none other than OSJ.  He wants to take me for a ride today.

I told him I wanted to meet other NERd's, so we came up with an idea on how I could do this.  He told me about your tag game and I thought I would like to play that as well. 

So here is what we came up with...OSJ will take me for a ride today, it must be no less than 25 miles (If you cant do that than dont come looking for me) He will show me around a bit, catch some local history or see some sites.   One other requirement I have is I must visit a Dunkin Donuts, Now you dont have to go in a buy me anything..just a pic of me out front is fine..something like this will do

Now after my ride you need to find a safe place for me to hang out.   I have a little note under my belly for people that may find me.

Hopefully no one will kidnap me and hold me for ransom.  If so Ive been told Puckernomore will search me out and make the kidnappers pay!    Now back to my hiding spot.  Once you leave me take some photos of the location and the exact spot,  Try not to hide me too well that no one can find me, but please dont leave me out in the open. 

When you come and get me please take me for a nice ride, show me the sites and take plenty of photos, then share them with your other NERd friends on this thread.   And remember 25 miles, and at least one dunkin Donuts. 

OSJ will be placing me later today so keep an eye out on this thread! 

Looking forward to meeting many NERds!

D.D. was very hot today!

I did finally get a chance to go for a ride. OSJ took me for a short ride around his town.  We left on the KLR (I guess his Ducati needs a new battery) ...Here I am posing on his fancy helmet

We took a ride to the local store to pick up some lunch meat for the kids. know they always need food!

after that we took a little trip around west Boylston, we found this neat bell.  The put this up to celebrate the towns 200th anniversary back in 2008.  The rang the bell 200 times during the opening ceremonies, and I hear OSJ two little girls got to do some of the ringing..seems he knows some big wigs in town???

Finally we found a place for me to rest, and wait for another NERd to come get me.  This location was a tag a few years ago so if you look at the tag map here. Its less than 1 mile from the bell above.

Here I am just hanging around getting ready to rest.


See the little crack between the tall granite section and the planter?  Thats where  you will find me.  Here I am all tucked in.

So now I wait...dont leave me here too long.  And remember to move me at least 25 miles with a dunkin Donuts stop as well.  I dont even mind spending a few days at your home if you want to come and get me but move me at a later date. 



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